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Creating Believable and Memorable NWN NPCs

While adventures in Neverwinter Nights (NWN) often feature combat and exploration, many times what makes them special are the personalities – friends, enemies, and others – we meet and interact with: the non-player characters (NPCs). 
This Neverwinter Connections PDF guide addresses both builder (NWN toolset) and Dungeon Master (DM client) methods of creating believable and memorable NPCs. The techniques described are ones designed to offer the best value for a relatively limited investment in time and effort. For those who are looking to go deeper into NPC-related subjects, there is an additional resource list included at the end of the guide.
Content list:
NWN Toolset Methods
Match an NPC’s name to their personality
Vary NPC models, clothing, and portraits
Use NPC descriptions to set them apart
Scripted conversations
Populating areas with commoners
DMing Methods
Technical Skills for Playing NPCs
Multiple NPCs participating in conversations
NPC conversation emotes
NPC graphical emotes
Group NPC control
NPCs going "off screen"
Transforming generic NPCs into special ones
Creative Skills for Making NPCs Seem Alive
NPCs are people too
NPCs have diverse personalities and histories
NPCs have different speech patterns
NPCs (and PCs) care about what happens to them
NPCs behave consistently
NPCs as Friends and Enemies
The Special Case of Godlike NPCs
Conclusion: Bringing Your World to Life


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