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The Guide to Building Volume I – The Aurora Toolset Manual

The Builder's Project (qwerty)
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One of the objectives of The Builders Project guild has been to gather and make available resources, with the intent of aiding our members in the pursuit of module building. To that end, we have started collecting information on every aspect of module building and keeping track of questions asked on the guild's forum and the answers provided to these questions. All this information is stored and edited in what we call 'The Guide to Building'.

The Guide to Building will be released in many installments, each covering an important aspect of module building. This first installment, titled 'The Toolset Manual', looks at the toolset and the many options contained therein. The Toolset Manual is a reference manual in which every object type, property, tool and functionality offered by the Toolset is described in detail, along with many tips to help builders in the creation process.

Version 1.05
Added new content 9/3/2007
Version Changes
1.05 added content for xp2 switches and HotU wandering monster system
1.06 added content for SoU treasure system, common acronyms, resources section.


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Submitted: 09-18-2004 / Last Updated: 09-08-2007
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This first instalment, titled "The Toolset Manual" looks at the toolset, the wizards and options contained therein. It is designed to basically cover every possibility, big or small, offered by the Toolset without the need to get into heavy scripting.


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Just brilliant. Every builder should have this !

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