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Creating and naming in Aurora

After some struggle with creating and naming NPC's and monsters in Aurora, NWN Neverwinter Nights toolset I've decided to grumble onto some my personal deal with it. It's an easy and repeatable naming process for any creations, like f.e. areas, creatures and placeables. It does not guarantee duplicates however it's very likely that with this naming system You'll avoid creating duplicates for Tag and ResRef (from ResourceReference). 


First I create a new creature from the Creator thing and name it simply by "Kreator" + race + class + level and edit it's own name and Tag f.e. rp_ss_rptllnhmnd01 where "rp_" is my module name shortletters, "ss_" is "StworzenieSzkolenie" (from polish: "CreatureSchool" - Sorry, I'm not in possession of english game-version - it's this third type after NPC and Monster) and "rptllnhmnd01" is "race" stripped from vowels + class stripped from vowels and level in two-digit format. 


Next step I'm editing creature with unique feats, items, etc. and add an four-digit cipher at it's name start to better understand it's ChallengeRating in future module painting. In fact, our first creation name is now "0025 - Kreator, reptillion - humanoid 01". This time I edit it's own ResRef by strip the foreletters "rp_" to shorten it a bit. In fact Tag is unlimited while I believe ResRef is 16-bit. 

Another step is to put our creature in their proper line with other Monsters or NPC's. With that step I edit it's Tag and ResRef after the rename I make. It's usally means that I strip "Kreator" from my name and put in a faction line, like for example "0025 - Lizardfolk, reptilion - humanoid 01" and place it under "rp_ss_lzrdflkhmnd01" Tag and "ss_lzrdflkhm01" under Special category. 

Forestep is to put a creatur in it's own category, like for lizardfolk is Monster>Humanoid>Lizardfolks and once again edit Name, Tag and ResRef of this Creature. At this stage our folk Name is "0025 - Lizardfolk, green - humanoid 01", Tag "rp_cmhl_01", ResRef "cmhl_01". 

I've found out than stripping vowels is the way to go with naming and avoiding duplicates. It can make a little confusion at first but with large scale modules like mine 1-5 level character module (sic!) this apply for better creations editing and encouter level understanding. 

Now the difficulty is only to paint creatures by using custom spawn scripts or already incorporated encouters. 


Last step is strip the CR begin of Name and name creature "Blackscale lizardfolk". 

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