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Modules A to Z: Modules starting with E [NWN1]

DISCLAIMER: This list is archival.  That means that everything on it is old, outdated, or otherwise not current.  This list points to the RoloVault, which is a copy of the old NWVault made in 2013.  If you want current material, please perform a search using the search window to the left (use quotes for module titles).

This is a complete index of the files in the RoloVault, organized by the first letter.  Each link will take you to the old vault module page, and the ftp link next to it will give you a list of all the files for that module.  If you hover over the link, you can see the author, votes, and score in a tooltip.

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East Leinster (ftp)
Eastern Gate 1 - The Guilds (ESPAOL/ENGLISH) v 1.03 CEP (ftp)
Eastern Gate 2 - The Eastern Gate (ESPAOL/ENGLISH) (ftp)
Easy Advance! (ftp)
Eberron (ftp)
Echo of a dream (ftp)
Echoes (ftp)
Echoes Deep (ftp)
Echoes of Undrentide: The Interstices of Reality (ftp)
Eclipse War I - Darktide Rising v1.10 (ftp)
Ed's Blacksmith (ftp)
Ed's First Mod (ftp)
Edge of the Sun (ftp)
Edgewood (ftp)
ee1 - elegia eternum (full version) (ftp)
ee1 - elegia eternum (lite version) (ftp)
ee2 - excrucio eternum (full version) (ftp)
ee2 - excrucio eternum (lite version) (ftp)
Effects Test (ftp)
Effin Garbage (ftp)
Egg Hunt (ftp)
Ein neues Abenteuer! v 1.0 (ftp)
El Asesinato de Gerald (ftp)
El Corazn Sombro 1.2 (ftp)
El Hobbit (ftp)
El Imperio de Khain (ftp)
El Reino Oscuro v 0.3a (ftp)
El trono de Baal (ftp)
El Trono de Baal (ftp)
Elaana (ftp)
Elder's tales: revenge for the fallen - DEMO (ftp)
Eldura Prelude - Rise of the Dead (ftp)
Elegia Eternum (German Version) (ftp)
Elegia Eternum (Japanese Version/??{??) (ftp)
Elegia Eternum DM Full Version v 1.1 (ftp)
Elegia Eternum. Russian Version (ftp)
Elemental Tournament v. 0.1 (ftp)
Elements 1- The Advocate (v1.06) (ftp)
Elena's Tale - Roses for Rosa (ftp)
Elf Life (ftp)
Elidrin's Random Dungeon Generator (RDG) (ftp)
Elidrin's Random Dungeon Generator. Version 9 (RDG9) (ftp)
Eligriat's Fate (ftp)
ELIOS (ftp)
Elminsters Package (ftp)
Elminster`s hidden (ftp)
Elnor (ftp)
Elven Rangers of the US (ftp)
Elves of Whisperwoods (ftp)
Elves Vs Orcs (ftp)
Elysa's Favor - Beta (ftp)
Elysium Nights (ftp)
Emelas Return (ftp)
Emerald Falls Chapter 1 (Update) (ftp)
Emerond Tales: The mage from Gorindel (Preview) (ftp)
Encampment's Emmisaries 3.20 -- HCR modified (ftp)
Enchanted Autumn (ftp)
Enchantress' Kiss (ftp)
Enchilada Rising (ftp)
Enclave ITA (ftp)
Encryption Arena (ftp)
End of the World (ftp)
Endless journey - beginning (ftp)
Endless Nights I (ftp)
Endless Nights II (ftp)
Endless Nights III (ftp)
Endless Nights III -- CEP and PRC Version (ftp)
Endless Nights IV (ftp)
Endless Nights IV (3.5 Edition) (ftp)
Endless Nights IV Custom Version (ftp)
Endless Nights V (ftp)
Endless Nights VI (ftp)
Endless Nights VI w/ PRC+ACP (ftp)
Enemy At The Gates (ftp)
Enigma Island 1 - Treasure (ftp)
Enigma Island 2 - Templars (ftp)
Enqute dans la Galaxie 2075 (ftp)
Enserric the Weapon (ftp)
Ent Moot (ftp)
Enter the Game of Death (ftp)
Entreri's pvp (ftp)
Environment Demo (ftp)
EoE Build Team Submission Module (ftp)
Epic (ftp)
Epic Advancement and Character Customization (ftp)
Epic Advancement and Character Customization_Final (ftp)
Epic Quests for Mysty (ftp)
EQ Befallen V1.1 (ftp)
Equipment (ftp)
Era of chaos: The first move (ftp)
Erebus: The Dark Rain (ftp)
Eriet Plains (ftp)
Errand to Thesk's Haven (ftp)
Eruption (ftp)
Escale a Filarnost (ftp)
Escale a Filarnost - chapitre I (ftp)
Escape (ftp)
Escape (ftp)
Escape From Badger City (ftp)
Escape from Badger City version 1.1 (ftp)
Escape from Castle Quarras (ftp)
Escape from Chult (ftp)
Escape from Dante's Inferno (ftp)
Escape from Fairwind Island (ftp)
Escape from Hell (ftp)
Escape From Madness (ftp)
Escape from the black moon Part 1:Adventures Around Mount Gordok (ftp)
Escape From The Deep (ftp)
Escape from the Mansion (ftp)
Escape From The Orcs (ftp)
Escape from WonderFalls (ftp)
Escape to the Mine (ftp)
Escort Service (ftp)
Esencia de Bhaal - Capitulo 1 Alpha V. 1.0 (ftp)
Esencia de Bhaal - Preludio (ftp)
Essembria (ftp)
Essembria (ftp)
Estervale 1 (ftp)
Eternal Darkness of the Spotless Mind (ftp)
Eternal Devotion (ftp)
Eternal Struggle PW (ftp)
Eternality Blade (ftp)
Eternia (ftp)
Ethereal Crimes (ftp)
EV1 - Evil Tide (ftp)
Evengale 1: When Reality Loses its Grip (ftp)
Evengale 2: Unhinging the Doors of Time (ftp)
Ever Quest with Fixes (ftp)
EverBurning: A short forest adventure (ftp)
Everclear (ftp)
EverDown Version 0.5 Beta (ftp)
EverHax (ftp)
Everlast: The TriZards (ftp)
Evermore - The First Quest (ftp)
Everon:Advanced Training (ftp)
Everwood (ftp)
Evil Dead (ftp)
Evil Dead II (ftp)
Evil Doings (ftp)
Evil Lemons!!! (ftp)
Evil Lord Fredrick v1.1 (ftp)
Evil Ruins v0.9a (ftp)
Evil Ruins V1.0 (ftp)
Evil's StrongHold (ftp)
Evil's Uprising 1.0 (ftp)
Evil-Hunter (ftp)
EvilDeadII v0.3 (ftp)
EXCELSIOR 1 - The Arrival of the Three Kings (alpha-Version 0.20p) (ftp)
Exhumer le Pass (ftp)
Exil a l'Est. (Le Btard de Kosigan, episode II) (ftp)
Exile of the West (Bastard of Kosigan, episode 1) (ftp)
Exilion Mundo persistente PW (ftp)
Exotic Hunter Ver2.1 (ftp)
Experiance Getter (ftp)
Experience module (ftp)
Explorer RPG v2 (ftp)
Extra Equipmenet shop v1.0 (ftp)
Extreme Challenge (ftp)
Extreme Challenge RPG version (ftp)
Extremly Improved Version Baldur's Gate III- Alaundo's Prophecy- Prologue (ftp)
Extrusio Eternum - Russian version (ftp)
Eye for Eye (ftp)
Eye of the Beholder (ftp)
Eye of the Beholder (ftp)
Eye of the Beholder II (ftp)
Eye of the Beholder Mk2 (ftp)
Eye of the Truth (ftp)
EyeCandy - The Pirate Base (ftp)
Ezwind's New PvP (ftp)


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