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Hero's Path Module List [NWN2]

The purpose of this list is to make it easier to string together a series of adventures across multiple story-based Neverwinter Nights 2 modules using the same character. In order to be listed here, I set the criteria below.  While not perfect, but these criteria permit the construction of a fairly comprehensive list of modules appropriate for this play style without requiring that I personally evaluate each one of these entries. If you have suggestions for modifications of these criteria, you are invited to post your recommendations!

To be listed, a module must...

a) have a minimum starting level requirement of level 2 or higher.
b) not assume that a character have already played through a specific mod for plot/item/scripting reasons (exceptions: modules created as sequels to official campaigns).
c) not include pregenerated characters that it is assumed you will use in the module.
d) not strip a character of all her/his equipment/experience and never return it.
e) have a score of at least 7.00 on the Old Vault, or be in the Old Vault’s Hall of Fame; all newer modules (created 2013+) are eligible for the time being.
f) must not be a utility module, a persistent world, an arena, or strictly a PvP module.
g) be written in English
h) not be an official expansion or premium module.

Modules are listed by recommended starting level (denoted lv x-y). Following the module name is the recommended number of players 
for a module (x-y pl), if specified. I have also included any comments regarding the type of character(s) you should use, as indicated by the authors. Please keep in mind that I have not played the majority of these mods, so I’m working largely from descriptions/readme’s.


NWN2 Hero's Path Module List

lv any, Asylum: A Bet, A Corpse, 1 pl

lv any, Heist at Neverwinter Lights Casino, 1-?
Comments: Some story, though primarily a "downtime" module for characters.

lv any, Isle of Shrines, 1 pl
Comments: Geared toward "low-level" characters (mostly +1 items).

lv any, Lute Hero, 1-4 pl
Comments: Small minigame/puzzle teaser module.

lv any, Pirate Cards,  1pl
Comments: Card game, not an adventure, but can be downtime for a character.

Heroic Tier (levels 2-10)

lv 2, Live Forever, 1 pl

lv 2-10, Winds of Change, 1 pl

lv 3-4, Arithel, 1 pl

lv 3-5, The Subtlety of Thay, 1 pl

lv 3-6, The Corruption of Kiahoro, 1 pl
Comments: lvl3 for fighters, lvl 5-6 for rogues/bards

lv 4, Dark Avenger: Chapter 1, 1 pl
Comments: Game provides free exotic weapon proficiency.  Companions includes a tank.

lv 4, The Dawn of Threshold, 1 pl

lv 4-5, Serene, 1 pl
Comments: not for paladins.  Human, half-elf, or elf recommended, not for dwarf, halfling, or gnome, half-orc, or genasi.  Companions are a rogue & a monk.

lv 4-6, A Secret in Stone, 1 pl

lv 4-6, Tomoachan, 1 pl
Comments: Male human, half-elf, or elf.

lv 4-8, Harp and Chrysanthemum, 1 pl

lv 5, Brightstone Keep, 4-5 pl + DM
Comments: DM required.  

lv 5, The Chronicles of Azaelus 1: The Tower in the Marsh, 1 pl
Comments: good characters recommended.

lv 5, Escape from Lord Treldorn's Mine, 1 pl
Comments: Good or neutral.  Companions = wizard & fighter.

lv 5, Halloween, 1 pl
Comments: Collection of 20 short Halloween-themed modules.

lv 5-8, The Nihil Trilogy, 1 pl

lv 5-10, Gold and Ebony - Temple of Time, 1 pl
Comments: Short puzzle module.

lv 5-6, Lowena, 1 pl

lv 5-6, A Hunt Through the Dark Remastered, 1 pl
Comments: Requires Male Drow character.

lv 5-7, Baltron's Beacon

lv 5-7, Hearts of Endia, 1 pl
Comments: Human/Elf/Dwarf.  

lv 5-7, Red Hand of Doom

lv 5-7, Tragedy in Tragidor, 1 pl

lv 6, The Maimed God's Saga, 1 pl
Comments: Very specific, story-based req's for a Cleric of Tyr, LG/NG/LN alignment

lv 6-8, Cry Wolf, 1 pl
Comments: Brothers Grimm contest module.

lv 6-8, Trinity, 1 pl
Comments: features 4 companion characters for five-person party.

lv 6-10, Dark Waters, 1 pl

lv 6-10, The Traveller, 1 pl
Comments: lv 6 for fighters, lv. 8-9 for rogues

lv 7, Howls in the Dark, 1 pl

lv 7, Edinmoor, 1 pl
Comments: designed for 5 characters.  Bards, Clerics, Wizards, Rogues, Druids, and Paladins all recommended based on dialog options.  Diplomacy.  Good/Neutral.  

lv 7, Fallen House Celofraie, 1 pl
Comments: for level 7 drow male (after ECL penalty).  Fighter/Barbarian/Cleric/Ranger/Druid/Bard preferred, Wizard/Sorcerer should be level 8, Rogues discouraged.  Diplomacy/Bluff rec'd over Intimidate.  No crafting, locked doors, or traps.

lv 7, Tome of Yewrun I: Dersuf, 1 pl
Comments: Requires Human, Half-Orc, or Fire Genasi.  Authors suggests starting without equipment/gold.

lv 7-9, Undermountain: The Lost Level

lv 7-16, Legacy of White Plume Mountain, 1-? pl
Comments: Sandbox, designed with multiplayer in mind

lv 8, Crimmor, 1 pl
Comments: Rogue-specific

lv 8, Moonshadows: Chapter One, 1 pl

lv 8-9, Wintervall, 1 pl
Comments: Sort of a sequel to Cry Wolf, but does not assume that you played the original.

lv 9, Misery Stone, 1 pl.
Comments: Melee characters are recommended

lv 9-11, The Black Scourge of Candle Cove
Comments: A party of 5, using your own characters or a variety of NPC's.  Level 10 is optimal.

lv 9-11, Tomb of Horrors Revisited (BM Productions), 1-4 pl
Comments: If playing with a solo character, lv. 14 rogue suggested

lv 9-12, Another Fine Quest, 1 pl
Comments: Paladin, Fighter, or cleric recommended. Rogues discouraged.  Wizard-types should be lv 11-12.

lv 9-12, Tomb of Horrors Final (Morbane), 1-4 pl

lv 9-13, A Veil Lifted, 1-4 pl

lv 9-14, Night Howls in Nestlehaven, 1 pl
Comments: Module description has specific advice on level and builds.

lv 10, Shaar Moan, 1 pl

lv 10-12, End of Legends in Kingdom of Algard, 1 pl

lv 10-12, Ravenloft: Dreamscape, 1 pl


Paragon Tier (lv 11-20)

lv 11-13, The Red Prison, 1 pl

lv 13, Shrouded Sun, 1 pl
Comments: Requires Drow, Duergar, Svirfneblin, or Half-Drow.


Epic Tier (lv 21-30)

lv 20, Relaid: Sex and the Single Adventuress Authorized Unauthorized Version, 1 pl
Comments: Female human, elf, half=-elf, halfling, aasimar, or tiefling.  

lv 25-30, Trial and Terror, 1 pl
Comments: solo characters should be optimized level 30.

lv 30, Epic Campaign, 1 pl
Comments: Hack 'n Slash module for characters that have finished MotB


Finally, as your characters move between these modules, consider using the FRW Character Creator as a waystation between modules.  Sell junk, buy basic gear, level up as needed, and get rid of cursed & nodrop items.  

Note: This list is a work in progress.  It includes only those modules that have been posted to the Vault, so many more modules will need to be added as the migration continues.  

Updated with modules posted through: 18 August 2014
Recent additions:
* The Chronicles of Azaelus by Rasvar
* Brightstone Keep by BTG Team
* Escape from Lord Treldorn's Mine by NostrilHair
* A Veil Lifted by Allyndn the Beggar
* Tomb of Horrors Final by Morbane
* Shaar Moan by Dann Pigdon
* Arithel by Hilltop2012
* Edinmoor by Dorateen
* Gold and Ebony - Temple of Time by seraphimsage1
* Fallen House Celofraie by Sanjuro
* Another Fine Quest by HalTAR
* The Nihil Trilogy by saraphimsage
* Epic Campaign by TopAceOfEarth
* Tome of Yewrun I: Dersuf by Grish - Thibbledorf26
* End of Legends in Kingdom of Algard by Phybrizo
* Hearts of Endia by Mazena
* The Dawn of Threshold by D. R. Lofstrand
* Wintervall by Lorft

First Release: 
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Added Tchos's exciting new release, The Black Scourge of Candle Cove!

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Removed restriction on contest modules.  The Brother's Grimm contest modules were of high enough quality and large enough scope that I see no reason to restrict them from the list.

* Cry Wolf by Lorft
* Night Howls in Nestlehaven by jackyo123
* A Hunt through the Dark Remastered by Markus "Wayne" Schlegel



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This is a very good listing Beliad, thanks for the good work.


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It's really cool that this list has been made.

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