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Modules A to Z: Modules starting with G [NWN1]

DISCLAIMER: This list is archival.  That means that everything on it is old, outdated, or otherwise not current.  This list points to the RoloVault, which is a copy of the old NWVault made in 2013.  If you want current material, please perform a search using the search window to the left (use quotes for module titles).

This is a complete index of the files in the RoloVault, organized by the first letter.  Each link will take you to the old vault module page, and the ftp link next to it will give you a list of all the files for that module.  If you hover over the link, you can see the author, votes, and score in a tooltip.

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G 0: 'Against The Goblins' (ftp)
G1 and G2 Against The Giants (Updated) (ftp)
G1 Steading of The Hill Giant Chief (ftp)
G1 Steading of The Hill Giant Chief (Version 2) (ftp)
G1 Steading of The Hill Giant Chief V1.01 (ftp)
G1-3 Giants v1.4 (ftp)
G3 Hall of the Fire Giant King (ftp)
G3-G5: the Liberation of Geoff (ftp)
G3-G5: the Liberation of Geoff Final V2.0 (ftp)
G3-G5: The Liberation of Geoff Final v4 (ftp)
Gallow's Wood (ftp)
Gallow's Wood (ftp)
Gambling (ftp)
Gambling Arena (ftp)
Game of Death (ftp)
Gandalf protects the world --> 1. part : Gandalf in Orthanc (ftp)
Gandalf the Black!!? (ftp)
Gandalf the black!? (updated) (ftp)
Gates of Barezna,Part I; The Hooked Wizard (ftp)
Gatetown (ftp)
Gathering of Assassins and Thieves (ftp)
Gauntlet (ftp)
Gauntlet (ftp)
Gauntlet - The Next Chapter (ftp)
Gauntlet 1a (ftp)
Gauntlet 3 (ftp)
Gauntlgrym (ftp)
GC1 - Powder Plot v1.05 (ftp)
Gebirgspass (ftp)
Gem Of Enlightment (ftp)
Gendie's Mistake (ftp)
Gendrig's Castle (ftp)
Generic Adventure (a template for DMs) (ftp)
Genesis III v1.12 (ftp)
Genesis Nordock (ftp)
Getting To 20 (ftp)
Gewitternacht (ftp)
Gewitternacht (ftp)
Ghost of Flyndagl Manor (ftp)
Ghosts of Angband (ftp)
Ghosts of the Past (ftp)
Ghostwalk V1.0 (ftp)
Giantkin's Ultimate Online Action (ftp)
Giants Among Us (ftp)
Giants Among Us 2008 (ftp)
Giants Thrall (ftp)
Gilles' Treasures (ftp)
Gimpy's Guide to Making Quests (ftp)
GK1 - Daemons (ftp)
GK2 - Shades of Darkness (ftp)
Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl v1.1 (ftp)
Gladiator (ftp)
Gladiator_mod (ftp)
Gladiatrix (ftp)
Gladiatrix II - In the Shadows of Darkness (ftp)
Gladius (ftp)
Glendonnan - Chapter1 (ftp)
Gleorindar Under Siege (ftp)
Gli Antichi Dei di Lankhmar (italian text) (ftp)
Gloria the Gladiator (ftp)
Gloria's War (ftp)
Glorian Empire - Collection (ftp)
Glorious Rejuvenation (ftp)
Glothil Mines (ftp)
Glowing in Glaun Bog v1.01 (ftp)
Gnome Tech (ftp)
Goblin Gate (ftp)
Goblin Goblin Hobgoblin (ftp)
Goblin Goblin Hobgoblin 1.1 (ftp)
Goblin Hunt! (ftp)
Goblin Hunter (ftp)
Goblin Lords (ftp)
Goblin Mines (ftp)
Goblin Need Help (ftp)
Goblin Raid! (ftp)
Goblin Trouble (ftp)
Goblin Uprising (ftp)
Goblin Warrens (ftp)
GoblinQuest (ftp)
Goblins and Orcs and Bugbears oh my! (ftp)
Goblins in the Woodpile (ftp)
God Save the Queen (ftp)
God's Playground FINAL (ftp)
Godish's First module (ftp)
Godish's PvP (ftp)
Godish's weps (ftp)
Gods Of Lore (ftp)
Gods Playground (ftp)
GodSlayer (ftp)
GOG Contest: The DRM Monster and the Treasure of GOG (ftp)
Going Fishing! (ftp)
Gold and XP (ftp)
Golden Axe: The Rise of Death Adder (NEW EDITION) (ftp)
Golem! (ftp)
Goliath's Report (ftp)
Good Doctor's Lair (ftp)
Good vs Evil (ftp)
Good vs Evil (Japanese Version) (ftp)
Good vs Evil II (ftp)
Good vs Evil III (ftp)
Good Vs. Evil 2 Modern (ftp)
Gorgan's Run (Adult) v1.1a (ftp)
Gorgan's Run (Adult) v10a (ftp)
Gorgan's Run (Normal) v1.1a (ftp)
Gorgan's Run (Normal) v10a (ftp)
Gothic City (ftp)
Governance de Magi 1 (ftp)
Grail War - The Beginning. V1.7 Final version (ftp)
Grains of Truth (ftp)
Grand Duchee of Hagen (ftp)
Grandor's Grove (ftp)
Graufels - Roazim (GERMAN) (ftp)
Grave-Robbers (ftp)
Green Village (ftp)
Green Village v1.2 (ftp)
Green Wood Forest (ftp)
Grescal Quest (ftp)
Greyhawk HCR 3.04 -CEP2 PW (ftp)
Greyhawk Ruins WGR1 by Atom. (ftp)
Greyhawk_Builders_TEST (ftp)
Greyrim Pass (ftp)
Grim Legacy (ftp)
Grin and Bear It! (ftp)
Grom's Plight (ftp)
Ground Zero Classic Zombie Survival (ftp)
Grunt, the Vegetarian SNEAK PREVIEW (ftp)
Gryphon's Nest (ftp)
Guarded Deceit (ftp)
Guardian Angel (ftp)
Guardianblade Dungeons 0.3 (ftp)
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (ftp)
Guest for Oerdra Chapter1 (ftp)
Guild Hall (ftp)
Guild War (ftp)
Guilds (ftp)
Guile's Starter Module (ftp)
Guns N Eyestalks (ftp)
Gypsy (ftp)
GZ1 - CEP Baroness von Vielenstein v05 (ftp)


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