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Modules A to Z: Modules starting with M [NWN1]

DISCLAIMER: This list is archival.  That means that everything on it is old, outdated, or otherwise not current.  This list points to the RoloVault, which is a copy of the old NWVault made in 2013.  If you want current material, please perform a search using the search window to the left (use quotes for module titles).

This is a complete index of the files in the RoloVault, organized by the first letter.  Each link will take you to the old vault module page, and the ftp link next to it will give you a list of all the files for that module.  If you hover over the link, you can see the author, votes, and score in a tooltip.

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M's All in One Equipment Modifier - BlackSmith - Trainer - Module (ftp)
Maaloev (ftp)
Mad Dog Fargo's PW Base Module (ftp)
Mad Malikar's Maze (ftp)
Mad Malikar's Maze final (ftp)
Madman at the Ruins! Classic (ftp)
Madman at the Ruins! Remastered Edition (ftp)
Madness and Magic (ftp)
Maerlstrom Vault (ftp)
Maestro dos Brinquedos (ftp)
Mage's born (ftp)
Mage's born demo (ftp)
Magia i Miecz (ftp)
Magical Items (ftp)
Major Kent's concerns (updated) (ftp)
Major Kents concerns (updated) (ftp)
Malak - Set (ftp)
Malakai's Hammer (ftp)
Maldryn-The Nalmir Region (ftp)
Maldryn-The Path to Adventure (ftp)
Maldryn-The Town of Walson (ftp)
Male Romance Fix (ftp)
Mandate Of Wizardry (ftp)
Mannast's Basemodule (ftp)
Manor of Sorrow (ftp)
Mantear (ftp)
Map layouts for NWKnights (ftp)
Map Travel System DEMO (ftp)
Mapledale Keep (ftp)
Mare Nostrum (ftp)
Marijuannaville (ftp)
Marijuannaville2 (ftp)
MARINFIELD TALES 1 - Black and Wight (ftp)
MarketPlace (ftp)
Marketplace of asorted objects (ftp)
MarkModule002 (ftp)
MarkModule002 (ftp)
Marquand's Mill (ftp)
Massacre at Mother's Grace (ftp)
Master Mason's House (ftp)
Matters of State (ftp)
Maugeter - The Keys To The City DEMO (ftp)
Maugeter - The Keys to the City v1.0.5 (ftp)
Maze of the Riddling Minotaur (ftp)
Mazed! (ftp)
Maztica - part 1: The Black Sun (ftp)
MckrautskiPLC Demo (ftp)
MD Seed (creatures) (ftp)
Mdulo do Fel BRASIL (ftp)
Meadowhell (ftp)
Medera: Fall of Rainmeadow (ftp)
Medera: Stonegate Adventures (ftp)
MediaCalzada (ftp)
Medieval Dead (ftp)
Medieval Tales: The Devil in the Stone (ftp)
Mega Messy (ftp)
Mendors Erbschaft (Version 1.3) (ftp)
Menzoberranzan (ftp)
Mercato e Livellatore (ftp)
Merchant (ftp)
Merchant Camp (ftp)
Merchant City (ftp)
Merchant Citydlesburg (ftp)
Merchant Guild of Turlochton (ftp)
Merchant Guild of Turlochton - Dun Lunsent (ftp)
Merchant Guild of Turlochton - Gate of the Vale (ftp)
Merchant Square (ftp)
Merchants Misery (ftp)
Mercy Dreams (ftp)
Meril's Wayward Star and NWN/Custom "Stargate" Loader for version 1.69 (ftp)
Merman vs Sahuagin (ftp)
MERP UK Test Module (ftp)
MERP: Trollshaws Quest BETA V. 1.1 (ftp)
Metagame Management System (ftp)
Metrol - Eberron intro (ftp)
Middle Earth - Shadows Rising (ftp)
Middle Earth: The Adventure in Bree (Fixed and Expanded) (ftp)
Middle-Earth (MERP edition) (ftp)
Middle-Earth (merp edition) FINAL (ftp)
Middleman (ftp)
Midgard (ftp)
Midgard v3 (ftp)
Midkemia beta (ftp)
Midnight (ftp)
Midnight Calling (ftp)
Midnight Dreary (ftp)
Midsummer Knights' Dream (ftp)
Midwinter Festival (ftp)
Midwinter Festival PRE-SoU v1.29 (ftp)
Mike and Brandons Game (ftp)
Mike's BotD Compilation (ftp)
Milo's Pub, By Allroy Bustardo (ftp)
Minators Run (ftp)
Mind Games (ftp)
MIND MAGIC ( PART 1 ) (ftp)
Mind Unbound (ftp)
Mines of Black Earth (ftp)
Mines of Moria (ftp)
Mines of Moria (ftp)
Mines of Moria (SOU) (ftp)
Mines Of Moria Battlefield (ftp)
Mines of Moria Module Update (ftp)
Mines of Moria ver 2.0 (ftp)
Mini Baldur's Gate (ftp)
Minigame Project - Snake (ftp)
Minion's Folly (ftp)
Minotaur Caves (ftp)
Minotaur in a Brothel (ftp)
Minotaur Mansion (ftp)
Minotaur Maze (ftp)
Minotaur Maze v0.1 (ftp)
Minotaurs Vs Giants (ftp)
Mirendell Tales Whispers of the Past (ftp)
Mirror (ftp)
Mirror of the Heart (ftp)
Miss Jones spirit (ftp)
Missing (ftp)
Missing Adventurers (ftp)
Missing Dragon (ftp)
Missing Persons (ftp)
Mission to Askalon (ftp)
Mist Chronicles 1: The Crown (ftp)
Mist Chronicles 1: The Crown V2 (ftp)
Misty Dragon (ftp)
Misty Dragon Vs2 (ftp)
Mithheru's Maze (ftp)
Mithykyls Challenge (ftp)
MMR (ftp)
Mod on the original Harry Potter Server (ftp)
Mod1 (ftp)
Modern Base Module 1-3 Working (ftp)
Modern Zombie Survival (ftp)
Modern Zombie Survival 2 (ftp)
Modern Zombie Survival Base Module (ftp)
Modified Contest of Champions (ftp)
Moduel001 (ftp)
Module AT1.A Pathway to Adventure. (ftp)
Module Creator Help (ftp)
Module: 009RW (ftp)
Modulebase V1.0 (ftp)
Modulo de Duelos (ftp)
Modulo non valido (ftp)
Modulo subir niveles (ftp)
monastero tra le vette (ftp)
Monastery of the Flaming Star (ftp)
Monastic Outpost (ftp)
moneymaker (ftp)
Monkey's Arena (PvP,Shops,LvlUp,Money,AlignmentShift,Monster Area,Collector,Prison) (ftp)
Monks Quest 1: A Game of Death Ver.1.2 (ftp)
Monster Arena (ftp)
Monster Masters Chess (ftp)
Monsters Paradise (ftp)
Monty Python Adventures Part 1: Arthur Meets a Moose (Executive Version) (ftp)
Moo Man's Place (ftp)
Moonstar & Talisman (ftp)
Moonvale (Beta) (ftp)
Moorglade I: Tides of War - Public PW (ftp)
Moral Tales (ftp)
Mordenkainen's Magnificent Dungeon (ftp)
Mordukai's Doom (ftp)
More Monsters (ftp)
More Than Poison: The Silver Marches Campaign Chapter I (ftp)
Morgana Testversion (ftp)
Morgengrauen (ftp)
Moria Eternal (ftp)
Morning Mist (ftp)
Morning Mist v1.2 (ftp)
Morrowindle_Campaign (ftp)
Morrowlands - Multiplayer Module (ftp)
Mortal Favours (ftp)
Mortal Kombat V1.4 (ftp)
Mortal Kombat(tm) : Deception (ftp)
Mortok's World (ftp)
Mothers Little Helper (ftp)
Mount Doom (ftp)
Mount Kerot (ftp)
Mountain Crypt (ftp)
Mountain of Mirrors (ftp)
Mountain of the gods (ftp)
Mountain Peak Test (ftp)
Mountain Rescue (ftp)
Mountainview v.98c (ftp)
mouth of madness (ftp)
MP Poker (ftp)
MR1: Just Killing Time (final) (ftp)
MTS1- The Mines of Twin Summit (ftp)
MTS2- The War of the Fallen (ftp)
MTS3 - The Final Sunset (ftp)
MTS3: The Final Sunset (updated version) (ftp)
Mud Lake and the Kingdom of Webs (ftp)
Muddle Tomp (ftp)
Muddles in Milton (ftp)
Multiple Henchmen and base system's test (ftp)
Mummy Dust (ftp)
MunchMe (ftp)
Murder in Caldrim - Prologue (ftp)
Murder in Mireford (ftp)
Murder Most Foul (ftp)
Murder on the way to Silverymoon (ftp)
Mushroom Farmer (ftp)
Mutiny (ftp)
My GOG Entry Updated - Final! (ftp)
My House (ftp)
My Last Sunrise (ftp)
My Place (ftp)
My Weirdest Day - Beta (ftp)
Myranni's Magic (ftp)
Mystara (First Draft) (ftp)
Mystara (Third Draft) (ftp)
Mystara(Korean Only) (ftp)
Mysteries at Raven's Bluff (ftp)
Mysteriou Gem v102 (ftp)
Mysterious Gem Prologue (ftp)
Mysterious Gem v101 (ftp)
MysteriousVoices (ftp)
Mystery at Falancor (ftp)
Mystery at Noron, part 1 (ftp)
Mystery at Noron, part 1 (ftp)
Mystery of Cardinal House (ftp)
Mystery of Daorsainn Manor (ftp)
Mystery of Tanis Fortress (ftp)
Mystic Completed (ftp)
MyStic Quest (ftp)
Mystic Quest (Release ver1.2) (ftp)
Mystical Isles (ftp)
MYTH - Adventures in Lebondor (ftp)
Myth : the Final Chapter (ftp)
Myth Drannor (version 1.25) (ftp)
Myth Drannor Building Seed (ftp)
Myth Drannor PW Creation Module (ftp)
Mythimne - Manga Ka's Mod (ftp)
Mythos: The Return of the Elder Gods (an introduction to future Lovecraftian Modules) (ftp)
Mythral Faith of Corellon Larethian (ftp)
Mythral Faith of Corellon Larethian HotU Edition v2.6 (ftp)
Myths & Legends (ftp)
Myths & Legends v1.2 (ftp)



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