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DMF Certified Modules [NWN2] - Dungeon Master Friendly List [Rough Copy]

Here are the modules that have been approved by the Dungeon Master Friendly Initiative (DMFI) to be consistent with the goal to create and promote modules that are designed around a dungeon master being involved. If you would like your module to be evaluated for this list, you can sign-up to the DMFI guild and submit your module in this forum.

Here are some tools for you to check out:

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    A Stop Along the Way

    (Score: 8.94 / Votes: 4)

    The road stretches out before you, and your next destination beckons. Along the way is a small village called Riverstop that will provide a good break from the weary journey. If you keep your eyes open, there may be a chance to make some gold. If you're lucky, you might just live to spend it…

    This module was designed as a starter adventure for new DMs and is intended to be a companion to the DM 101 for NWN2 tutorial module released by the DMFI ( However, it can be run equally well by experienced DMs and players.

    This module can stand alone, or can be a side quest for a larger campaign. The players begin on a journey and stay the night at a small hamlet, Riverstop, that needs their help. Ideally it can be dropped into any environment and any campaign. The only real reference to the Forgotten Realms is the statue of Chauntea in the center of the town.

    The module is designed for low-level characters (between levels 1 and 4). Depending on DM and player actions, it should provide 2 to 3 levels of game play. A party with a DM should expect somewhere between 6 to 10 hours of play, but a DM testing this should be able to complete it in under 3 hours.

    DMs should download the full asatw_v1_00.rar file, but players will only need the asatw_players_v1_00.rar.

    B2: Keep on the Borderlands

    (Score: 8.24 / Votes: 148)

    Keep on the Borderlands is a conversion of paper and pencil module written by Gary Gygax, first published by TSR in 1979. The paper and pencil module, The Keep on the Borderlands, was ranked the 7th greatest Dungeons & Dragons adventure of all time by Dungeon magazine in 2004, on the 30th anniversary of the Dungeons & Dragons game.

    Players arrive at the Keep on the Borderlands, where they base themselves before investigating the Caves of Chaos, a series of nearby caverns full of humanoid tribes poised to destroy the keep. It typifies the dungeon crawls associated with beginning D&D players, while permitting some limited outdoor adventures.

    The module is primarily a hack and slash adventure, although I have tried to add opportunities for role playing and there are some tricks and traps.

    It is intended for new characters. It should work for multiplayer but I did not have the opportunity to run a multiplayer test.

    In collaboration with original module author ENoa4, the DM-Friendly Initiative (DMFI) is pleased to announce that B2: Keep on the Borderlands - DMFI Edition has just been released and is available for download on this page.

    The DMFI edition of the module has additional features designed to enhance multiplayer and DM'd play, including a new DM Guide, revamped Player Guide, DM Plot Wand, the DMFI Tools, and other goodies. We hope you enjoy.

    Many thanks to Carlo for all of his hard work preparing the DMFI version of Keep on the Borderlands.

    Desperate Measures: NWN2 Edition

    (Score: 10 / Votes: 1)

    You are on death row. You have only a short time before you are to be executed. There are up to four others on death row with you. Challenge: survive.

    This is a multiplayer DM-only module that is designed to be customized for each session. The default setting is Trailsend, Damara in the Forgotten Realms; the DM can change this as desired.

    Trailsend is a trading crossroads. Your character can be from anywhere, have done anything. Permanent death. Bleeding rules in effect. Limited resting. Because of the scenario, this is for mature roleplayers only. Extensive DM notes included with the module, along with a player guide.

    Playtest credit goes to: Ocanthus, RedHerman, vanya mia, Smart Alec, and carlbobo

    DM 101 for NWN2

    (Score: 9.7 / Votes: 18)

    DM 101 is an entertaining self-teach module designed to give you all of the skills necessary to become a NWN2 Dungeon Master. While it is primarily designed to teach basic DM skills, including use of the DMFI Tools, even experienced DMs may learn a new trick or two.

    The accompanying documentation walks you through all the necessary steps to create a DM avatar and start the game with the DM client, so no previous experience is necessary.

    Download package includes the tutorial module, DMFI Tools hak, installation instructions, and module documentation.

    Brought to you by the DM-Friendly Initiative.

    Swords & Sorcery: NWN2 Edition

    (Score: N/A / Votes: 0)

    Swords & Sorcery is an old-school action/fantasy game, designed to be completed in a short, single play session and to be replayable. Players must make their way from the King’s Castle through the forest to rescue the kidnapped Princess from the Necromancer's Tower. They must then return her safely to the castle in order to receive their reward.

    A variety of random encounters are possible and the encounters scale by PC level, so the game will be at least somewhat different each time it is played.

    The module is designed for both single player and multiplayer, with additional and harder encounters featured in multiplayer as of version 1.1 (now available). Special features for DM'd play include full control over the encounters and NPCs provided with the game.

    The module download package includes separate player and DM guides. The DMFI Tools hak (available as a separate download on this page) is also required to play.

    See the player/DM guides for module credits and resource links, including prefabs and the original artwork by MLPeters.

    Suggested level range is now 6-12.

    Designer note: inspiration for this module was taken from the old "Swords and Sorcery" BASIC game.



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