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ABC Sponsors - Master List (2014)

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This is a master list of the current sponsors of custom content, and what content they are sponsoring, for the Adventure Building Challenge (see here for more information).


Custom Content Challenge (includes all CCC entries with functional haks rather than just source files):

August 2010: High Priestess' Chamber

September 2010: Pirates

October 2010: Commoners

November 2010: Ancient Civilizations

December 2010: Field War Hospital

Jan & Feb 2011: Head Decorations

March 2011: Statuary Garden

April 2011: Religious Items and Symbols

May 2011: A Little Love for the Little Guys

June 2011: Poor Folk

July 2011: Airships

August 2011: Planescape

September 2011: Creepy

October 2011: Demonic

November 2011: Underwater

December 2011: Winter

January 2012: Rogues

October 2012: Bazaar

December 2012: To the Winner Go the Spoils

June 2013: Oldschool

August 2013: Vikings, Celts and Norsemen

September 2013: Arcane Space Stuff

October 2013: Masters of the Wild/Let's Make Camp

November 2013: Doctor Who

December 2013: Dark Sun

January 2014: Chronicles of Krynn

February 2014: Gothic

April 2014: Orcs/Half-orcs

June 2014: Artifacts and Relics



Improved Creatures


Underdark Spidercaves

Generic Castle Interior

Ravencast Forest


Plush Hyena of Doom:


PHoD Stone Vaults

PHoD Obelisks and Pyramids

PHoD Female Stingers

PHoD Undead Animals


Project Q:

Project Q



Tileset Additions


Tarot Redhand:

Micro Maps v.2

TR's Arcane Circles

TR's Bottles

TR's Celtic Knots

TR's Crop Circles

TR's Runes

TR's Puddles

TR's Tribal Territory Marks



Mountains and More

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