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Custom Content Challenge 2020


An ongoing project for both new and experienced custom content makers, the Custom Content Challenge is a way for content makers to develop new and innovative content that can be used by module builders to enrich the game. A theme is selected each month by majority vote, and content is developed around that theme.

The Custom Content Challenge is geared towards making easy to use content for many sorts of modules. Beginners are encouraged to participate, and specific content creation questions are answered by the more experienced content makers. Custom content includes many different categories, such as 3D models, icons, scripts, sounds, and even prefab areas/items/NPCs.


Submissions should include ALL files necessary for the content to be working in game (e.g. mdl, pwk, wok, tga, dds files, etc.). Files should be compressed into a ZIP, RAR, or 7Z format archive and emailed to


When making a suggestion, include a title and a brief description/summary that would appear on the poll page and in each month’s thread if chosen. The description/summary should include a few brief examples of things that would fit the theme.

Here’s an example of how to format your suggestion (which, admittedly, has a lot of examples):

Why So Serious? : D&D is not always a game of serious topics and deadly combat. Sometimes things just end up a little bit (or a lot) absurd. This decade old game could use a few more things that are just plain silly or carefully considered D&D humor. A gazebo monster, or a door that looks like a large jar. A band of gnome pickpockets that steal footwear. An overly curious NPC that just follows PCs around until they leave the area. A jester that tells random jokes. A longsword model that looks like a Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment. A set of prefab books with humorous descriptions and titles. Apprentice-scribed spells scrolls that have unforeseen effects. A short quest that just ends up ridiculous halfway through before having a normal ending. A henchman that has a 25% chance on seeing any human (or elf, or dwarf, etc.) of voicing a crude insult about said being. Be creative!
{ Suggested By: The Amethyst Dragon }

Note: I will occasionally edit posts with notes and clean up discussion (remove some posts) to keep this thread easier to read.

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