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Horror Module Collection [NWN1]

List of Modules/PWs with Dark/Twisted theme.

The idea of this list is inspired by ZeornWarlock's Survival Horror Collection. However, the author is no longer update the list. Then I clone the list and include more modules I have tried or through the suggestion from other player.

The modules/PWs that fulfill the requirement: They have some sort of survival horror or terror theme to them. Or at least display something in which could potentially spook the players.

The modules/PWs that don't: Only whack undead creatures in a hack and slash game. Just bashing undead or by having them in a module doesn’t necessarily mean it's a horror story.

Author   Zeorn Warlock(original list), hmdai/starlight(the bulk of the list), revisions by Werelynx and others
Name Description
Almraiven by Fester Pot

Rated Teen.
The adventure takes place within the nation of Calimshan on the eastern shore in a port city known as Almraiven. Almraiven is a full city adventure and is the first installment of two modules. "The dark silhouette of the High Tower looms ahead, reaching upward like the many jagged rocks and dead trees that surround the area. For many years it has been home to you and it is within those walls you were taught the arts of the arcane by Bakadah, your master. It is on this night that your training comes to an end and your acceptance into the Auren Society of Weavers is at hand. The Auren draw their power from a weave that spans into the Land of the Dead. It allows such members to grasp a better understanding of the spirits that roam that realm and use it to their advantage. As of late the weave has felt tainted, as if it has been soiled in some way. Even your assistant Charles, who you summoned from the Land of the Dead, complained of headaches and the like. The dead should not do this. It is this very taint that has awoken the Council of the High Tower from their slumber in tombs they have remained within for one-hunded and sixty years. On this night your first assignment is to come from Bakadah, an assignment given directly to him by the Council of the High Tower. You have been chosen. Your time has come."

Shadewood by Fester Pot

The sequel of Almraiven.

Rated Teen.
Shadewood is a full wilderness adventure and is the second and final installment of two modules. ----- "The creak of branches catch your ear as you come to the boundary of the wood. Known to many as the Forest of Mir, the wood has grown out of control over the past few months. The trail left behind in Almraiven has brought you here; a foul wood that has been attacking those along the Western Passage, or so the locals of Almraiven have said. Branches reaching a little too far, roots curling upward to entangle the passer-by and wandering spirits have been on the tongues of many. It is here your investigation continues. What started as a simple investigation will end with the Auren Society of Weavers closing the pages of old and opening up a new chapter in the Arts of the Arcane. Bring your skills Weaver, for you will need them all."

Angel Falls by thegeorge Rated Teen.
A dark surreal, strange, mostly nonlinear mystery. You have received a request from the town of Angel Falls for your aids. It seems like there is something underneath for everyday you spend there...
Angel Falls Prelude by thegeorge The prequel of Angel Falls.

Rated Teen.
It takes places 100 years before the events of Angel Falls. You will know how does the town of Angel Falls been created...

Black Jails v.1.1 by Variaz Rated Mature
You stole money. A friend needed it. Why? It's not important are now in jail. It's boring. The guards looks bored. So, maybe you should just sleep right trough your jail time...
(ZW Presents) Blackwall Keep II (The Seed of Darkness) by ZeornWarlock Rated Extreme
Welcome to Blackwall Keep' sequel. In this new installment the story begins with simplicity and free-form adventure, but once the events start in Blackwall you will learn about a dark twisted secret… The keep's chapter contains survival horror with a Resident Evil like camera system.
Dark Ages - Chapter 1 by Loveichi Rated Teen.
In Auvers Cathedral, South France, a monk called Jacob was responsible for a massacre. The victims were all fellow monks, knifed with their guts spilled out onto the floor. Moreover it is also reported that from a while back then there was news of people going missing from villages in the surrounding area. ...Massacre and missing persons... You, a member of the Knights Hospitaller, head to the cathedral to investigate the relationship between these two cases but ...
Deadworld by Gordzylla & Deadworld Team Deadworld is horror/survival PW, based heavily on the George Romero classic zombie movies but with a nod to all your faves such as Jason Voorhies, Micheal Myers, The Leprechaun, Cenobides, C.H.U.D.s and the list goes on. We utililize a very innovative danger xp system with many many other custom scripts and things. Find us on the PW action list. Bioware Link:
ee1 - elegia eternum (full version) by Stefan Gagne Rated Mature.
It started out as such a simple quest... there you were, a bold adventurer, seeking a magic staff. There was an inn on the edge of nowhere, with a group of friendly locals willing to help... and then matters got more and more complicated, more horrific. A maze of sorrow and despair unfolded before your very eyes, enveloping all...
ee2 - excrucio eternum (full version) by Stefan Gagne The sequel of ee1 - elegia eternum.

Rated Mature.
The nightmare behind you could never prepare you for the nightmares ahead of you. Sleepwalking through horror wrought by your own hands, struggling to save yourself from a force you cannot possibly overcome... The only constant you can rely on is pain. The only power you were given is change. Be you a savior or a destroyer, you must escape this place, or suffer forever...

Escape from the Mansion by Cold_Justice Rated Everyone
You awake in your bed one night to find everything strangely quiet... too quiet for your house, since it's usually bustling with servants. You should investigate. (This module also use the Resident Evil like camera system)
Eternal Devotion by Joseph Lollback (Antistar) Rated Teen.
You are a soldier on leave from the war ravaging the country, who decides to follow up the rumours surrounding a particular hunter living far out in the wilderness. This hunter is apparently offering a reward to anyone who helps him - something about a missing wife. The circumstances surrounding the hunter and his wife are soon revealed to be more complicated - and dangerous - than first thought.
A Halo of Flies by Chris Huntoon Rated Teen
A quiet night in the forest turns deadly. The people you know are dead one by one. Every evidence points to a sinister secret that hides beneath the sleepy town of Silvermist....
Shadow from a Soul on Fire by Chris Huntoon The sequel of A Halo of Flies.

Rated Teen
A month has passed since the tumultuous events that befell you in Silvermist. You have moved on and life has returned to normal, as it always does. Until one day, something coming for you...

Madman at the Ruins! Classic by Kelkesh12345 Rated Mature.
The game follows your character, a new member of Ped's Personal Detectives, on a search for a group of teens who went into the nearby restricted ruins. The search takes a startling twist when the murders begin...
Madman at the Ruins! Remastered Edition by Kelkesh123 / Sam Dramstad Rated Mature.
The game follows your character, a new member of Ped's Personal Detectives, on a search for a group of teens who went into the nearby restricted ruins. The search takes a startling twist when the murders begin...
Medieval Dead by SMetze Rated Teen
You were just passing through the city, but when you woke up, everyone was dying... Problem is, they didn't stay dead...This is a Persistent World which your main purpose is to survive and escape the city.
Modern Zombie Survival Base Module by A. Scott Bay and Zunath (Music combined by Isandor Realms Team) Rated Teen
A template module for builders to use. (This is quite cool!) :) So far, the basic game-play is comprised of running from location to location looking for supplies such as guns, ammo, medic kits, etc...
The Picture in the House by YeeHoo Rated Teen
Based on short story with the same title written by H. P. Lovecraft. A thick evening mist surrounds you in the forest. The road has disappeared from right under your feet. You have lost your sense of direction, lost on your journey to the Hameln City. Clouds are hanging low and thunder roar, a storm is approaching...
Recipe for Horror by Qutayba Rated Mature.
Welcome to Gourmont, home of the Northern Province Culinary Competition, once a year host to some of the realm's greatest chefs. And after they depart, they leave behind them some of the tastiest dishes ever created. But something tastes funny in Gourmont. Beneath the town's sugary coating lies simmering bitter rivalries, sour feelings, and spicy conspiracies. Will you be thrown into the boiling pot of intrigue? Or will you solve the mystery at the bottom of the bowl?

Warning: Includes dark humor and themes of cannibalism, addiction, and moral ambiguity. Not for children. The player should also have a moderate tolerance for kitchen puns.

Stormy Night by thegeorge Rated Teen.
Caught in a fierce lightning storm and running low on supplies, you seek shelter in a nearby dwelling...
Narcopolis by thegeorge A loosely-related sequel of Stormy Night.

Rated Teen.
Two months after your strange experiences in the mansion, you arrive at your destination at last: the city of Narcopolis.

Wake by thegeorge The far sequel of Narcopolis.

Rated Teen.
Decades after leaving the city of Narcopolis, you retired from your adventuring lifestyle. Today, your granddaughter is coming by for a visit. She always enjoys listening to the tales of your adventures.

Surviving Horror 1 - v.2.2 by Erik Karlsson 'Berra' Rated Mature
You're an ordinary adventurer who has traveled as you always do but instead of heading home, you camped inside a cave in a forest far away from the city of Loma. You awaken and everything is dark. Hence the name, the module is entirely based on the subject.
Surviving Horror 2 - v.2.6 by Erik Karlsson 'Berra' The sequel of Surviving Horror 1.

Rated Mature
Can it be so that you're just about to enter a nightmare even worse than the one you survived two months ago ...? Hence the name, the module is entirely based on the subject.

Threat of Dreams 1 - The Hunger and the Sickness v3.5 by Chris "GhostFactory" Thornton Rated Mature.
Camshire, city of ancient soul and murderous heart. A metropolis shackled in the grip of wrought-iron tyranny. Within its groaning walls and weeping alleys lies a hurtful thing. The taunting whisper of promise. A sketchy portait of hope. And who will voice that whisper, whose portrait will grace that deliverer's canvas? You? Will you flounder in your humble origins, scraping like a listless knife through the urban gloom? Or will you make a thrall of change, thrusting your reprisal down the throats of the oppressors? Dare you brave the Threat of Dreams?
Threat of Dreams 2 - Hour of the Tongue v1.3 by Chris "GhostFactory" Thornton Rated Mature.
Strange times have come to Camshire. The shadows have grown eyes that study, fingers that caress, teeth that hurt. A venomous infection has begun to rack the city’s aching walls, bringing a haunted fever of paranoia to the skittish masses within. The sky grows darker with each passing hour, threatening to make permanent secrets of the lies and ills cast upon the haunted souls who call this place home. Perhaps a light will flicker and grow in the belly of the gloom, shedding light on the miseries and effect their withering. Perhaps hope lies in a heart tainted with truth.
To cheat Death by Hellix Rated Teen
It starts with a very bored mercenary that arrives to a small town on the Sword Coast. Across the inn where you rented a room lives a fortune-teller. And so you decide to visit her...
Vampire – Heaven Defied by Chojin Rated Mature.
This module is not based on, but greatly inspired by White Wolf’s World of Darkness (Vampire the Masquerade/Requiem). It’s a story driven single player adventure, set in a Europe where most people lives happily unaware of the demons lurking in the shadows of their cities. The enlightened ones, however, find themselves in a conflict unlike any other. It’s a conflict not as black and white as it may seem, but a war with heroes and murderers on both sides.
Zombie Crisis Part 1 (Beta) by Kelkesh12345 Rated Mature.
One amensiac, trained soldier wakes up in a trash dump, only to find all of New York City overrun by the undead and worse. The police have tried to fight off the dead to no avail. The military still will take a while for a proper response, leaving the citizens with no hope. Its up to one person to save the city of New York and fight off the many tyranny's of the Kianova Corporation.
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Maybe you should add:

Chris Huntoon's The Castle of Wind and Shadows
Escape from Badger City by Kosmous and morikahn
Jiri's Escape by Evangeline
Twilight of the Walking Deceased by MonkeygOd
Sunken Cemetery Redux (Tales of the Hullack Forest) by Lord Niah
Recipe for Horror by Qutayba

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