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Hero's Path Module List [NWN1]

The purpose of this list is to make it easier to string together a series of adventures across multiple story-based Neverwinter Nights 1 modules using the same character. In order to be listed here, I set the criteria below.  While not perfect, but these criteria permit the construction of a fairly comprehensive list of modules appropriate for this play style without requiring that I personally evaluate each one of these entries. If you have suggestions for modifications of these criteria, you are invited to post your recommendations!

To be listed, a module must...

a) have a minimum starting level requirement of level 2 or higher.
b) not assume that a character have already played through a specific mod for plot/item/scripting reasons (exceptions: modules created as sequels to official campaigns). 
c) not include pregenerated characters that it is assumed you will use in the module.
d) not strip a character of all her/his equipment/experience and never return it.
e) have a score of at least 8.25 on the Old Vault, or be in the Old Vault’s Hall of Fame; all newer modules (created 2013+) are eligible for the time being.
f) must not be a utility module, a persistent world, an arena, or strictly a PvP module.
g) be written in English 
h) not be a Bioware Contest Module or a Bioware Premium module.

Modules are listed by recommended starting level (denoted lv x-y). Following the module name is the recommended number of players 
for a module (x-y pl) and the required version of NWN (N = Original NWN, S=SoU, H=HotU, C=CEP, followed by version number if provided by author). I have also included any comments regarding the type of character(s) you should use, as indicated by the authors. Please keep in mind that I have not played the majority of these mods, so I’m working largely from descriptions/readme’s.

The Hero's Path Module List
(Old Vault Hall of Fame modules have an asterisk (*) after their title)

lv any Ankh Morpork - City of Discworld, any # pl

lv any Demon Cards*, 1-8 pl, N1.62

lv any Diablo - The Remake, any # pl

lv any Dragon Caves, 1-4 pl, N1.29

lv any Miss Jones Spirit, 1 pl, HC
Comments: Adult module; human/half-elf only; rangers, rogues, and fighters recommended--no wizards.

lv any Third Eye Detective Agency, any # pl
Comments: spellcaster pref’d

Heroic Tier (levels 2-10)

lv 2-3 Dweller in the Darkness, 1 pl, S1.32
Comments: good alignment

lv 2-4 Legacy of Dracyn*, 1 pl
Comments: fighter, cleric, ranger, paladin rec’d

lv 2-5 Orcs 1 – The Awakening of the Arak-Hur*, 1 pl, N1.61
Comments: neutral/evil recommended

lv 2-5 The Temple of Elemental Evil T1, 1-4 pl, SH
Comments: 2-4 players should be lv 2, good/neutral recommended

lv 2-5 UK2 – The Sentinel, 1 pl, N1.62
Comments: lawful neutral or good aligned characters work best, but concessions made for evil; extra treats for barbarians, druids, rangers, bards, monks, and rogues, though any class is fine.

lv 2-6 Boddyknock's Tall Tale, any # pl
Comments: For good and reluctant hero-type characters, fighters and clerics recommended. lv 2-3 in multiplayer and lv 4-6 in solo recommended.

lv 3 Forge of Fury*, 1-4 pl, N1.62
Comments: search skill rec’d

lv 3 Hythum*, 1-6 pl, SHC1.51
Comments: lv 3 only applies to solo play

lv 3 Lords of Darkness 1: The Fugitive, 1-4 pl, SH1.65
Comments: good/neutral req’d, turn undead rec’d. lv 3 only applies to solo play

lv 3 Rites of Ascension, Chapter 1: Turmoil in Sosiane*, 1-4 pl, N1.62
Comments: lv 3 applies only to solo play

lv 3-5 Thief!, Prelude, 1 pl
Comments: rogue

lv 3-5 Withering in the Darkness Chapter 1, Whispers in Nightmares*1-4 pl, SH

lv 3-6 Penultima 1 – Pest Control*, 1-4 pl, N1.30

lv 3-6 World of Limitless, any # pl

lv 3-7 Trust Lies Within*, 1-2 pl, N1.30
Comments: 3rd lv for multiplay, lv 5-7 for solo play

lv 3-8 In the Company of Thieves 1: Grand Theft Otto*, 1 pl
Comments: rogue

lv 3-any Lizard Raids on the Shining Plains, 1-3 pl, S1.31
Comments: Not half-orc. Solo play preferred.

lv 4 Tales of the Heart: Valyrian's Blood, 1 pl, SH
Comments: human fighters, paladins, rangers recommended, with discipline, taunt, tumble, heal skills.

lv 4-5 Missing Persons, 1 pl, SH

lv 4-6 Honor Among Thieves*, 1 pl, H1.64
Comments: rogue

lv 4-6 Vertex I – State of Union, 1 pl, S1.30

lv 4-6 Wendel’s Woes, 1 pl, SH

lv 4-7 Desert of Desolation: I3 – Pharaoh*, 3-5 pl, SH
Comments: search skill, lore, cure disease/poison rec’d

lv 4-7 The Fate of Daggerdale, 1-any # pl, SH
Comments: lv 4-5 for melee characters, 5-7 for spellcasters

lv 5 Citadel of Blood: Chapter 1; Some Assembly Required*, 1-6 pl

lv 5 Dusk of a Samurai DEMO, 1 pl, SU1.66
Comments: Humans only, no magic users. 

lv 5-7 Beasts of the Night, 1 pl, SH
Comments: paladin, druid, ranger, rogue rec’d

lv 5-7 C1 – Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan*, 3-6 pl, SHC
Comments: versatile character needed for solo play, and still some areas not accessible.

lv 5-7 Elena's Tale - Roses for Rosa, 1 pl, SH
Comments: There is an available pre-generated character, but it is not necessary to use her.

lv 5-7 Hunt Through the Dark: Trilogy Special Edition*, 1 pl, SHC
Comments: elf subrace:drow, neutral/evil, melee rec’d

lv 5-7 Into the Stink, 1 pl, SHC
Comments: good/neutral

lv 5-7 A Tragedy in Tragidor*, 1 pl, 

lv 5-8 Elegia Eternum*, any # pl, N1.30

lv 5-8, Mountain of Mirrors, 1 pl, H1.66
Comments: good rec’d. Bluff skill rec’d.

lv 5-8, Prophet – Prologue – It Cannot Be Denied*, 1-5 pl, SHC
Comments: emphasis on non-evil, average or above average intelligence recommended, first in a series.

lv 5-10 CC1: Gates of Myth Drannor*, 1-4 pl, SH

lv 6 The Bitter Taste of Blood, 1 pl, SH
Comments: Character will be forced to level 6 at start of module. Human or elven recommended; barbarians and monks not recommended.

lv 6-7 BardSong 1 – Earth and Sky, 1 pl, N1.32
Comments: elf bard pref’d

lv 6-7 Halo of Flies*, 1 pl, S1.32

lv 6-7 The Picture in the House, 1 pl, S1.30

lv 6-8, AL2: Crimson Tides of Tethyr*, 1 pl, SH1.66
Comments: neutral or good

lv 6-8 Of Kings and Desperate Men, 1 pl, H1.61
Comments: tank pref’d

lv 6-9 Scourge of the Slavelords: Pt 1, 1-6 pl, SHC
Comments: lv6-8 for multiplayer, 6-9 for solo. Rogue & Cleric rec’d.

lv 6-10 Tallanvor’s Pride, 1-3 pl
Comments: multiplayer lv 6-7, solo play lv 8-10

lv 6-11 Grimshade Run, 1 pl
Comments: Challenging for level 7.  Rangers, rogues, bards, or multiclass should consider level 10+.

lv 6-14 The Citadel*, 1 pl
Comments: not monk, druid

lv 6-14 The Dragon's Teeth, 1-10 pl
Comments: Large party (4+) should be ~lv 8, solo lv14, civilized behavior recommended

lv 6-15 TC1 – Return to the Caverns of Tsojcanth, 1-5 pl
Comments: Multiplayer lv 6-9 for a party of 2 to 4, multiplayer recommended, a rogue in the party is required, dwarves are recommended, good alignment preferred, 

lv 7+ Desert Madness (Dark Summoning), 1 pl
Comments: lv recommedation depends on class (see readme)

lv 7-10 Thunderclap, Prelude, 1-3 pl
Comments: Multiplay lv 7-8, solo play lv 8-10. Tanks lv 8, spellcasters lv 10

lv 7-14 Edge of the Sun, 1-5 pl
Comments: Spellcaster or scroll user req’d. Multiplay lv 7-11. Solo play lv 14+

lv 7-15 Foreboding in Sylvani*, 1-5 pl, H1.64
Comments: tank pref’d

lv 7-15 Wormwood 1 – kicking arse and smashing heads, 1-3 pl, N1.30
Comments: paladin pref’d. Solo play recommended – when last checked there was an unresolved game-breaking bug.

lv 8, Darkness Over Daggerford, 1 pl, SH
Comments: Characters set to level 8 upon start.

lv 8-9 Journey Unknown, The, 1 pl, S1.32

lv 8-10 Cormyrean Nights*, 1 pl, S1.62

lv 8-10 DL16 - Dargaard Keep, 1-4pl, SHC 1.67

lv 8-10 Shadow of the Underdark, 1 pl, SHC

lv 8-11 Exile of the West (episode 1), H1.68
Comments: Warrior, ranger, or rogue recommended. Human recommended, male required. Lawful good characters are less suitable for the module.

lv 8-12 Against the Giants (G1) Steading of the Hill Giant Chief*, 1-4 pl, SH
Comments: Multiplayer preferred; higher levels rec'd for solo play with hirelings.

lv 8-12 The Guardinal, 1 pl, SH

lv 8-12 GC1 - Powder Plot, 1-4 pl, 
Comments: Solo play should be lv 12+.

lv 8-12 Haunted, 1-4 pl, N1.30

lv 8-12 Long Live the King, 2nd ed, 1-4 pl, SHC

lv 8-14 Gates of Firestorm Peak, The, 1-5 pl, SH
Comments: strong solo chr. See readme for specific level recommendations based on class/# players

lv 8-20+, A Call for Heroes: The Planer Tears*, 2-6 pl
Comments: Multiplayer lv 8-18, Single Player 20+

lv 9-11 Weapons of Zhentil Keep, 1 pl, H1.64
Comments: Good rec'd, non-humans attacked on sight by "the Red Plumes."

lv 9-12 Sandy Valley Days, 1 pl

lv 10 Desert Rose, 1 pl, SH v. 1.66

lv 10 The Hex Coda 01, 1 pl, SH1.66

lv 10 The Paladin War, 1 pl, S1.30

lv 10-12 Pawns of Shadovar, 1 pl

lv 10-13 The Bastard of Kosigan*, 1 pl, H1.62
Comments: Not lawful good or chaotic evil. Male required, human strongly recommended. No paladins.

lv 10-13 Glorious Rejuvenation, 1-3 pl, SHC

lv 10-14 Night of Venom, 1-4 pl, S1.61
Comments: evil. Multiplay lv 10-12. Solo play lv 12-14

lv 10-15 Bitter Harvest, 4-7 pl, SH

lv 10-13 Mines of Moria, 1-4 pl, H1.62
Comments: spellcaster/scrollreader required

lv 10-15 Stormy Night, 1 pl, SH1.65

lv 10-15 Trials of the Luremaster*, 1-6 pl, S1.32
Comments: tank pref’d. Multiplayer may need to play at lower levels

lv 10-15 Under the Underdark, 1 pl
Comments: good/neutral, melee pref’d

Paragon Tier (levels 11-20)

lv 11-13 NWS – The Black Dragons, 1 pl, SHC

lv 11-15 Dream-Land: By a Route Obscure and Lonely, 1 pl, SHC
Comments: Set after SoU

lv 11-16 Terror in Ten Towns, 1-5 pl, SH

lv 12 The Shadow Queen: The Remake, 1-4 pl, SH
Comments: Set between SoU and HotU

lv 12 Trapped in Shadow, 1 pl, S1.32
Comments: Set between SoU and HotU

lv 12-13 The Nether Scrolls, 1 pl, S1.32
Comments: Set between SoU and HotU

lv 12-14 NWS - Daenarian’s Tears, 1 pl, SHC
Comments: good/neutral elf cleric pref’d

lv 12-15 Shadohaunt*, 1 pl, S1.32
Comments: Set between SoU and HotU

lv 12-16 The Black Ring Pox*, 1 pl, N1.30
Comments: Lawful good not recommended, others fine.

lv 12-15 The Spires of Ravenloft: Revised Edition, 4-5pl, SHC
Comments: Solo lv15-16, Multiplayer lv12-15, good/neutral, cleric or paladin rec’d

lv 13-17 MTS - The Mines of Twin Summit*, 1-4 pl, H1.61
Comments: neutral “combat oriented” pref’d. 2-3 lv 15 players recommended.

lv 14-16 NWS - Cradle of Cold, 1 pl, SHC

lv 14-17 Aribeth's Redemption, Chapter 1, 1 pl, H1.67
Comments: Set after the NWN1 Official Campaign. Paladins recommended, though any lawful or good character should work; it should be someone who would be of interest to Aribeth.

lv 14-18 Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold, 1 pl, SH
Comments: resting is time restricted. Start at 15-18 if playing without henchmen, 14-16 otherwise.

lv 15 Art of Death - Back in Black, 1 pl, N1.68, CEP1.52, 1.53, 1.68
Comments: 10 of the 15 levels must be as a rogue. 

lv 15-16 Journey of a Thousand Miles*, 1-2 pl, N1.29
Comments: not wizard/sorcerer

lv 15-20 Heart of Winter*, 1-6 pl, SH
Comments: Recommended level varies with class.

lv 15-20 In the Footsteps of Dante*, 1 pl, H1.62
Comments: good/neutral

lv 15-30 H4 - The Throne of Bloodstone, 1-8 pl, SH
Comments: Single play = lv18+.

lv 16-any, Seppuku (Hara-Kiri), 1 pl, SHC
Comments: Male required, warrior class required, weapon master-katana recommended. Non-evil required.

lv 17-19 The Fate of Neverwinter, 1 pl, SHC

lv 18-20 Under the Moonlight*, 1-4 pl, N1.30
Comments: spellcaster pref’d. Multiplayer version found herelv 18-20. Solo play lv 20

lv 20 Angel Falls, 1 pl, SH
Comments: male human rec'd, persuade, bluff, intidmidate, and lore will be valuable.

lv 20 Bad Day at Castle Eldath, 1pl, S1.32
Comments: rogues not recommended

lv 20 Sex & the Single Adventuress*, 1 pl, N1.21
Comments: spellcaster pref’d

lv 20-23 Dark Water's Edge, 1 pl, SH 1.66, CEP 1.52
Comments: Mages and rogues should be at the high end of the level range

Epic Tier (levels 21-30)

lv 21-23 Some Distant Shore*, 1 pl, SH
Comments: alignment=good

lv 22-30 S1 – Tomb of Horrors*, 2-6 pl, SH
Comments: Balanced party, high search/spot skills

lv 23-27 Black Thorn*, 1 pl, H1.66
Comments: You should have a +5 or better weapon, good alignment recommended but not necessary

lv 25-40 Twist of Fate, A, 1 pl, SH
Comments: Set after HotU. Monk/rogue, cleric/fighter, fighter/rogue, or weapon master recommended. Also some wizard/sorcerer items available.

lv 25-27 After the End: The Penumbra*, 1 pl, SHC
Comments: Set after HotU

lv 25-30 Sands of Fate 1 – Shadows over Heliopolis*, 1-4 pl, SH
Comments: Set after HotU

lv 26-28 The Island, 1 pl

lv 26-30 The Gods Themselves*, 1 pl, SH
Comments: Set after HotU. For evil characters only. Complete trilogy package can be found here

lv 30 SQ2: The Pawns of Darkness, 1 pl, SH
Comments: Set after HotU, though it does assume the plot from The Shadow Queen as the SOU-HOTU bridge module.

Finally, as your characters move between these great modules, I recommend using Zorco’s Keeps* to keep your characters refreshed and happy. Sell their junk, buy new gear, and buy them a house where you can store equipment and host parties between modules! Also features nodrop item removal and HAK detection on equipment.  I also recommend Pretty Good Character Creator if you need to level up and give balanced gold/equipment to a character.

Note: This is a work in progress.  Modules were last added to in in 2008, so newer modules almost certainly deserve to be added.  Many of the modules on this list have not yet migrated to the New Vault, and so they lack links.  

Last Updated: 19 August 2014

Last Update: Added links to numerous modules that were added once the NWN1 Hall of Fame migration was completed.

First Release: 
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Went through the first page of modules posted on the vault (from 7/13 to 7/21).  Added Grimshade Run, removed Queen of Demonweb Pits (it's part of Trev's series, which starts with Against the Giants--also listed).  Also revised the recommendations for levels 'n such for a few modules, based on what is on their vault pages.


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great work !  thank you ! :)

so far, i've noticed one problem : the module 's1 - tomb of horrors', listed under the 'epic' category with a level range of 22-30 is actually a mod for lvl 10-14. i unwittingly solo'd it with my lvl-24 rogue, and it was a cakewalk. it wasn't until i read the readme [after playing] that i realised the problem. it should be fine for 3-4 players [or solo player + henchmen] of half that level.

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Probably link was misplaced, there are various versions of this pnp conversion - I think those levels are for Ghool's version.

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