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Community Expansion Pack (CEP) Official Update

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The Community Expansion Pack (CEP) has been updated for Neverwinter Nights EE v8193.32.

CEP 2.x (Community Expansion Pack) | The Neverwinter Vault

Going forward, I (Pstemarie) - newest member of the CEP Team - will be maintaining CEP. The project page above is the "official" source for all CEP content, hosting both CEP 2 and the legacy CEP 1.

Over the next few weeks, I'll continue cosolidating "official" CEP content onto the CEP Main Project Page. As these projects are consolidated, their standalone pages will begin to disappear from the Vault. Users shouldn't have to scour the Vault looking for everything they need. This only applies to "official" CEP content, not to content made by individual authors to work with CEP.

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