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Modules A to Z: Modules starting with N [NWN1]

DISCLAIMER: This list is archival.  That means that everything on it is old, outdated, or otherwise not current.  This list points to the RoloVault, which is a copy of the old NWVault made in 2013.  If you want current material, please perform a search using the search window to the left (use quotes for module titles).

This is a complete index of the files in the RoloVault, organized by the first letter.  Each link will take you to the old vault module page, and the ftp link next to it will give you a list of all the files for that module.  If you hover over the link, you can see the author, votes, and score in a tooltip.

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N1 : Against the Cult of the Reptile God (ftp)
Nagafen's Lair (ftp)
Nahende Finsternis (ftp)
Nahende Finsternis (FINAL UPDATE!) (ftp)
Naheulbeuk (BlackStonePeak) (ftp)
Naheulbeuk episode13-14 (ftp)
Naked Doom (ftp)
Narcopolis (ftp)
Narcs Tale of 7 Dragons (ftp)
Narrowbane Adventures 1.03 (ftp)
Nature Vs Abyss Chess (ftp)
Nebhet's Toll (ftp)
Necromancer, Part 1 - Allegiance (1.65) (ftp)
Necromancer- The Scroll of Ice and Shadow (ftp)
Necromancers Wrath (ftp)
Necronomicon (ftp)
Necronomicon 3 (ftp)
Necronomicon 4 (ftp)
Necronomicon2 (ftp)
Necropolis (ftp)
Nefarious Kingdom (ftp)
Nemesis Team PVP Arena (ftp)
NeMoren's Vault (ftp)
Nether Mountains (ftp)
Netheria Reborn Area: Vaasa (ftp)
Netherlends 200 (ftp)
Neue Wege (ftp)
Neventer Evil (ftp)
Never Ending Lands (ftp)
Never Ending Lands V 0.3 (ftp)
Never Ending Lands Version 0.2 (ftp)
Never Realms Campaign # 1 (ftp)
Never Winter, Really! (ftp)
NeverBowl (ftp)
Neverdamp Hero Assignment (ftp)
NeverDay Land (ftp)
NeverEnding Quest v1.0 Final (ftp)
Neverending Quests (ftp)
Neverending Winter (ftp)
Neverfallout (ftp)
NeverHack (ftp)
Neverogue 0.63 beta (ftp)
NeverQuest PW Public Release (ftp)
NeverQuest Repost and Files (ftp)
Neverwinter Balance Patch (ftp)
Neverwinter Battle (ftp)
Neverwinter Battleground (ftp)
Neverwinter Birthright (ftp)
Neverwinter Brothel (ftp)
Neverwinter Chess translated to german (ftp)
Neverwinter City, Part 1 (From Kevs Custom NWN) (ftp)
Neverwinter City, Part 2 (From Kevs Custom NWN) (ftp)
Neverwinter Evil (ftp)
Neverwinter Forever (ftp)
Neverwinter GO (ftp)
Neverwinter nights new (ftp)
Neverwinter Quest - The Dark Elf Expansion (ftp)
Neverwinter Skirmish (ftp)
Neverwinter Wars - Prototype version (ftp)
Neverwinter Wood (Wake of Gauntlgrym) (ftp)
New California (ftp)
New Elamshin (ftp)
New Elamshin - CEP Edition (ftp)
New Fast Access to All Campaign (ftp)
New Haven (ftp)
New Life part I - The Prologue v1.01 (ftp)
New NeverQuest (ftp)
New Phlan (ftp)
NeW-The Gang (ftp)
Newbie Module Guide (ftp)
Next of Kin (ftp)
Nexus: City Between Worlds (ftp)
Night Below - The Evils of Haranshire (ftp)
Night City BETA v0.3 (ftp)
Night Of Blood (ftp)
Night of Death (ftp)
night of the chicken v.alpha -5 (ftp)
Night of the Dead (Zombie Survival base module) (ftp)
Night of the Walking Dead (ftp)
Night of Venom (ftp)
Night's Transgressions (ftp)
NightBelow Book 1: The Evils of Haranshire (ftp)
NightDevils Module (tons of areas and scripts) (ftp)
NightHunter Chapter-1 Blood Fued (ftp)
Nightmare under Nachtberg (ftp)
Nightmares to Dreams (ftp)
Nightsville (ftp)
Nightsville Advanced (ftp)
Nightsville(Updated) (ftp)
Nine Times - The Quest for Power - By KingDutka (ftp)
Ninja Quest (ftp)
Ninja School (ftp)
Ninjas Final Test 1.0 (ftp)
Ninjas VS Pirates (ftp)
Ninjas Vs. Pirates (Cleaned Up Version) (ftp)
Njorstland (ftp)
No idea (ftp)
no need (ftp)
No Rest for the Wicked (ftp)
NO-Hak Persistent & Exploit Free Starter Module 1.69  (ftp)
Nocturnal Hunt (ftp)
Nocturne (ftp)
Nodwick (ftp)
Noldin (ftp)
Non-Violent Games 2: Volleyball (ftp)
Noratal Quests Episode 1 (German Version) (ftp)
Noratal Quests Episode 1 (v2.0) (ftp)
Noratal Quests Episode 2 TEASER (ftp)
Nordock (ftp)
Nordock no Jishu (ftp)
Nordock Revolution (CEP) (ftp)
Nordock--CEP, Plagued version (ftp)
Nordock-CEP, Plagued version (ftp)
Nordock-CEP-PRC, Plagued Version 11 (ftp)
Nordock170 With CNR (ftp)
North Keep v4 (ftp)
North Keep v4 Final (ftp)
Northern Keep Final version (ftp)
Northern Pass (ftp)
Northern Realms of Psam (ftp)
Northern Realms of Psam: Part I, Guiding Principles (ftp)
Northern Wastelands(Demo) (ftp)
NorthPorts fall 1: The Arrival (ftp)
Nosferatu (ftp)
Nosgoth (ftp)
Nosgoth - Starter Module Series (ftp)
Nosgoth V2 (ftp)
Nosion's stuff (ftp)
Not My First Choice - Chapter 1 (ftp)
Not My First Choice - Prelude (ftp)
Not The Job I Had in Mind (ftp)
Notched Arrow Redeux (ftp)
Noturnos (ftp)
Noturnos (ftp)
Noturnos 0.61 (ftp)
Noturnos o Despertar BETA FINAL (ftp)
Noturnos O Despertar. Modificacoes MONTANHA (ftp)
Noturnos Revolution (ftp)
Novice Epic ToonMaker v.5.0 (ftp)
Novice Prc3.0c Epic ToonMaker (ftp)
Novice to Epic Character Maker CEP Edition (ftp)
Novice to Epic Character Maker CEP23 Edition (ftp)
Novice to Epic Character Maker- Experience, Gold, Equipment, and More! (ftp)
NPRCEpic ToonMaker Updated 03-06v.6PRC.mod (ftp)
Numeria In Flames (ftp)
Nur noch ein letztes Rtsel (German version) (ftp)
Nutty (nut house) (ftp)
NWCon3 Convention Center (ftp)
NWK 01 - Lone Star FINAL (ftp)
NWM - The Cult of the Bull (ftp)
NWN 1 NWNUO Craft Module (ftp)
NWN 1.69 Stadium with almost full seating (ftp)
NWN 169 Patch Content Demo v1.16 (ftp)
NWN Angband v1.1 (ftp)
NWN Everquest (ftp)
NWN Wars (ftp)
NWN Wiggles (ftp)
NWN's Training Ground (ftp)
NWN/SOU/HOtU loader and Merils Wayward Star 1.69 compliant (ftp)
NWN: Sombras del pasado - Acto 1 - v1.01 (ftp)
NWNWars (ftp)
NWS - Cradle of Cold (ftp)
NWS - Daenarian's Tears (ftp)
NWS - The Black Dragons (ftp)
NWS - The Desert Fair (ftp)
NWTactics (ftp)
NWTactics (ftp)
NWTactics: Dragon Valley (ftp)
NWTavern - Maelstrom Multiplayer: Ferryport Raiders (ftp)
NWTavern - Town of Byrn: The Lost Lute (ftp)
NWTavern - Town of Byrn: Trouble in the South Wood (ftp)


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