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All-in-One Bioware File Formats

Bioware (edited by TarotRedhand)

In order to reduce the number of files in my library of NwN related stuff I have started to import them into a program called TreeDBNotes Free (current version 4.34). This has a lot advantages but also a couple of big disadvantages. The disadvantages are that it is Windows only and it is another program to download. The advantages are that I can open several documents at once with a single program and order the contents in a hierarchical structure. Not only that but the program can be installed to a usb memory drive to make it portable. Also there is a small (~1.5 meg) viewer program (portable) that is also free. I am telling you this because you will need one of these programs in order to read the .treeDB document presented here. 

So what is in this file? Just the Bioware File Format documents with minor editing. The content is ordered in what I consider a logical fashion. I had originally created this as part of a (currently stalled) project to gather all tutorials and known data relating to custom content creation into a single file. I am uploading this (which is effectively an appendix to the project mentioned before) in response to a request on the Bioboards.


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