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Modules A to Z: Modules starting with C [NWN1]

DISCLAIMER: This list is archival.  That means that everything on it is old, outdated, or otherwise not current.  This list points to the RoloVault, which is a copy of the old NWVault made in 2013.  If you want current material, please perform a search using the search window to the left (use quotes for module titles).

This is a complete index of the files in the RoloVault, organized by the first letter.  Each link will take you to the old vault module page, and the ftp link next to it will give you a list of all the files for that module.  If you hover over the link, you can see the author, votes, and score in a tooltip.

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C1 Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan v2.6 (ftp)
C1 The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan (CEP) (ftp)
C1: The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan Version1 (ftp)
C2 - The Ghost Tower of Inverness (ftp)
C2 Ghost Tower of Inverness (ftp)
C2 Ghost Tower of Inverness v1.3 (ftp)
C3 - Craig's Character Creator (ftp)
C3 The Lost Island of Castanamir V3 (ftp)
Caereena - Krakona Rising (ftp)
Cain's PvP Area (ftp)
Cairn Dell 1 - Prophecy of Cairn Dell (ftp)
Cairn Dell 2 - Rebels of Cairn Dell (ftp)
Cakewalk! (ftp)
Calaldor (ftp)
Call To Honor v. 1.00 (ftp)
Calm before the Storm (Original) - v.2.0 (ftp)
Camelot_k (ftp)
Camelot_K - L'pe de Shannara (ftp)
Cameras Gone Wild! (ftp)
Campaign Stockpiles (ftp)
Campaign Stockpiles Store and Character Manager CEP (ftp)
Cancelled Project (ftp)
Candia - In search of the druid (ftp)
Candle in the Dark v1.1 (ftp)
Candlebright (ftp)
Candlebright(all ages) (ftp)
Candyland (ftp)
Cape of Lost Hope (ftp)
Cape of Nur (ftp)
Captain Corruption Presents: The Dungeons of Dragons Fire Fortress (ftp)
Captain's Choice (ftp)
Capture The Flag (ftp)
Caradel's Island (ftp)
Caradel's Island v 1.1 (ftp)
Caradel's Island v 1.2 (ftp)
Caravan - A Tale From the Rift World - v0.91 Final (ftp)
Carcass Fracas (ftp)
Casa dolce casa (ftp)
Casino Bertix (ftp)
Castle Amber (ftp)
Castle Caldwell v1.11 (ftp)
Castle Crimeden (ftp)
Castle Darconan (ftp)
Castle Detras (ftp)
Castle Drachenfels (ftp)
Castle Ever (ftp)
Castle Ever2.0 (ftp)
Castle Gygax  (ftp)
Castle Harrenguard (ftp)
Castle Maze Arena (ftp)
Castle Mischief (ftp)
Castle Mistamere (ftp)
Castle of Darkness Beta 2 (ftp)
Castle of the Winds: A Quest for Vengeance (ftp)
Castle Siege (ftp)
Castle Siege: The Fort (ftp)
Castle Spulzeer (ftp)
Castle Trahle (ftp)
Castle under siege (ftp)
Castle Zadrian 1.1 (ftp)
Castle Zadrian 2.0 (ftp)
Castle'o'Pain (ftp)
Castlevania - Revelations (ftp)
Castlevania Online DEMO (ftp)
Catacomb (ftp)
Catapults! (ftp)
Catch The Chicken (ftp)
Catfish Escape Beta 1 (ftp)
Catfish Escape Beta 2 (ftp)
Catfish Escape Beta 3 (ftp)
Catfish Escape Beta 4 (ftp)
Caught in the Storm (ftp)
Cauldron of Plenty (ftp)
Cave of Darkness (ftp)
Cave of the Spiders (ftp)
Cave of Trials (ftp)
Cavern of the ElderWyrm (ftp)
Caverns of Questor (ftp)
Caverns of Thunder (ftp)
Caves & labyrinth (ftp)
Caves of Chaos (ftp)
Caves of Chaos - HCR (ftp)
Caves of Doom (ftp)
Caves of Neverwinter (ftp)
Caves of Shadow (ftp)
Caves of Sorrow (ftp)
Caves Something or Other (ftp)
Caza de orcos (ftp)
Cazic (ftp)
CC1: Gates of Myth Drannor (ftp)
CC1: Gates of Myth Drannor HoTU/SoU Version (ftp)
CC2: Sorrow of Faerun (ftp)
CCP - An Eventful Escape v1.02 (ftp)
Cedar Woods (ftp)
Celestial Chronicles (Part 1) (ftp)
Celtic Realm (ftp)
Cendrelune 1 (ftp)
CEP 2.1 Wings, Tails & Phenos (ftp)
CEP Level, Items and Hack-N-Slash (ftp)
CEP Stores & PvP Battlefields V26 (ftp)
CEP Trap Demo (ftp)
CEP v2.2 Persistent Starter Module By Genisys (ftp)
CEP, CTP, CMP Starter Module (ftp)
CEP2 beta first look (ftp)
CEP2, CTP, CMP,CSP Starter Module (ftp)
Ceremorphed (ftp)
Cern I, dunkle Welle (Preview) (ftp)
Cernunnos' Simple PW Base Module Beta (ftp)
CFBMoo1 Module Pack (ftp)
CH1: Narcs Tale of Seven Dragons (ftp)
Chagmaht (ftp)
CHAINMAIL - Beta 8a (ftp)
CHAINMAIL - Beta 8b (ftp)
Challenge of the Overfiend (ftp)
Challenges (ftp)
Champion of Horus (ftp)
Champions of Krynn Part 1 v1.2 (ftp)
Champions of Krynn Part 2 v1.0 (ftp)
Chaos at Mageholm (ftp)
Chaos at Mageholm (DM version) (ftp)
Chaos Chronicles: Alliances (ftp)
Chaos Squared (ftp)
Chaos Squared v2 (ftp)
Chaos Squared v3 (ftp)
Chaos Sword (ftp)
Chaos War Saga Chp1: Dungeon of Despair (ftp)
Chapter 1 - The Awakening (ftp)
Chapter 5 (ftp)
Chapter One (ftp)
Chapter One - It Begins (ftp)
Chapter One - The Awakening (ftp)
Chapter One Enhanced (ftp)
Chapter One Enhanced (ftp)
Character Creation (ftp)
Character Creation (ftp)
Character Creator (Inn of the Naked Lady) (ftp)
Character Creator v1.5 (ftp)
Character Creator [For Local Vault] (ftp)
Character Crucible (ftp)
Character Editing (ftp)
Character Generation Module (ftp)
Character Generator (ftp)
Character Leveler and Tester (ftp)
Character Machine (ftp)
Character Maintenance Module (ftp)
Character training and modification (ftp)
CharEdit (ftp)
Chat Room (ftp)
Chauntea or Bust (ftp)
Chauntea's Ziggurat (ftp)
Cheater Module (ftp)
Cheaters house (ftp)
Checkmate! (ftp)
Chess Court V 1.16 (ftp)
Chess World (ftp)
Chicken Arena (ftp)
Chicken Drow Blast O Rama! (ftp)
Chicken Fighting (ftp)
Chicuins (ftp)
Child of Ares (ftp)
Children of the Blood v0.2 (ftp)
Children of the Blood: Chapter 1 (ftp)
Children of the Wood (ftp)
Chill of winter nights (ftp)
Chimera Street (ftp)
Chimes of War (ftp)
Chip's Curios (ftp)
Chorin's Fate (ftp)
Chris & Nathan's Excellent Adventure (ftp)
Christian's Keep (ftp)
Christmas (ftp)
Christmas Bloodletting (ftp)
Christoph's Keep (ftp)
Chromos - Cure of the Plague (ftp)
Chromos II - Kaal's Vengeance (ftp)
Chromos III - Onslaught of the Dominion (ftp)
Chromos IV - Dragon Death or Liberation (ftp)
Chronicles of Charnia - Escape from Charn v1.01 (ftp)
Chronicles of Charnia - The Exile v1.20 (ftp)
Chronicles of Garas - Act 1 (Beta) (ftp)
Chronicles of Tor'Rengal (Non-HCR) (ftp)
Chronicles of Tor'Rengal II Final (ftp)
Chronicles of Valandria - Prologue 1 (Test Version) (ftp)


Chronicles of Zartorill: Shadows of a King's Justice (v1.08) (ftp)
Chronique de Sendarie (ftp)
Chronos Crew test (ftp)
Circle Kick Mode (ftp)
Citadel (ftp)
Citadel By The Sea (ftp)
Citadel By The Sea (ftp)
Citadel of Blood: Chapter 1 by Trinity. Russian version (ftp)
Citadel of Blood: Chapter 1; Some Assembly Required (ftp)
Citadel of Blood: Chapter 2 (ftp)
Citadel of Blood: Chapter 2 by Trinity. Russian version (ftp)
Citadel of Blood: Chapter 3 (ftp)
Citadel of Blood: Chapter 3 by Trinity. Russian version (ftp)
City Anarchy - Chapters 1&2 (ftp)
city exterior prep. (ftp)
city of analand v 0.1 (ftp)
City of Burgleford (ftp)
City of Coruscant (ftp)
City Of Dreams - Library (ftp)
City of Pleasure (CoP) (ftp)
City of Scar Beta (ftp)
City of Splendors (ftp)
City of the Silver Blades (ftp)
City of the Wizard -- Version 1.1 (ftp)
City of Tirhif (ftp)
City of Wonders - A Tale From The Rift World v2.00 (ftp)
City Siege! (ftp)
Civilution (ftp)
Clan Wars (ftp)
Clash of Heros (ftp)
Classic Base Module v2.01 (ftp)
Claustrophobia (ftp)
Claymore Island v1.1 (ftp)
Cleansing of Saradush (ftp)
Clearing a Path (ftp)
Clearwood : Arcus' Brooch (ftp)
Cleric's Challenge (HHQ4) (ftp)
Cliam's Fair (ftp)
Cliffs of Ar'Zin (v.1) (ftp)
Cliffs of Ar'Zin V:True (ftp)
Cliffs of Ar'Zun (ftp)
Clifftop Stronghold (ftp)
Climax (ftp)
Cloak of Shallhar (ftp)
Cloak of Shallhar -- Prelude (ftp)
Clone concept (ftp)
Clue (ftp)
Clue (ftp)
CLUEDO : a murder case (ftp)
CMP + CTP + CEP Areas (ftp)
CMP Jukebox (ftp)
CNR 4.02 PL (only Polish version) (ftp)
CNR Add-on Underdark Biosphere (ftp)
CoC Redeux (ftp)
Codename: The Fall of Silver Marches (ftp)
Cold Cuts (ftp)
Coldhearth (ftp)
ColdShadows (ftp)
Coldstone Online World (ftp)
Coldstone Online World (ftp)
Coldstone Online World v 1.03 (ftp)
Coliseum Cimmerio (ftp)
Collasso Temporale - Capitolo 1 (ftp)
Colrans Tomb (ftp)
COLTS (ftp)
Comanding a Guard Post (ftp)
Combat Anmation 3.0 viewer (ftp)
Combat Center (ftp)
Combat Center (ftp)
Combat Tester 1-40 (ftp)
Combat Tester 40 (ftp)
Comedy/Role-playing (ftp)
Companions of the Hall in Myth Drannor (ftp)
Companions of the Hall in Night of a Thousand Zombies (ftp)
Conan - Beneath The Sands of Stygia (ftp)
Conan - The Tower of the Elephant (ftp)
Conan the Barbarian - A Cimmerian Fate (BETA 1.0) (ftp)
Condasil - The Island (ftp)
Connacht I: Relics (ftp)
Conquest of Darkvault (ftp)
Contest Module 3 (ftp)
Contest of Champions (ftp)
Contest of Champions (ftp)
Contest Of Champions mod Goul_duKat (ftp)
Contest of Champions Resettable (ftp)
Contest of Champions Sampler (ftp)
Contest of Jedi Knights (ftp)
Contest of Pain (ftp)
ConteXt (ftp)
Controlled Arena (ftp)
Cool Adventure (ftp)
COOP DM Session 1 (ftp)
COOP DM Session 2 (ftp)
copt of trouble in Silvertown (ftp)
cormans eporium (ftp)
Cormyr- The City of Marsember (a recreation) (ftp)
Cormyrean Nights (ftp)
Coroth, Lands of Legend (ftp)
Coroth, Lands of Legends (ftp)
Corvalinsk 1.24 (Ger) (ftp)
Costas de las Sombras (ftp)
Council of Doom-Resurrection (ftp)
County Shyrak (ftp)
Court of Night (ftp)
Cow Hunter 3D V1.1 (ftp)
Crabs in a Castle (ftp)
Craft (ftp)
Crafting Tutorial (ftp)
Crawl (ftp)
CRAZY PLACE v1.0 (ftp)
Creation (ftp)
Creature Quest (ftp)
Crimson Cherry - Defloration (ftp)
Crimson Fate (ftp)
Crimson Nights (ftp)
Crisis Dragon (ftp)
Crisis in Centavia (Pre-beta v. 1.1) (ftp)
Crisis in Centavia (Pre-Beta) (ftp)
Critter Info Module (ftp)
Critters (ftp)
Crnicas de un Hroe - Deber y Venganza v 2.0 (ftp)
Crnicas de Xing Ling (ftp)
Crnicas oscuras. Episodio I : Asedio de Bruner (ftp)
Cromexx Funhouse (ftp)
Cronache da Eheberdon - Anno 1104 - Le origini di un eroe leggendario - Capitolo 1 di 4 (ftp)
Cronache da Eheberdon - Anno 1104 - Le origini di un eroe leggendario - Capitolo 2 di 4 (ftp)
Cronache da Eheberdon - Anno 1104 - Le origini di un eroe leggendario - Capitolo 3 di 4 (ftp)
Cronache da Eheberdon - Anno 1104 - Le origini di un eroe leggendario - Capitolo 4 di 4 (ftp)
Cronache da Eheberdon - anno 1104 - Le origini di un eroe leggendario - contenuti addizionali (ftp)
Cronache da Eheberdon - anno 1104 - Le origini di un eroe leggendario - HQ (ftp)
Cronache da Eheberdon - Solo mondo - Anno 1104 (ftp)
Cronicas de la Lanza Negra - Capitulo 1 (v.1.5) (ftp)
Cronicas de la Lanza Negra - Capitulo 2 (ftp)
Cronicas de un Heroe - Deber y Venganza (ftp)
Crooked Dick Inn (ftp)
Crossroad (ftp)
Crown Cities Base Build Kit (ftp)
Crown of Atumhotep (ftp)
Cruelty and the Beast (ftp)
Crypt (ftp)
Crypt Maze of Val'tag v2.1 (ftp)
Crypt of Kazarn (ftp)
Crypt of Medea v2.0 (ftp)
Crypt of Terror (ftp)
Crypt of The Smoke Dragon (ftp)
CryptBowl Beta 4 (ftp)
Crypts of Leb (beta) (ftp)
Crystal Armor (ftp)
Crystal Armour (ftp)
Crystal Blue Persuasion (ftp)
Crystal Cavern (ftp)
Crystal Shard 2: The Isle of Velos (ftp)
Crystal Shard v1.07 (ftp)
Crystal Tower (ftp)
Crystal Tower I - Korean Ver. (ftp)
Crystal Tower II - The Minotaur Maze (ftp)
Crystopia (ftp)
CTF 1_2 (ftp)
CTF 1_4 (ftp)
CTF Mod v 1.10 (ftp)
CTF/PVP WarZone! (ftp)
Cult of the Golden Stag (ftp)
Curiosity (ftp)
Curious George goes to war (ftp)
Curious George goes to war: REDUX (ftp)
Curse Levor I - 1 'The beginning of the Way' (ftp)
Curse of Castle Balmora (ftp)
Curse of Dasmo 6 by Todd Watson fixed (ftp)
Curse of the Azure Bonds v1.21b Final (ftp)
Curse of the Clocktower (ftp)
Curse of the Demon (ftp)
Curse of the Lich King (ftp)
Curse of Undeath (ftp)
Cursed Forest (ftp)
Cursed Training Arena (ftp)
Custom C.R.A.P. Basemodules: Normal, Addons, PnP and HTF (ftp)
Custom Content Rogues Gallery (ftp)
Custom Items (ftp)
Custom Items 2010 (ftp)
Cyborg Factory (V1.3) (ftp)
Cyntefyns Revenge (ftp)
Cyric's Bane (ftp)


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