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Modules Listed by Prime Material Plane [NWN1]

Map of Greyhawk
Map of Faerun
Map of Mystara
Map of Krynn

This is a list of modules, organized by setting and compiled by LeeMer47 that Werelynx found on the Bioware forums.  It seems fairly inclusive, but all the links pointed to the old vault.  For simplicity's sake, I just updated those links to point to RoloVault instead.

NOTE: Maps above are large -- open them in the viewer and then right-click and "View image"  to see them full size.

Table of Contents


This is an attempt to sort modules by the world where they exist. It has been updated for 2010. There are undoubtedly mistakes.

FORGOTTEN REALMS (Faerun/Abeir-Toril)
A Tale from Ajandel
A Tale of Northern Amn
Amn's Destruction
Baldur's Gate Skirmishes Kangaxx & Friends
Bhaal I - Imoen's Quest Trailer
El Trono de Baal
Lords of Darkness
Saleron's Gambit: Chapter 3, v. 1.00
Saleron's Gambit: Chapter 4 - v. 1.02
Tallanvor's Pride
The Triangles of Fate
The Umar Hills

FK The Shadow Relic
Infernal Crown IV
Nur noch ein letztes Räel (German version)
Out of the Shadows
Return to Torgan's Delve
Shadow Soul
Shadows of Undrentide
The Curse of Garamok
The Nether Scrolls - 1.16 HoU Edition
The Nether Scrolls - 1.16 HoU Edition (ZIP)
The Nether Scrolls ver 1.15
Torgan's Delve
Torgan's Delve 2.0
Legacy Of Azash: The Dark Dragon
Sands of Fate - Shadows Over Heliopolis
Sands of Fate 2 - Gem Tower
Sands of Fate 3 - Pyramid of the Ancients
Shadowlords 4 - Stonemeet (Japanese)
Shadowlords 4 - Stonemeet (Russian)
Shadowlords 4 - Stonemeet (v 1.08)
The Duke's Gambit

Baldur's Gate
Aribeth's Twin
Baldur's Gate
Baldur's Gate Prologue v2
BG2 - Throne of Bhaal Items
Chorin's Fate
Christian's Keep
Extremely Improved Version Baldur's Gate III
Fate I: The Black Wizard
La Porte de Baldur: Episode 1
Mini Baldur's Gate
Mini Baldur's Gate
Reynault's Tomb
Shadows of the Past
The Shadows of Faerun

NWS - The Desert Fair
Order of Time - The Fateful Coin
Streets of Calimport
Swordflight Chapter One

Shadows of Chondath

Escape from Chult

Cormanthyr (Myth Drannor)
CC1: Gates of Myth Drannor
CC1: Gates of Myth Drannor HoTU/SoU Version
CC2: Sorrow of Faerun
Companions of the Hall in Myth Drannor
Eye of the Beholder
Eye of the Beholder
Eye of the Beholder
Lake Sember
Myth Drannor (version 1.25)
Myth Drannor Building Seed
Myth Drannor PW Creation Module
Pool of Radiance: Attack on Myth Drannor
Seedmodule - MD Building Mod - Temporary
The Ruins of Myth Drannor - The Western Ruins

Assassin: A Tale of Winter
Black Thorn
Candlebright(all ages)
City of Coruscant
Cleansing of Saradush
Cormyr- The City of Marsember (a recreation)
Cormyrean Nights
Die Tragodie von Tragidor
Dragon's Edge - Chapter 1 (v2.2)
Forgotten Realms Adventures
Forgotten realms adventures: Tomb of horros 2.0
Four from Cormyr
Nahende Finsternis
Nahende Finsternis (FINAL UPDATE!)
NWS - Cradle of Cold
NWS - The Black Dragons
Saleron's Gambit: Chapter 5 - v. 1.05
Sunken Cemetery Redux (Tales of the Hullack Forest
Tales of the Hullack Forest: The Sunken Cemetery
The Device Part 1
The Family Business
The Mediation - SMS
The Obarskyr Ring
Tribute The Black Thorn
Wardstones of Cormyr Chapter 1 Beta ver 0.5
Wyvern Crown of Cormyr Premium Module

(DD1) Dwarves in the Woodwork
(DD2) Teshmere
A Night at the Old Druids Inn
A Veil of Darkness - Prologue
Adventures in the Dalelands: Part 1 v1.0
AL1: Siege of Shadowdale
Archendale 1.00
Beneath the Twisted Tower
Crysal Tower I - Korean Ver.
Crystal Tower II - The Minotaur Maze
Daggerdale Prologo: Amanecer
Doom of Daggerdale v1.1 (Rar)
Doom of Daggerdale v1.1 (Zip)
Glowing in Glaun Bog v1.01
Harrowdale 1.16
Le rovine de Netheril
Maestro dos Brinquedos
NWS - Daenarian's Tears
Perchance to Dream
Ruins of Netheril
Shadowdale sotto assedio
Shadowdale v1.1
Shadows of Madness
Shattered Past
Silstrei Knell v2.01
The Alchemist and Ophelia
The Cult of the Bull
The Fate of Daggerdale
The Fate of Daggerdale (version 1)
The Shadow Gap
The Sword of the Dales
To Heir is Human
Troubles in Shadowdale
Withering In The Darkness Chapter 1 - Whispers

An Ancient Heart II
An Ancient Heart(v4-1)
Desperate Measures v3.1 (NWN/obsolete)
Desperate Measures v4.11
H4 - The Throne of Bloodstone
The Hunted

Dreamcatcher 4 - Evermeet (1.07)
For the love of Winter(Part One)

Fallen Kingdom (Daggerford)
Boddyknock's Tall Tale
Darkness Over Daggerford
Hoards of Dragonspear
Lands of adventure
Uluvin: Trouble in the Hills (Updated)
Uluvin II: The Crumbling Stair (Updated)
Unicorn Run

Great Dale
Blight on the Barrow v1.04

Great Glacier (Pelvuria)

Heartlands (Scornubel, Iriaebor)
Darkness over Daggerford
Dragonspear Castle v1.0
Drums of War
Drums of War 2.0
Eclipse War I - Darktide Rising v1.10
Four Demons Part One
Infernal Crown I
Infernal Crown II
Infernal Crown III - Final
Portals - Prelude
Sapphire Star
Shadowlords 2 - Hill's Edge (1.12)
Shadowlords 2 - Hill's Edge (1.12)
Shadowlords 2 - Hill's Edge (Japanese)
Shadowlords 2 - Hill's Edge (Russian)
Shadowlords 3 - Skull Gorge (Japanese)
Shadowlords 3 - Skull Gorge (Russian)
Shadowlords 3 - Skull Gorge (v. 1.10)
Shadowlords 5 - Enter the Shadow (Japanese)
Shadowlords 5 - Enter the Shadow (Russian)
Shadowlords 5 - Enter the Shadow (v1.09)
The Heroes' Stone - Adventures in the Forgotten Realms
Western Heartlands
Western Heartlands Persistent World v0.1

Hordelands (Endless Waste)
Dungeon Hack (English)

Icewind Dale (Ten Towns)
An Unwelcome Winter Guest NWN 1 v1.04
Custom Items
Heart of Winter (v1.00)
Hero of Targos v1.0
Icewind Dale Project
Icewind Dale: Winter's Cradle Tavern
In Blackest Day Demo Module
Strife in Grimbone (v1.29)
Strife in Grimbone V1.4 (SOU version)
Terror In Ten Towns v1.34
The Accursed Tower
Trials of the Luremaster
Urgent Message 1
Urgent Message 2

Kristallwelt 1 - Dunkle Kräe German

Crimson Cherry - Defloration
Dungeon Hack
Dungeon Hack (English)

Lantan University

Adventure Around Triel
Redemption Sought, Innocence Lost

Lurkwood Forest
A Foul Wind
The Horde 2: Undead
The Horde 2: Undead (Russian)
The Horde: Orcs
The Horde: Orcs (Russian)
To the Aid of Riverside

Era of chaos: The first move
Journey of a Thousand Miles Update 2004

FRMZ 2 - City Of The Dead v1.02
Maztica Part One - The Black Sun
The Crypt of Axayacatl

A Hunt Through the Dark - XP Edition - Chapter 1
A Hunt Through the Dark - XP Edition - Chapter 2
A Hunt Through the Dark - XP Edition - Chapter 3
A Hunt Through the Dark - XP Edition - Chapter 4
A Hunt Through the Dark - XP Edition - Chapter 5
A Hunt Through the Dark - XP Edition V. 3.0
A Hunt Through The Dark 6
A Hunt Through The Dark Trilogy Special Edition
A Sword in the Dark
Remake of Menzobarrenzen for dos chapter 1
Scoundrels of the Underdark
Under the Underdark
Underdark: Night Below Book One
Underdark Blues Part 1 - Brain Damage
Underdark Blues Part 2 - Farewell to Sanity
Underdark Blues Part 3 - The Spiral Never Ends
Underdark Blues Part 4 -- Wrath of ******

AL3: Tyrants of Moonsea
Curse of the Azure Bonds v1.18 Final
Dark Water's Edge
Dungeon Tournament
EyeCandy - The Pirate Base
Le Grand Veneur French
L'Emissaire French
Mithykyl´s Challenge
Module AT1.A Pathway to Adventure
New Phlan
Oracle - Signs of the Fallen
Pool of Radiance - V1.17a
Pool of Radiance (Deutsch) German
Pool of Radiance (Japanese Version) Japanes
Pool of Radiance: Special Edition
Pool of Radiance v1.19b1
Raven's Bluff 1
Secret of the Silver Blades - Ver 1.10i
The Retaking of Sokol Keep
Trouble in Trocero
Weapons of Zhentil Keep (1.01)

FA1 - Halls of the High King (Part 1)
Rogue Life - Part Two (Final 1.0)
Secret of Skean Island
Shades of Moonshae
Shades of Moonshae
Shipwrecked! -- Dark Heart of Moonshae Book 1
Tales of Celts
Tales of Celts II

The World Below

'A PIMP'S QUEST!' - (multi-player version)
'A PIMP'S QUEST!' - (single player version)
Academy of Heroic Studies
Aribeth's Dilemma
Aribeth's Dilemma 3.6
Aribeth's Revival II: The Snows of Uktar
Aribeth's Revival II - Ritorno a Thundertree Italian
Aribeth's Revival ver.3.3-HoTU
Aribeth's Revival-CEP/1.64 Henchmen Edition
'Clash of Heros'
Dark Path
Halcyon Island
La Rinascita di Aribeth Italian
le proces
Lord Nasher's Lounge
Neverwinter Brothel
Neverwinter City, Part 1 (From Kevs Custom NWN)
Neverwinter City, Part 2 (From Kevs Custom NWN)
Neverwinter nights new
Neverwinter Skirmish
Neverwinter Wood (Wake of Gauntlgrym)
NWM - The Cult of the Bull
Oesterk Keep, Part 1 v. 1.1
Shrum's Castle
The City Of Neverwinter (Re-done)
The Deep Dark Forest
The Fate of Neverwinter
The Golden Forest
The Golden Forest - CEP 2.3
The Golden Forest - Mac Compatible
The Hand of Fate
The Hero of Neverwinter II - The Fall of a Champion
The Hero of Neverwinter II - The Fall of a Champion
The Hero of Neverwinter III - The Legend of a Champion
The Hero of Neverwinter I-The Challenge of a Champion
The Hunt For Aribeth
The Road Through the Neverwinter Woods
The Road To Nowhere
The Secrets of Shulk

The North
'A Banshee In The Basement'(REALLY NOT FOR CHILDREN)
Aribeth's Redemption II
Companions of the Hall in Night of a Thousand Zombies
Devotion To Darkness Part 3: Descent
EXCELSIOR 1 - The Arrival of the Three Kings (alpha-Version 0.20p)
Giants Among Us
Glendonnan - Chapter1
The Gnome and the Ghost
IOTD Part 2: Wrath of an Angel
Kiss of Fate
Raindrop Sessions part I: Cedar Woods
Return to the Spine v5
The Frozen North

Plains (Purple Dust, Shining Plains)
Desert Blade
Lizard Raids on the Shining Plains

Port Llast
A Cold Night In Port Llast
Aribeth's Tale - Chapter 1
The Pig Farmer

DemonSoul 1 - Cradle Of Darkness
j'aimerais répér mes affaires French
Shadowlords 1 - The Message (Japanese)
Shadowlords 1 - The Message (Russian)
Shadowlords 1 - The Message (v 1.20)
Temple of Torm
The Sons of Raza'ak

Sea of Fallen Stars
A Forgotten Evil - Chapter Two
Aria Persistent World
Dark Horizon Chapter 1: The Coming Curse
JHR1 O Dragãde Vethboro Portuguese
JHR1: The Vethboro Dragon
Sea of Fallen Stars build module
Vermin of Velune

The Savage Frontier
The Savage Frontier - Hak version

A Harper's Tale - Prelude v1.4
A Harper's Tale 1 - Escort Duty
A Harper's Tale 1 - Escort Duty v1.06
A Harper's Tale 2 - Hooknose Crag v1.07
A Harper's Tale 3: Selgaunt

All That Glitters
Bad Day At Castle Eldath
Under the Banner of the Wyrm

Silver Marches (Silverymoon)
A Cleric of the Silvermarch (part 1)
Aribeth's Redemption Chapter III (Partial)
Codename: The Fall of Silver Marches
Das Nebeltal
Doomchild 1: Resurrection
Doomchild 2: Silvery Moon
Doomchild 3: Battlezone
Doomchild 4: Expel
Le Flé de Cromwell
The Lost Halls
Minion's Folly
More Than Poison: The Silver Marches Campaign Chap..
Murder on the way to Silverymoon
Mythral Faith of Corellon Larethian
Mythral Faith of Corellon Larethian HOTU Edition
Nether Mountains
Pawns of the Shadovar
Prison of the Firebringer
Saleron's Gambit: Chapter 1 - v. 1.02
Saleron's Gambit: Chapter 2 - v. 1.01
Silberwald Saga: Dunkle Sonne
Silver Darkness - Chapter 1 (v1.04)
The Bitter Taste of Blood
The Fate of Jalanthar
The Lost Halls

The South (Dambrath, Eastern Shaar, Halruaa, Mulhorand, Lapaliiya, Raurin, Shaar)
Team Challenge 3.0: The Pyramid
Tomb of Ankhseti I
WOTC - Desert Sand NWN1 v1.03

Spine of the World
Beneath the Spine (HotU 1.64 v2)
Beneath the Spine, Part 1 (c07) & Part 2 (v04)No longer available
Of Kings and Desperate Men
Return to the Spine v5
The Battle for Routhgar
The Brotherhood of Oga
Threat to the Spine (BETA 165)

A Tragedy in Tragidor (Full)
A Tragedy in Tragidor (LC)
Die Tragö von Tragidor
Raindrop Sessions part II: Sundabar
Raindrop Sessions part II: Sundabar
Silver Darkness - Chapter One (v1.04)

Sword Coast
A Mountain of Trouble v1.06
A Time for Heroes
A Time For Heroes v1.03 BUGFIX RELEASE
A Warrior's Quest - Citadel of the Zombie Lord
A Warriors Quest - Citadel Of The Zombie Lord
Beyond the Mantric Tower
Curse of Undeath
Demon (v1.8) 9.70
Edge of the Sun 8.42
Errand to Thesk's Haven 8.13
Islands of Adventure - The Color of Light v.1.04
Island Adventures - The Horn of Craven v1.24
Legends of the Sword Coast
Pirates of the Sword Coast
Reign of Chaos
SK1 City of Stormskeep
Tales of the Sword Coast (ONLY PART BUILT)
To cheat Death
The Dying Isle
The Dying Isle (Crypt Fix)
The Great War in Faerun
The Sword Coast: Uprising
The Tale of the Kitchen Boy
The Tale of the Kitchen Boy
The Turning
Tome of Secrets

AL2: Crimson Tides of Tethyr
Castle Spulzeer
Lands of Intrigue: Castle Spulzeer
The Dragon's Teeth
Welcome to Azuth Covenant

A Pawn in Priador
The Crimson Dungeon
The Dungeons of Thaymount

Trackless Sea
The Island - Re-Vamped!
The Journey to Parthon - Chapter 1

After the End 1 - The Penumbra
Beauty and the Beholder - Heroes Need Not Apply
City Of Splendors
Dreamcatcher 1 - Skyfall (Japanese version)
Dreamcatcher 1 - Skyfall (v1.11)
Dreamcatcher 2 - Ocean Dreams (Japanese version)
Dreamcatcher 2 - Ocean Dreams (v1.08)
Dreamcatcher 3 - Pit of Stars (1.09)
Dreamcatcher 3 - Pit of Stars (Japanese version)
Faerun - Wargame(pt1)
Faerun - Wargame(pt2)
Faerun - Wargame(pt3)
Hordes of the Underdark
Guns N Eyestalks
Hordes of Underdark Prologue
Infinite Dungeons
Keldred's Cure v1.50
Lizard Marsh1 - Just A Bulb Hunt
Pawns of Darkness
Pawns of Darkness - Winzip Version
Perchance To Dream
Rebirth of the Phoenix
Road to Waterdeep
SQ2: The Pawns of Darkness . the Remake.
Ten Little Villains v1.4
The Brotherhood of The Oga
The City Of Splendors
The Hero of Waterdeep Chapter 1
The Hero of Waterdeep Part 1 Version2
The Legend of Starfall: The Prelude
Undermountain Level 1
Undermountain: The Lost Level

Court of Night
Secrets of Westgate

Blackguard I - Dreams of destruction
Blackguard II - The Innocents' blood
Blackguard III - The Doom of Yartar


Aralia (Pass of Shanafria)
Mountain of Mirrors

Mysteriou Gem v102
Mysterious Gem Prologue
Mysterious Gem v101

Auril's Wake
Hills of Snow - Lady of Cold

Bentwing Crossing (Hunter's Forest)
3rd Edition Adventure RM1-A Warrior's Tale
3rd Edition Adventure RM1-A Warrior's Tale

Black Forest
Black Forest Run
The Black Gauntlet

Cedar Woods
Cedar Woods
Raindrop Sessions part I: Cedar Woods
Raindrop Sessions part I: Cedar Woods

Cromelia (Penumbra Vale)
The Affairs of Wizards Prologue
The Affairs of Wizards Prologue BETA

(UBER) Conquest of Darkvault No longer avilable
Conquest of Darkvault
Deathlands7 No longer available
Kill 'em All v1.2 No longer available
The Halls of Advanced Killing v27
The Legend of the Deathlands Brotherhood

The Sunset Mountains - Duroval

Duvok's Pass
Burning Plague
The Burning Plague
The Burning Plague
The Burning Plague
The Burning Plague (enlarged Version)

Eldura Prelude - Rise of the Dead

Eor Isle
The Living Island Epilogue
The Living Island Series

Bogbrook & Beyond

JT1: Looky What I Found
JT2 - Fun in Feverbrook
JT2 - Fun in Feverbrook (updated)

Fireblade Fell

Riddle Of The Flea

Search of the Lost Relic

Greenwood Forest
Tales of Faerun: Temptation of Power

A Devotion To Darkness Part 1: Portrait
A Devotion To Darkness Part 2: Watchtower

Hammerbrook (Highfield)
HMCT01 Darkness Awoken V1.3

Harrow Port
Harrow Port

Cyric's Bane

Inn Black Stag

Ill-Fated in Innesbrook

Keizar Dalan
The dwarven Fortress

Death On The Frontier V2.10

Outsiders Below - FINAL
Chimes of War

Key of Ahriman - Prelude - Leaving Lougard

Lucifer's Hallow
Streams Of Darkness

Council of Doom-Resurrection

Shadow of the Underdark v 1.8

Mirak's Thunder
Rising Shadow - The Outpost

Mud Lake
mouth of madness

Never City
Never Realms Campaign #1

Obrekh Mountains/Turmish
RaPS1: Pass of the Spider v1.68

Unearthing the Past

Frontier Town Riverstride
The Adventurers' Challenge - Episode I
The Adventurers' Challenge - Episode II
The Adventurer's Challenge R1_08
To The Aid of Riverside

Rocksdale Mountain
EXCELSIOR 1 - The Arrival of the Three Kings (alpha)

Saerinyl Valley
The Delve

Shirewood Forest
Shirewood Graveyard HCR
Shirewood Graveyard II (v2.1)

The Wilds Encroachment part 2

Theive's Pass
Thieves' Pass

Thousand Lakes
Tales From A Thousand Lakes

Twilight Hollow
Tears for Twilight Hollow FINAL v 1.02

Trust Lies Within - Chapter 1 v1.60 Final
Trust Lies Within - Chapter 2 v1.23 Final

Westwood Forest
Cloak of Shallhar
Cloak of Shallhar -- Prelude

Abenfeld - 0.5
Blood in Darkness
Castle Drachenfels
Danza de muerte 2.0, Warhammer Spanish
Death Rock
Dwarf Wars
Lamentations Part 1: Sisters of mercy
Siege Of The Witch Elves
WARHAMMER - The Howling Season

Greyhawk (Oerth)
(Methos) The Temple of Eternal Darkness
(ZW Presents) Blackwall Keep (Champions of Heironeous) Expansion 1
(ZW Presents) Blackwall Keep II (The Seed of Darkn..
(ZW Presents) Mordenkainen's First Trial 1.1
(ZW Presents) Mordenkainen's Last Trial 1.1
(ZW Presents) Mordenkainen's Second Trial 1.1
3rd Edition Adventure Series-The Forge of Fury
3rd Edition Adventure Series-The Sunless Citadel
A Coming of Age
A King Returns
A! Slave Pits of the Undercity
A1 - Slave Pits of the Undercity
A1 Slave Pits of the Undercity
A1 slavepits of the undercity No Hak
A1-4 Slave Lords v3.0
Adlerweg Keep
Against the Cult of the Reptile God (BETA v.991)
Against The Giants (G1) Steading of Hill Giant
Against The Giants (G2) Glacial Rift Frost Giant
Against The Giants (G3) Hall Fire Giant King
An Underdark Adventure
Assassins' Guild - Factions of Lendor
Bastion of Broken Souls
Bone Hill
C1 Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan v2.6
C1 The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan
C1 The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan (CEP)
C2 - The Ghost Tower of Inverness
C2 Ghost Tower of Inverness
C2 Ghost Tower of Inverness v1.3
C3 The Lost Island of Castanamir V3
Caradel's Island v 1.2
D1 - Descent Into The Depths of the Earth
Der Hund vom stühen Moor
Descent Into the Depths of the Earth D1-2
Desert of Desolation Series: I3 - Pharaoh (v4.7)
Destiny of Kings
Dungeon Module B1 In search of the unknown by Atom
Ent Moot Currently missing files.
G 0: 'Against The Goblins'
G1 Steading of the Hill Giant Chief (Version 2)
G1 and G2 Against The Giants (Updated)
G1-3 Giants
G3 Hall of the Fire Giant King
G3-G5: the Liberation of Geoff
G3-G5: the Liberation of Geoff Final V2.0
G3-G5: The Liberation of Geoff Final v4
Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl v1.1
Greyhawk HCR 3.04 -CEP2 PW
Greyhawk Ruins WGR1 by Atom
H4 - The Throne of Bloodstone
H4 - The Throne of Bloodstone HOTU
Heart of Nightfang Spire
I1 - Dwellers of the Forbidden City
I2 Tomb of the Lizard King
Keep on the Borderlands B2 (v1.3)
L1 - The Secret of Bone Hill v1.23
Lolths revenge (Q2) V2
N1 : Against the Cult of the Reptile God
NWN: Sombras del pasado - Acto 1 - v1.01 Portuguese
Pholtian Farmhouse Siege
Q1 - Queen of the Demonweb Pits
Q1 Queen of the Demonweb Pits v1.4
Queen of the Demonweb Pits (Q1) v1.1
Restenford - Isle of Lendor
Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil
Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil - Part 1
Return To the Temple of Elemental Evil - Part 1
Return To The Temple of Elemental Evil, Part One
Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil: Part One
Return to White Plume Mountain (1999)
S1 - Tomb of Horrors
S1 - Tomb of Horrors (3.5 Edition)
S1 - Tomb of Horrors
S2 White Plume Mountain
S-4 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth
S4 - The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth
Scourge of the Slavelords Part 1
Scourge of the SlaveLords: Pt 2
Scourge of the SlaveLords: Pt 3
Secret of Saltmarsh
Shackled City: Secret of the Soul Pillars
Shackled City: Test of the Smoking Eye
Shackled City: The Demonskar Legacy
Shackled City: Zenith Trajectory
Steading of the Hill Giants v1.2
T1 Village of Hommlet
T1: The Village of Hommlet v0.1
T1: Village of Hommlet
T1-4 The Temple of Elemental Evil
TC 1 - Return to the Caverns of Tsojcanth
TC 2 - Beyond Tsojcanth
Temple of Elemental Evil
Temple of Elemental Evil
Temple of Elemental Evil - final
Temple of Elemental Evil (T1-4) v. 0.95
Temple of Elemental Evil v2.0
Temple of Elemental Evil(and Hommlet)
Temple of Elemental Evil(and Hommlet)
The Dawn (V110)
The Dragonarm Companions - Chapter 1
the Forest Oracle
The Horror of Lannock Hill
The Hotel Caliph'Ornya
The Land of Thuul
The Mysteries of Marshburg
The Mysteries of Marshburg
The Secret of Bone Hill by Atom
The Shield Lands v1.0
The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh
The Standing Stone
The Sunless Citadel
the Sunless Citadel
The Temple of Elemental Evil T1
The Temple of Elemental Evil v1.0
The Village of Hommlet
Tomb of Horrors
Tomb of Horrors
Tomb of Horrors 1st Ed
Tomb of Horrors 1st Edition Module
Tomb of Horrors: Redux
Tomb of the Lizard King
U1 The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh (v3)
U1 The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh DM Version v2
U1 O Sinistro Segredo de Saltmarsh Portuguese
U2 Danger at Dunwater
U3 The Final Enemy
UK2 - The Sentinel (v-1-3)
UK5 Eye of the Serpent v1.0
Vault of the Drow
Village of Hommlet
Village of Hommlet(complete version)
War of Tableegh Trilogy
WG4 - Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun
WG5 Mordenkainen's Fabulous Adventure
White Plume Mountain
White Plume Mountain (Hak Version)
White Plume Mountain - 3E
World of Greyhawk v. 4.05 (CEP)

Age Of Mortals
Big Adventure(name in beta)
Black Dragonarmy Outpost
Black Robe Dungeon
Black Robe Dungeon: The Beginning v1.7
Blue Lady - chapter 1
Champions of Krynn Part 1 v1.2
Champions of Krynn Part 2 v1.0
Darl's Dragonlance Template
DL1 - Dragons of Despair
DL2 - Dragons of Flame
DL3 - Dragons of Hope
DL16 - Dargaard Keep
DL16DargaardKeepV1e Made by Baron of Gateford
DragonLance Beginings Server
Dragonlance - palanthas
Dragonlance the War Continues
DragonLance: Black Robe Dungeon v2.0 DEMO
DragonLance: Krynn Reborn
Dragons of Autumn Dark
Fist of the Gods
Heart of winter
Inn of the Last Home v0.2 (working!!!)
Knight of the Rose
Krynns vergessene Helden
Lord Soth
Palanthas - Dragonlance
Shokian Grove
Shokien Grove V.02
The Black Dragonarmy Outpost
The 5 Evils and Other Tales of the Darken Wood
The Fortress of Fistandantilus Ver 1.02 Beta
The Soulforge
The Temple of The Dragonriders
The Test of the Towers of High Sorcerery
The Towers of High Sorcery
The Valley of The Lost

Ancient gods of Lankhmar PREVIEW
CA1 Swords of the Undercity (Lankhmar)
CA2 Swords of Deceit (Lankhmar)
Die Strassen von Thinsel (The Streets of Thinsel)
Gli Antichi Dei di Lankhmar (italian text)
Ill Met in Lankhmar
Lankhmar - Marsh Gate Adventure
Lankhmar  Nights
LNA2 - Nehwon (Lankhmar)
LNA3 - Prince of Lankhmar (Lankhmar)

Middle-Earth (Midgard, LOTR)
A Wyrm Under Hill
AJs LOTR Project Base Module ver 4.0
An Expedition to Emyn Uial v1-2
An unexpected Visiter
Battle for Middle-ish Earth (demo)
Battle of 5 armies
CBW's LOTR's Battle For Middle-Earth (No Longer Available)
COOL lord of the rings
DEMO - Fellowship Of The Ring
El Hobbit
Fellowship of the Ring (No Longer Available)
Fog on the Barrowdowns
Gandalf protects the world --> 1. part : Gandalf in Orthanc
Gandalf the Black!!?
Gandalf the black!? (updated)
Goblin Gate
Homer's LOTR
Items from Lord of the Rings.
Legend of the Ring v13
Level Up Mod For Howardslotr
Lord of the Rings - Battle for Helms Deep
Lord of the Rings CEP
Lord of the Rings to Rivendell
Lord of the Rings Version 2
Lord of the Rings: Sons of the Steward v1.06 final
Lord of the Rings: The Dunedain v1.5
LOTR Aragorn
LOTR - Battle for Helms Deep
LOTR - Finding Smeagol
LOTR : Gandalf protects the world 2 --> Way to the Rivendell
LotR Legends v13
LOTR Project - Version 1.11
LOTR Rise of Middle Earth
LotR The Fellowhip
LOTR: The fellowship of the ring.
LoTR: The Two Towers / Return of the King v. 1.2 (Final version)
LotR v Xenia
LOTR v12.5 Legend of the Ring
LOTR v15 & Builder MOD
LOTR Version 8 Enhanced
LOTR Version 9 Enhanced & Expanded
LOTR Version 20
MERP: Trollshaws Quest BETA
Middle-Earth (MERP edition)
Middle-Earth (merp edition) FINAL
Middle Earth - Shadows Rising
Middle Earth: The Adventure in Bree (Fixed and Expanded)
Mines of Moria
Mines of Moria
Mines of Moria (SOU version)
Mines Of Moria Battlefield'
Mines of Moria Module Update
Mines of Moria ver 2.0
Moria Eternal
Mount Doom
NWN Angband v1.1
Overland Travel System Demo
Quenta Silmarillion: Part 1
Quenta Silmarillon: The Awakening
Reclaiming Moria
Reclaiming Moria version !.2
RoME - Return of Middle Earth PW
Sands of Time
Shire Adventures the Old Forest.
Siege of Angband
The Heros Journey
The Mines Of Moria
The Ring of Truth
The Shadow Returns - The Paths of the Dead
The Treasure Journies - Part One
The Two Towers - Part I
Trolls of Misty Mountain
Vald's LOTR
Unrest in Arda LotR Module
Where Her Heart Went TOCB1
Witch King of Angmar

Mystara (Basic D&D)
(SR) Keep on the Borderlands (v 1.45)
A Family Affair
A Meeting in Blackmoor (No Longer Available)
Arcane Quest
Assault on Ravens Ruin
B1 In Search of the Unknown
B1 In Search of the Unknown (TTV)
B1 In Search of the Unknown v1
B2 - The Keep on the Borderlands (Hotu & Sou)
B2 & B3 Combo (hotu & sou)
B2 The Keep on the Borderlands
B-2 The Keep on the Borderlands
B3 - Palace of the Silver Princess (Hotu & Sou)
B3: Palace of the Silver Princess
B9 Caldwells Castle
B9 Castle Caldwell and Beyond
B9 Castle Caldwell and Beyond
B10 - Night's Dark Terror Update 2 (Correct haks)
B11 King's Festival
Baba Yaga's Hut
Blade of Vengeance
Blizzard Pass Rogue
Castle Amber
Castle Caldwell v1.11
'Clash of Heros'
Crypt of the Smoke Dragon
Death's Ride (CM2)
Dungen of Doom Part 1
Dungeon Module B1 In search of the unknown by Atom
Epic Quests for Mysty
Escape from Castle Quarras
Fighter's Challenge (HHQ1)
Hills of Oesterberg
Hrothgar's Resting Place
Horror On The Hill
In Search of Adventure
Isle of Dread - classic
Keep on the Borderlands (B2) HCR v1.21
Keep on the Borderlands B2 (v1.3)
Land of Tiris
le mystè de la baronnie des 2 lacs
Les collines d'Oesterberg
Midnight Calling
Midsummer Knights' Dream
Midwinter Festival
Midwinter Festival PRE-SoU v1.29
Mystara(Korean Only) Korean
Mystara (First Draft)
Mystara (Third Draft)
Order of the Griffon 2 (1.4)
Palace of the Silver Princess
Palace of the Silver Princess
Palace of the Silver Princess
Palace of the Silver Princess (by brucix)
Principality of Fenswick(Finalversion V1.6)
Quest for the Silver Sword v 1.0
Quest for the Silver Sword v2.01
Rahasia v1.2
Return to the Keep on the Borderlands
Silver Princess
Silver Princess
The Border Forest
The Eye Of Traldar
The Horde 2: Undead
The InnKeepers Daughter
The Lost City Part 1&2
The Lost City v1.2
The Lost Seneschal
The Scrolls of Netherkhan
Twilight Calling
Valthar Keep
X2 Castle Amber part 1
X2-Castle Amber
X2-Castle Amber (update)
X3 - Curse of Xanathon
X4 Master of the Desert Nomads
X5 Temple of Death

Domains of Dread
Exotic Hunter Ver2.1
HCR 1.68 Spires of Ravenloft
House of Strahd
I Campanili di Ravenloft ( The Spires of Ravenloft) Italian
I, Strahd
I, Strahd (Revised)
La demeure de Strahd French
Le guglie di Ravenloft Italian
Lord of Ravenloft
Lord of Ravenloft ( The Final Chapter. )
Lord of Ravenloft II ( Champions of the Mists )
Ravenloft - The House of Strahd
Ravenloft, Beyond the Gate
Ravenloft: A Requiem for Jander
Ravenloft: Night of The Walking Dead
Return to Ravenloft
RLCore Ravenloft Core Modules
Roots of Evil Chapter 1
Shadows Falling
Spires of Ravenloft 1.68CEP
Spires of Ravenloft CEP 2.x
Talarasha Russian
The Mansion
The Mansion (final)
The Spires of Ravenloft
The Spires of Ravenloft (Modified)
The Spires of Ravenloft Revamped
The Spires of Ravenloft by Raven Builder. Russian version. Russian
The Spires of Ravenloft: Revised Edition V1.40
The Town Of Mooning Gale
Thoughts of Darkness
Valley Of Shadows
Vampire kit
Watchman's Hill

Third Eye Detective Agency
Turn Based Spelljammer Example

Tales of the Sundering: Prelude
Tales of the Sundering: Hub
Tales of the Sundering: South Rock
Tales of the Sundering: Spirit Isle
Tales of the Sundering: Dragonclaw Isle
Tales of the Sundering: Brightwood Isle
Tales of the Sundering: White Eagle Isle
Tales of the Sundering: Trader's Rock

Coliseum Cimmerio Italian
Conan - Beneath The Sands of Stygia
Conan - The Tower of the Elephant
Conan the Barbarian - A Cimmerian Fate
El Imperio de Khain Spanish
HMC 1 - Cimmerian Justice v1.05
HMC 2 - Cimmerian Courage
HMC 3 - Cimmerian Revenge
HMC 4 - Cimmerian Conquest
Hyborian Realms
Hyborian Age 1 - Temple of the Spider God
Hyborian Age 1 - Temple of the Spider God (no hack)
Pirates of Hyboria version 1.3
Salones de Cimmeria Spanish
The Conan Chronicles - Legions of the Dead
The Hyborian Age
The Savage Sword of Conan

Plane Scape
**Apha-Beta**PlanesWalkers Legacy
Abyss 404: Swarmers Intro Mini-mod
Dead Gods
Disposable Heroes
Doorway to Heaven
Dream-Land: By a Route Obscure and Lonely (v2.02)
Echoes of Undrentide: The Interstices of Reality
Eternality Blade
GK1 - Daemons
GK2 - Shades of Darkness
Guile's Underworld
H4 - The Throne of Bloodstone
H4 - The Throne of Bloodstone HOTU
Heart of Shadow
In Blackest Day Demo Module
In The Footsteps Of Dante
Land of Eternal Dreams
Legends of Asgardia: Episode 0: Land of L337
Legends of Asgardia: Episode 0: Land of L33T- 1.1
Monastery of the Flaming Star
MTS1- The Mines of Twin Summit
MTS2- The War of the Fallen
MTS3 - The Final Sunset
Paths of Shadow
Paths of Shadow 2.0
Pazuzu's Gambit Part One - Ethereal Rift
Pazuzu's Palace of 1001 Closets
Plains of Ida
Plane of Dragons
Plane of Fear 2.0
Planescape - Holidays in Arborea
Planescape : Le jeu des Puissances French
Planescape : Le testament d'Aoskar French
Planescape : Les marionnettes French
Planescape : Les marionnettes (étion prestige) French
Planescape -Sigil ver 0.1
Planescape: Holidays in Arborea
Q1 - Queen of the Demonweb Pits
Q1 Queen of the Demonweb Pits v1.3
Queen of the Demonweb Pits (Q1) v1.1
Road to Ruin
RSP3 -- might and menace
Seloas City
Seredagost -The Ghostgate
Seviss Isles (R4b)
Shadow Soul
Shadows and Stars - Interlude - The Void - Preview, v1.00
Shards of Grace - Prologue, After the End v1.0
Sigil - City of Doors
The Abyss
The Attack of the Shadow Clones
The Crossroads of Gehenna
The Elemental Plane of Fire
The Four Planes - FINAL 4.0 Release
The Four Planes - Russian edition Russian
The Gods Themselves
The Gods Themselves Trilogy
The Hollow Deck
The Horrors
The Nature of a Man
The Plane of Hate
The Rule of Three: Volume 1
The Shadow Queen - The Remake
The Stygian Abyss (PW now public domain)
The Tainted Drum
The War for Cania
Torn Asunder
Tournament of Lost Souls
Trapped in Shadow
Uncertain Memories and Tenacious Souls
VA 1 Gates of the Abyss
Vandree Legacy
Vortex Plane
Yggdrasil : Le repis French
Zorco's Keep

Al-Qadim (Zakhara)
Tomb Raiders 2.0

Birthright Chapter 1 (Final Version)
Birthright Chapter 2 Areas.
Birthright of the North (FINAL o)
Birthright of the North (non SoU/HotU Only)
Neverwinter Birthright
Xaeberkhan's Birthright PW

Dark Sun (Athas)
Dark Sun Online
Dark Sun Over Athas
DW0: Crisis in the Great Oasis v2.9
DW1: Siege of the Drajian Castle v3.3
DW2: Dark Sun Setting on Two Moon City v3.2
DW3: Return of the Holy Avatar v3.0
DW4: Dark Sun Setting v4.0
Libertad (Sin Hack)

d20 Modern/Futuristic
!!!!!!!!!! Airplane
A Hippie's Tale (German) - betaGerman
A Hippie's Tale (German)German
Arctacia Adventures Trilogy 1.05a
Armistice Module
Battle of Stirling Bridge: First War of Scottish Independence
Cyborg Factory (V1.3)
D20 Modern 1.3
D20 Modern Mod base module
D20 MTB 1 - The First Assignment - DM only v1.1
D20 MTB 2 - Flames of Wrath - DM only
Deep in the sea pt. 1
Deep in the sea REVISED
Deep In The Sea Revised Part One
Destroy the World
Diablo 2020
Dracula Killer
Firefly System (Nightfire)
Good Vs. Evil 2 Modern
Guns N Eyestalks
Hail to the King!
Hall of Lost Treasure
Hello Kitty Island Adventure (A Neverwinter MMORPG)
Hero of Canton: Introductory Firefly Adventure
July Anarchy Prologue
King Solomon's Ring Prelude
Lazybones's X-COM Campaign
Madman at the Ruins! Remastered Edition
Modern Base Module 1-3 Working
New California
NWCon3 Convention Center
Project Odin - Prologue (Beta 1.0)
Race for President
Star Trek Rendezvous - Episode 1
Star Wars Mod v 1.0
The Dimentional Shift: abeir toril to earth
The Matrix
The Quick and the Dead
War of the Worlds
Wild West Series
X-COM 2: Terror from the Deep
XCOM Area 51
X-COM Area 51 Version 3
X-INV The Alien Threat
Zombie Crisis: Part 1 Demo 1

Metrol - Eberron intro

Unknown Locations
A Hard Life: Episode 1
A New Home
A Passage to the West
A Scribbled Note
A Simple Plan Chapter 1
A Simple Plan Chapter 2 Tower of the Damned
A Simple Plan Chp 3
Abandoned Mine v1
Adventurer's tales: revenge for the fallen BETA 0.1
Ajuste de Cuentas v1.0
Aldebaran City and the Forgotten Empire - Chapter One - v1
Amnestic Conduit
Apocalypse Now
Arcane Sanctuary
Assault on Vox
Battle Museum
Belzebublian - Die heißalte Bedrohung
Bloodsport of the Gods
Bridge trouble
Castle Zadrian 2.0
Christmas Bloodletting
Christoph's Keep
City of Dreams - Library
COOP DM Session 1
COOP DM Session 2
CryptBowl Beta 4
Curse Levor I - 1 'The beginning of the Way'
Das Gasthaus im schwarzen Hain
DEMO - Twierdza Straznika
Der Schatz der Schwarzen Masken
Der Schwur zu Torm - Kapitel 1
Divine Power
Dragontale Prologue beta
Duddag's Revenge
Dungeon Bash
Dungeon Bash 2
Dungeon of Graves:Upper Floors
Dungeon of the Arenas
Elder's tales: revenge for the fallen - DEMO
Elven Rangers of the US
Eye of the Truth
Faerun Online
Faerun Survival Course v1.4
Faervn Beta 1
Fang of the Serpent - I
Fight Out In The Open
Forgotten Realms Persistent World
Gleorindar Under Siege
Half-Breed War (Part 1) - v1.00
Handgaard V1.01 Beta
Hangover for an Adventurer v1.0
Ignob ilis Ritae 2.2: A Paladin's Quest
Il Trono di Fuoco
Interfectum. Chapter one:The beginning of the end.
Kaufhaus der armen Häler
King's Reach
Kobold Kastle
KW - Anika's Curse
La Minaccia del Dente Insanguinato
Legends of Faerun
Les ombres de la Toile - Chapitre 1
Library of the Ages
Lords of Darkness
Lowcy Nieumarlych
Lowcy Nieumarlych
LTC Epic: Quest of the Avatars
Monastery of the Flaming Star
Mordenkainen's Magnificent Dungeon
Mortal Favours
Mystery of Cardinal House
NightHunter Chapter-1 Blood Fued
NWN's Training Ground
Oberon's Diner
Paths of Shadow
Paths of Shadow 2.0
Prime Material Plane
Red Dragon Battle
Red Moon Rising
Reino Oscuro v 0.6
Road to the Dark Temple
Scales of Blood
Serving the Mystery
Steppenhall Angel Arena
Temple Of Azash
Temple Of Azash 2.0
The Adventure of Therodin - The Prelude
The Adversaries
The Ascension - Prelude
The Bitter Taste of Blood
The Black Knight Travelling Caravan - Demo
The Crossroads
The Crypt of Riddles I (Japanese Version)
The Crypt of Riddles I v1.03
The Crypt of Riddles II - v1.05
The Door (FIXED)
The Dragons Hoard
The Eye Of Traldar - Final Version
The Fall of Port Balaron
The Fallen Regiment
The Forbidden Prophecies
The Forbidden Prophecies V 1.00
The Forgotten Realms,
The Ghost of Harrow Hill
The Guardinal
The Heart of Any Man
The Heroes' Stone - Adventures in the Forgotten Realms - A NWN Persistent World
The Journey Unknown
The Legend of the Mystical Forge v1.1
The Lion's Head Tavern
The Long Dead
The Mirror That Casts Long Shadows
The New Prelude
The New Prelude (Revised)
The other side of the valley
The Paladin War Part I
The Rule of Dragons - The Hope of Slaves (Prelude)
The Shadow Queen
The Shadow Queen - RAR
The Shattered Band
The Song Divine / Das Lied der Gör (Bilingual Version)
The Stormriders
The Tower of Ao
The True Adventure
The War for Cania
The Wizard's Challenge Demo
The Wizard's Challenge v1.6
The Worlds Beyond: Prologue
Tomb of Horrors (Forgotten Realms)
Tomb of Horrors (Forgotten Realms) v1.4
Tournament of Lost Souls
Tower Davion: A Potential Apprentice
Vale of Sorrows
Valgard Keep
Vengeance of a Mage Chapter 1 - Mad Dwarf
War of the Ages Demo
Where Am I?
Wizard's Place

Days of Thunder
Tales of the Amazing 3-pack



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The Rolovault links help a ton along with the names in getting the good ones. Thanks for this :)

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I think this is a fine list, but (as I argued with Mike when he made it), it really should include a section for “custom settings.”

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Elorian the Mad...

That is a BRILLIANT list, it makes searching for good content trivial!! Thank you so much!!

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