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Modules for Evil Characters (MEC) [NWN1]

Modules for Evil Characters (MEC) for NWN1
Would you like to join the side of villains for once? This list presents you the modules dealing with Evil half of the alignment rose.
I have grouped the modules in 3 categories, it's pretty self-explanatory.
This list deals with NWN1 modules only.
Designed especially for evil
  1. The Gods Themselves
  2. The War for Cania
  3. Monastery of the Flaming Star
  • Halfblood
  • The Hunt for Aribeth
  • A Hunt through Dark:
  1. Included in Trilogy
  2. Included in Trilogy
NOTE: Last few modules allow alternate good "redemption" path.
  • Infernal Crown:

Both evil and good paths available
  • A Devotion to Darkness:
  • Firestarter's Ravenloft Campaign:

Evil compatible. Those that you 'could' play as evil (like greedy mercenary, but no evil special path)
There are probably many but I don't have a habit of playing evil PCs in modules that cater to good alignments. So far what I have found are:
  • Raindrop Sessions:
Uncategorized (need further info):
Rebirth of the Phoenix(updated version of Rogue Life):
             1. Orcs 1 - The Awakening
             2. Orcs 2 - Return to Al-Dha
Fester's Auren Society of Weavers:
             1. Almraiven
             2. Shadewood
NightHunter Chapter-1 Blood Fued (link is external) (Assassin for story reasons; Single Player)
(link is external) ("One player should be able to set traps"; PvP; Multiplayer)
War (link is external) (Premade Ranger/Assassin Character; Single Player or Multiplayer)

Pale Master:

The Path of the Revenger (link is external) (Premade Sorcerer/Pale Master Character; Single Player)

Dead Links :

Road to Ruin by Eldar Featel (another short-story module, not necessarily about evil but about a faction that preaches Entropy)

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Please note that this appears to be a nwn1 modules only list.

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Exactly. Sorry it was not clear ;)

Edit: included info. Would you care to write your own list for NWN2? I have no idea about NWN2 modules :D

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Added soul shaker.

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