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How to Fix Heads Broken in Patch 1.66


The fix to female human heads in patch 1.66 was needed to allow us to finally be able to have female human and halfelf characters wear helms correctly and display the glow of monk eyes too. There may be even more things coming that will rely on this fix. ;)

IMO this fix is 3 years overdue - if the male human helms and monk eye glow were botched up like for females, it would have been fixed, um, probably before the game released! But I'll try not to go off on more "double standards in the gaming industry" tangents.

I know not everyone knows much about 3d modeling and has access to MAX to run the quick fix script Joco included in NWmax for MAX. Unfortunately it is not usable in the GMax version as it requires files in .max format.

If you have access to MAX, get version .8 of NWmax, then follow the instructions to fix your female human head models.

It really is a quick fix for me to run. I've done hundreds for CEP and many PW people already. Please don't be shy about emailing me for help - I'm working at home over summer vacation (no classes to teach!) and can get stuff back - usually- very quickly. I have found some old mdl files that were exported with some old scripts (before NWmax) that occasionally have a problem importing into Max due to an error in the setsupermodel line. So for those who understand a bit about mdls, I'll explain how to fix it below (see 1.) For those with only one or two models you can do the fix by hand in GMax - a little slower but quite easy. (see 2)

If you want my help, just pull all your pfh0_head###.mdl and pfh2_head###.mdl from your hak(s) and email them to me in a rar/zip. Lisa

1. If your mdl will not import into MAX:

The most common reason is an incorrectly set up setsupermodel line. Waylands old GMax script must have allowed it to export, even if not set up correctly, and the game defaults in a correction. NWmax is not as forgiving:

So I will describe this so you can check and fix - if that is the problem. If it still will not import send the file to me in a zip (I don't need textures) and I will try to determine the problem. I use windows notepad to edit the model in text form: Here is the header of a typical correctly set up head model file:

# Exported from NWmax 0.8 b40 at 6/8/2005 12:33:23 AM
# mdl file
# model: pfh0_head181
filedependancy pfh0_head181.max
newmodel pfh0_head181
setsupermodel pfh0_head181 NULL
classification Character
setanimationscale 1.0
beginmodelgeom pfh0_head181
node dummy pfh0_head181
  parent NULL

Notice the setsupermodel line. It should read setsupermodel pfh0_head### NULL (where ### is what ever the mdl number is you are opening. I noticed some of the old heads did not have the NULL portion following. When I next see JOCO/James I plan to ask if he can make NWmax import around this, but NWmax currently needs 2 parts to the setsupermodel line. If the NULL is not there, just type it in and save. Now hopefully NWmax can import it into MAX.

Again if this is not the problem - send me your files and I will look at them and try to find other possible problems.

2. How to fix by Hand, or the mathematics of the head patch :)

Basically the fix was needed because the helm models were made for male humans and are scaled to fit all other race/sex characters; the fem human head models need aligning with the males both on z axis ( to make helms look good) and the y-axis (to make the monk eyes vfx glow look good on human fems in and out of helms.) Note: all other races and sexes already have this shared alignment with male human heads that allows them to wear helms correctly - only fem human heads were set up with a small error in the head_g node placement in the pfh0.mdl supermodel. The human fem head geometry was built making them higher and pushed forward compared to male humans. To fix the head models, one needs some small shifts in the model's geometry without moving the model's pivot; this is to counter the shift made in the pfh0.mdl supermodel head_g node that is the actual "fix"- pfh0.mdl Supermodel has the head_g node relocated to align the head geometry and make helms and monk eye vfx align: +2.5 cm on y-axis and +3.625 cm on z-axis.

The Actual math/geometry to fix a head model:

Import the file(s) into max/GMax pfh0_head###.mdl or pfh2_head###.mdl

Pivot is left alone; geometry is moved -2.5 cm on y-axis and -3.625 cm on z-axis. I noted there is one head (original NWN hooded one) that has a pivot that is not 0,0,0 - don't know why - just a freak anomaly I think - and the pivot should in general be at 0,0,0.

Isn't Math Great! :)


PS. I also threw in a uv map fix to the fat fem veiled head from SoU that was horrifying to look at (check it out in the original SoU models bif for a good screaming laugh) Anyway, now we can have chubby harem girls and disguised plump medusa's who look good LOL.

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