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Wilderness: Book One - The Forest (Chapter Five - Additions) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-24 4 years 2 months ago

The busy streets of Tarnadon were as hectic as Tarok could ever remember. Compared to the solitude of the forest, this was uncomfortable and claustrophobic. Tarok held the purse tightly in his pocket, just to reassure himself. In the forest you had to worry about your very life, so money soon became of secondary importance. In Tarnadon, the chances of you being eaten alive on daily business were reassuringly rare, so other cares began to dominate. Whatever your situation, there was always something to worry about, no matter how petty it might have seemed to other folk. For Carek, this human preoccupation with material wealth seemed rather futile. For Tarok, the way in which the townsfolk worried about their jobs and their appearance seemed unnecessary and trite. It was all a question of relative worth.

The Misadventures of the Venerable Mister Pinker - Chapter Two Migrate Wizard 2015-09-24 4 years 2 months ago

The merchant cart rolled away down the horribly rutted, muddy road. Behind it the merchant left one very short person and two bizarre steeds. Their horses (for they appeared as the body of a horse) were made of iron, with scale mail covering their sides and plate mail making up their armored heads. They were beautifully crafted, complete with the visage of a true horse. However, instead of legs each had two wheels and instead of a tail they had what looked like miniature smokestacks that billowed black smoke. As they stood there, the air was filled with a reverberating roaring sound.

Wilderness: Book One - The Forest (Chapter Four - History Repeats) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-24 4 years 2 months ago

A bright shaft of early morning light shone in through a tiny circular window in the ceiling. It caught Carek's face, just a sudden sparkle, and then was gone. Carek sat up with a start, wiping his tired eyes. It took him a few moments to work out where he was, and then the events of the previous day began to flit through his mind. He relaxed, then slowly unwrapped himself from the tight, undersized blankets. Through the window a dozen tiny eyes were peering inwards. They shyly ducked out of view as Carek glanced in their direction, then slowly re-appeared to catch another glimpse. Carek crawled out of the narrow doorway and into the outside world. The sprite village was alive with activity, the level of which was excited as the tiny people ran to watch their giant visitor scramble slowly to his feet and survey the scene around him. He seemed even larger to them by the light of day.

Wilderness: Book One - The Forest (Chapter Thirteen - The Lost Monolith) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-25 4 years 2 months ago

The group's first real adventure was now almost upon them. Preparations began in earnest, and excitement grew as the four adventurers, like children eagerly awaiting birthday celebrations, wished away the remaining few hours. Tarok spent the day wisely, turning to stone the four corner posts in the hill fort. He also learnt a few new spells that would help the group on their imminent journey, and spent some time training Carek, who had become quite an apprentice over the past few days.

Wilderness: Book One - The Forest (Chapter Eight - A Shelter From the Night) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-25 4 years 2 months ago

The group listened intently while Tarok explained his plan. Carek was not yet convinced. What foolhardy strategy was this wizard proposing? He kept one eye on the hut, half expecting the ogres to storm out at any minute and charge him down, crushing him with their huge, murderous clubs. Carek thought back to that fateful night where he had hidden for hours, rolled up in the shadows as the ogres ran about just inches from his nose. Tarok, unaware of the true danger these creatures presented, spoke freely. He enjoyed being the tactician - it was the role that he always preferred when playing war games as a child.

Wilderness: Book One - The Forest (Chapter Twelve - Distant Signs) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-25 4 years 2 months ago

Carek parted the undergrowth confidently before him as he stepped carefully over the soft forest floor. The evening sun had dropped below the trees ahead, and its gentle warmth was fading fast. For the first time in many years, he didn't care that it was growing dark; the dancing shadows no longer worried him. He had a new confidence that seemed unwarranted, almost foolhardy. Wandering onwards, he boldly stepped out into a small clearing, in the centre of which stood a wooden fort surrounded by a crude, stagnant moat.

Wilderness: Book One - The Forest (Chapter Seven - Past Moments) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-24 4 years 2 months ago

Doragon collapsed to the ground, his heart pounding heavily. Fortunately, the creature's sharp claws had only just grazed his skin. Without his leather armour, the wound could have been much more serious. He turned to Tarok, and thanked his friend profusely. "One more swipe from that thing and I dare say I would have been in real trouble!" Tarok nodded. A compliment like that gave him a great sense of achievement inside. His magic was becoming truly useful now, and he knew that the group was beginning to depend upon it. All three friends were certainly impressed by Tarok's proficiency, and congratulated the wizard on a magnificent display.

Wilderness: Book One - The Forest (Chapter Eleven - Hidden Facets) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-25 4 years 2 months ago

Several days passed before work resumed on the moat. The almighty battle had reduced the three friends to their last drop of energy, and left them bruised and battered. For once, it was nice to have Tarok run errands for them. The wizard was grateful for the skilled defence of the fort his friends had managed to muster, and was only sorry that he had not been able to lend a hand. With a wizard on their side, the fight might have been won much more easily.

Wilderness: Book One - The Forest (Chapter Six - Strong Foundations) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-24 4 years 2 months ago

The four friends awoke somewhat reluctantly that morning, knowing that the construction of the fort could be delayed no further. Though it was exciting at last to be building a more permanent home amidst the trees, it was still a most daunting task. The whole project would take them at least a month of hard work and they all knew it. Preparations would have to begin immediately. The sooner they made a start the sooner they would be safe from the forest's deadly grasp.

Wilderness: Book One - The Forest (Chapter Fifteen - Life and Death) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-25 4 years 2 months ago

The ogre warriors charged onwards, clubs aloft. Carek and Athena rushed up the tower as fast as they could, tripping on the wooden steps as they frantically scrambled to reach the battlements. Carek was the first to reach the top, and launched a volley of arrows down towards the oncoming horde. All three missiles hit their targets but failed to slay any of the enormous creatures. The ogres just charged onwards, unperturbed by injuries that would surely have killed a human.

Wilderness: Book One - The Forest (Chapter Ten - The End Nears) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-25 4 years 2 months ago

Doragon returned to work after two tedious days of resting. He was fed up with being injured and wanted to be part of the action once more. Carek and Athena were busy making furniture, and Doragon decided to lend a hand. To a halfling, the kind of furniture you own says a great deal about you. Any man who valued his own comfort enough to buy luxurious, handcrafted tables was clearly someone who you could trust. Humans seemed to spend far too much time collecting vast wealth, and never spent it on a good armchair. What was the point of owning an entire kingdom if you couldn't sit back after a hard day's work and let your cares flow away with a glass of fine wine?

Wilderness: Book One - The Forest (Chapter Fourteen - A Hidden Legacy) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-25 4 years 2 months ago

Tarok summoned all his energies, feeling the mystical powers once more burning through his tired limbs. His friends were relying on him - he couldn't fail them. He prepared to cast another spell, catching a glimpse out of the corner of his eye as the orc sorcerer held out one of the skulls from around his neck, and focused his energy into it. The skull began to glow, the eyes burning bright red. Tarok realised just in time as a bolt of energy surged out of the skull towards him. He nimbly dived to one side as the beam of energy surged past his shoulder and struck the wall behind him with a cacophonous roar.

Wilderness: Book One - The Forest (Chapter Nine - The First Test) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-25 4 years 2 months ago

After the excitement of the previous night's celebration feast, none of the group particularly relished the thought of returning to the task before them. They now had a safe wall surrounding their forest home, but much remained to be done over the coming weeks. The tower was the next stage to be built, and it was certainly going to provide a great number of problems.

Wilderness: Book One - The Forest (Chapter Twenty-Two - The Elven Legacy) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-25 4 years 2 months ago

The jubilant celebration of the slaves was short lived, as the clatter of skeleton warriors grew ever louder outside the mining cavern. Back in the passage, the skeletons heard the rousing cheer and began to speed up to a jog. Carek could hear them coming, their bony feet crashing across the rocky passage floor. He called out to the slaves "As many of you as have strength, break from your chains and join the fight!"

Wilderness: Book One - The Forest (Chapter Seventeen - The Journey Begins) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-25 4 years 2 months ago

As suddenly as it had begun, the rainy season finally ended. Before long, the all-too-familiar thunderclouds had parted and the valley was treated once more to the gentle winter sun. The trees were still bare, leaving the forest sadly bleak and denuded. The bright spring growth would not appear for several weeks yet, once again restoring the trees to their true glory. This was the forest at its most vulnerable and fragile. The rains had caused much damage, but had also brought a great deal of silt along with the flooded river, enriching and fertilising the valley floor. Such was the cycle of life within the forest's cruel embrace. It gave life then took it away.

Wilderness: Book One - The Forest (Chapter Twenty-One - Into the Deep) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-25 4 years 2 months ago

The brave group of warriors proceeded carefully along the narrow mountain path, their weapons drawn and ready. Somewhere in the distance lay the entrance to Rakrath's caves, and within the depths of those dark caverns stood the foul necromancer himself, plotting the downfall of the dwarf empire and his own ascent to power.

Wilderness: Book One - The Forest (Chapter Sixteen - The Visitor) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-25 4 years 2 months ago

Two weeks had passed since the victory over the ogres. The remains of the beasts had been carried a safe distance from the fort and cremated in a substantial funeral pyre. The few damaged sections of the fort had been repaired, and the four valiant warriors were slowly healing from their painful struggle with death.

Wilderness: Book One - The Forest (Chapter Twenty-Five - A Welcome Explanation) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-25 4 years 2 months ago

All eyes were on Tarok as he stood forward, scarcely able to believe the events that he was about to retell. A nearby flight of steps helped to raise him above the crowd, who were now huddled together, eager to hear the story of their timely redemption. Tarok turned to face his audience. "Ladies and gentlemen, dwarfs, elves, halflings, I have the unparalleled pleasure of introducing to you the great elven mage, Eldoran!" There was an emphatic round of applause and cheering. Eldoran bowed graciously but remained silent, allowing Tarok to continue.

Wilderness: Book One - The Forest (Chapter Twenty - A Battle By Night) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-25 4 years 2 months ago

The battle cries of the dwarfs could be heard for many miles around as they poured out into the plains beyond the caves. Carek and Athena led their unit out of the great doors and into the dim moonlight. Over on the other side of the plains stood rank upon rank of skeletons and zombie warriors, marching steadily forwards, with the form of giant skeletons and giant zombies at the rear. The army was large, but Grom had expected worse. Looking around, he couldn't see the foul sorcerer anywhere. Had he deserted his forces to fight for him? It could have been a trap, but any sizeable reinforcements would have been spotted by the dwarven scouts. Grom knew that the moment to attack had arrived, and led the charge.

Wilderness: Book One - The Forest (Chapter Twenty-Four - Ancient Secrets) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-25 4 years 2 months ago

Tarok could hear the necromancer's footsteps as he paced across the room. Such an ill-conceived hiding place had clearly failed to confuse the powerful sorcerer. Tarok held his breath in an attempt to remain undetected, but Rakrath was far too intelligent to be fooled by such a puny novice. Tarok looked in horror as the cupboard in front of him was wrenched from the floor and hurled the aside, crashing across the room. Rakrath stood directly in front of the young wizard, his bright eyes blazing fiercely, a dark cloak covering most of his face. He stared at the frightened wizard, reaching forward a withered hand, palm upwards. Tarok scrambled to his feet, trying to avoid the necromancer's burning gaze. He could feel it piercing his mind, and penetrating right into his very heart.

Wilderness: Book One - The Forest (Chapter Nineteen - New Ally, New Foe) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-25 4 years 2 months ago

Doragon felt a great gust of wind sweep right past him, sending the flimsy bridge spinning and bucking like a thread in a gale. Holding on for dear life, he found himself thrown from side to side as the great black form of the storm dragon passed overhead, literally ten feet above. Doragon was in total panic, unable to hear the screams from his friends the other side of the bridge. His hands gripped tightly onto the thick rope, barely able to hold on. The winds slowly subsided, and he found himself dangling precariously from the rope, suspended over a precipitous drop below.

Wilderness: Book One - The Forest (Chapter Twenty-Three - A Baited Trap) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-25 4 years 2 months ago

For a few moments, the chamber fell silent. Nobody dared to speak in such a place, and the dwarfs began to make their way back up the steps into the library above. This was one of the greatest elven wizards the mountains had ever known, and his lifeless body lay before them, vulnerable and frail. Tarok stepped solemnly away from the great wizard and turned to his friends. The dwarfs bowed their heads in respect and took off their helmets, looking away from the scene and returning to their work above. "It's a sorry time, Tarok," began Randor, "we have come so close to the one man who might be able to help us and here he is, dead."

Wilderness: Book One - The Forest (Chapter Eighteen - The Perilous Mountains) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-25 4 years 2 months ago

The longer the group stayed in Lanwyn, the less they wanted to leave its comfortable walls, and venture northwards towards the seemingly impenetrable mountains beyond. Those dark grey peaks dominated the horizon, jutting awkwardly into the skyline behind the great lake of Thrynn. The rich waters of the lake supported the townsfolk with a plentiful supply of fish, as well as providing the easiest way to trade across to the elven settlements to the west, and the smaller farming communities to the north and east.

What Happened to the Beta? Migrate Wizard 2015-09-26 4 years 2 months ago

It was the night before Beta,
but the Gnomes had the Code.
They'd Stolen it from under,
Trent Oster's nose.

Wilderness: Book One - The Forest (Chapter Twenty-Six - Full Circle) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-25 4 years 2 months ago

For several days, the dwarven and elven cities resounded with a chorus of jubilant celebrations. Both communities had lived with the threat of attack for so long now that they found it difficult to accept that it was all over. There would be new enemies - that much was certain - but now the two allies could stand together against all perils that the mountains could throw at them.

First Stand Migrate Wizard 2015-09-26 4 years 2 months ago

From a hillock across the river Mirar, Kellan Truit peered at the growing army through his spyglass. The city of Luskan was emptying. He shook his head in dismay. There was very little his small force could do to slow down the Luskan onslaught. Fifty men would be brushed aside with no more thought than a dragon might give to a mosquito. Still, Lord Nasher's orders were clear: delay the Luskans for as long as possible, to give the Lords' Alliance time to gather its strength. At the very least, the river was unfordable and the ice-ridden coastline was too dangerous for Luskan ships, so the stone bridge across the Mirar was the only place that they would be able to cross Kellan offered his spyglass to his lieutenant, Ainar, but she shook her head.

Crusaders of Allishire - Chapter One (Part Two) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-26 4 years 2 months ago

The look of his face, the color of his hair, the red of his eyes were all more than enough to cause Ilana to cry and wish there was a way out of her predicament. If the Gods still existed, she would pray to them for help, but she knew she would not get any help from there. Even finding a Cleric was rare enough, much less an avenger of good, a Paladin. But Ilana knew her fate was decided now. She was to become a slave to this horrible, fat, disgusting man.

Horizons Migrate Wizard 2015-09-26 4 years 2 months ago

Dara struggled to pull herself up. She found the perfect place to climb on the western wall. The periapt was low enough and the masonry flawed enough for her to pull herself up. Her little hands searched for the cracks, thousand-year-old scars from the Siege of Aramis. She found them, recognizing the grainy surface of the thousand-year-old fissures. A smile crossed her face as she pulled herself up. As her head cleared the top of the periapt, a western breeze wrapped her face with a gentle greeting. With a last pull, Dara cleared the top of the periapt. She didn’t miss it. She let the scene fill her eyes; it’s majesty stirred in her, making her forget the climb and her aching muscles.

Crusaders of Allishire - Chapter One (Part One) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-26 4 years 2 months ago

Screams of anguish and fear come from inside a small house in the woods. A young girl sits in a corner in the basement of the small house. Hair tousled, tears running down her face, she cries out knowing no one can hear her. She knows not what to do except to sit there and cry. She looks across the room and stares blankly at the wall. Her tears drop down her face, dripping to her lap as she recalls the screams from before.

Omi the Shrimp Migrate Wizard 2015-09-26 4 years 2 months ago

Sit friends, and watch me spin tales of high adventure and glory. I’ve traversed the realms from the marbled palaces of Calimport, felt the wicked gravity of the Zhentil Keep, and lost myself in the winding menagerie of wonder and confusion that is Waterdeep. You might think it horses apples coming from one such as Omi the Shrimp, but I am half-brother to destiny, and, being kin, destiny thrusts the lives of some of the Faerun’s greatest hero into the stable of this humble bard.

The Hunt for Bodamil - Part One Migrate Wizard 2015-09-26 4 years 2 months ago

Long months of war had ravaged the small country. An oppressive regime led by an evil king had ruled for a generation, pillaging the country to support their own pleasures and provoking neighbouring states with acts of violence and thievery. A coalition of neighbouring states formed; banding together they invaded, routing the evil regime but leaving behind a land in tatters.

One Day's Work Migrate Wizard 2015-09-26 4 years 2 months ago

As the mist fades from the shore, Tiri-Nuan wakes to another day. The farm carts, awake for hours, slowly creak into the city like a small army of ants. Each cart pulled by an equally lethargic mule or horse. The chill of the sea slowly dissolves with the mist as the day-globe warms the morning with a golden light. As the day grows, the shrill sound of the crier wakes the town, and as with every day, the lone voice takes up the chant of Bula, which marks the beginning of the morning business. All this is so commonplace, that Thorn barely notices it. She has more important thing to do today than to notice the music of the chant or the bustling of the market. Today someone will die.

Decisions Migrate Wizard 2015-09-25 4 years 2 months ago

Zenyth Bloodstone looked at the smoldering remains of the rural tavern. Watching the thick gray smoke rise to the overcast heavens, the shrouded drow wondered how things could have gone so wrong, so quickly. The recent turbulent events rattled inside his hooded head.

A Neverwinter Nights Fantasy - Chapter Four Migrate Wizard 2015-09-26 4 years 2 months ago

The adventurers, confronted by a quartet of bad-tempered goblins, leapt immediately to the attack.

Margos was the first to strike, stabbing the first in the side before it could even draw its weapon. The goblin crumpled with a strangled cry. The paladin used his momentum to cleave into a second, but that creature had better luck than its comrade, dodging out of the way of the thrust.

Escape Migrate Wizard 2015-09-26 4 years 2 months ago

The lock is old and rusted from the dank air that fills my hole in this god-forsaken dungeon. The cell is barely five feet long and as only as much again wide. The floor is hard and cold and all I have to sleep on is a rude wooden pallet with a threadbare blanket well chewed by the rats that visit me at night to nibble my toes and fingers. I cannot stretch out when sleeping. There just isn't enough room. In any case I need to curl into a ball to keep my extremities in close and as much as possible away from the rats.

A Neverwinter Nights Fantasy - Chapter Three Migrate Wizard 2015-09-26 4 years 2 months ago

The brave adventurers faced their first adversaries, a group of eight skeletons.

Vanguarde did not hesitate, the barbarian leaping forward with another inarticulate warcry. With a mighty two-handed swing he slammed his waraxe into the body of the leading skeleton, shattering its body into a thousand pieces.

In the Footsteps of A Hero Migrate Wizard 2015-09-26 4 years 2 months ago

As always I follow, one step behind.

Along dusty road, through field, over mountain, down valley I carry the gear that he cannot carry. Tirelessly I carry his plunder, the wealth from his latest adventure. Some gold pieces and a few gems. A rune encrusted war hammer and a jet-black shield with an unholy design. Gear for the camp and food and water for him and for me.

A Neverwinter Nights Fantasy - Chapter Two Migrate Wizard 2015-09-26 4 years 2 months ago

The journey to the caves passed so quickly that it seemed almost instantaneous. One moment they were leaving the inn in Neverwinter, and the next they were facing the knobby basalt mounds that made up the foothills of the Crags, the rough line of mountains that bisected Neverwinter Wood. A thick belt of trees ran along the horizon all around them, but directly ahead of them lay a ravine with a

Waiting for Winter Migrate Wizard 2015-09-26 4 years 2 months ago

Corso wandered wearily back to his lodgings. It had been another very disappointing day. "Still waiting", he thought.

It had been a find all right, a once in a lifetime discovery that could have made him rich beyond his wildest dreams. But Corso was a Paladin of Helm from the old school and he believed that all of his earnings belonged to his God and His church. Luckily, in this instance the church had seen fit to honour his request for a new blade to replace the one he had broken off in the chest of the leader of a band of half-orcs and orcs that had been threatening the local farms and outlying villages as well as travellers coming up from Waterdeep.

A Neverwinter Nights Fantasy - Chapter One Migrate Wizard 2015-09-26 4 years 2 months ago


With Neverwinter Nights finally going gold, and the prospect of months of CRPG goodness ahead, I was inspired to scribble a little homage-slash-parody inspired by the prospect of playing 3e (or at least a reasonable facsimile of it :)) online. This story is intended as part adventure, part comedy, part parody, so please don't take it too seriously. It milks some blatant stereotypes about RP gamers and computer gamers, but in what is (hopefully) a benign and light-hearted way.

Deja-Vu Migrate Wizard 2015-09-26 4 years 2 months ago

Sham's brow furrowed in thought. There it was again. That damned door. Surely he had passed this way before? Many times. He took a deep breath and, with his leather armour creaking, settled himself down in front of the door. He placed his long-sword on the ground next to his right hand and fumbled in one of his pouches for the lock-picks and tools that he would need to open the lock on the door.

The Protector - Chapter One (Peace) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-26 4 years 2 months ago

A shadowy figure rested easily in the perch of an old oak tree listening to the soft and fading winter wind as it rustled the leaves around him. Sethison held a special place in his heart for the forest edge of Silverwood along the banks of the river Rauvin. He was at peace with an evening such as this only a half-days travel away from his home in Silverymoon. It was here in the wilderness surrounding the river where he could still find peace from the everyday bustle. He gazed down on the pale reflections of Selune off the rivers casual drifting surface. Content to fight the chill and watch the beautiful moon rise high into the night, Seth leaned back against the trunk of the great oak finding solace in its strength. His thoughts drifted as he thanked this old companion for such a great view. As if in response, the winds swirled up through the large branches, sending subtle vibrations through the oak and into Seth's relaxed body. It was here that Sethison Alandar, not only enjoyed the tranquility of the world around him, but also accepted his first assignment as a Protector of Silverymoon and its surroundings. He could not think of a better place to be assigned patrols and for him, this night, it seemed more a privilege than an assignment. Seth relived the recent memory of his acceptance into Silverymoon's Protectors Guild, a proud day indeed, for him and his parents, when he completed his training and education at the University of Silverymoon. A wry smile crossed his lips as he recalled the embrace of his father seeing him off for his first month of duty.

A Tale by the Fireside Migrate Wizard 2015-09-26 4 years 2 months ago

'There was an army of undead beneath that monstrous tomb.'

Kereen merely rolled her eyes and swallowed deeply from her mug as her partner, Salorn, told the tale of their conquest that he was calling 'The tomb of Evil'. Easing back in her chair, she thought of the day's events rolling them through her mind. They had entered the mound that morning, and in the musty tomb, stumbled across several zombies. The gash in her thigh from the encounter still pulsed, as the healing potion she'd had got to work on the flesh wound.

Last Days of Arabel Migrate Wizard 2015-09-28 4 years 2 months ago

� �Displace by echelon!� 1st section fall back!�� Screaming and smoke had made my voice hoarse. Instead of a command voice I had a mix of a roar and squeak.� The NCO�s were passing the word and I watched 1st section, what was left of 1st section, fall back.� I turned to follow their progress; they were already throwing furniture out of the tavern and building barricades.� The company 1st Sgt gave me a brief thumbs up from far enough away that I caught only the faintest hint of a smile from his soot-grimed face.

Silly Adventurers (Part One) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-26 4 years 2 months ago

My friends and I have only just started playing ad&d after I became addicted to Neverwinter nights. In total we have had 1 and a half adventures (part way thru adventure 2) and are playing with simplified rules, but already some pretty stupid things have happened.

The Messenger (Chapter Three) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-28 4 years 2 months ago

We were not too far from the gutte folks of Nuestead when I became aware of him. He was woodwise, patient, and very quiet. But not for nothing am I NFR. I was not worried; Old Boy was near and in no way distressed, and I just knew I had nothing to fear. Finally tired of the quiet pacing I turned to the rhododendron on the switchback above and behind me and said, "So, how goes it today friend?" I paused in my hike to look directly at where he was.

The Saga of Bellona, Priestess of Pwyll - Initiation (Chapter One) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-26 4 years 2 months ago

She had never felt closer to Pwyll than at this moment. As she stood with her blue robe draped over her body, she looked up into the eyes of her master. The huge statue that depicted her god towered above her, looking down at her in his infinite wisdom. In her heart she vowed to always do as her god wished of her. Her vision was blurred as tears began to stream down her face, and the high priest handed her her newly bound book, the one she would never part with, the book of Pwyll's will.

The Messenger - Chapter Two Migrate Wizard 2015-09-26 4 years 2 months ago

I found over the next few days the Old Boy had a mind of his own. He might pace me, so that I saw him ten times in a day; just as like I might not see him for a day. Having a companion of some sorts was a boon to me, because I was sure fire miserable on the trail. The burn on my arm hurt so much, and chafed under my pack and clothes that there were times I felt like crying; 'course, there was no one to see me loose my cool, and no one to feel sorry for me. But it sure hurt, and as the day grew hot in the middle, I would sweat like pig, and the salt sweat was like hot pitch where my burn had cracked.

The Saga of Bellona, Priestess of Pwyll - Evil in Kolyen (Chapter Two) Migrate Wizard 2015-09-26 4 years 2 months ago

Two days had passed since the initiation. Bellona was on the way back to her bedchamber when she noticed two of her fellows with their heads together. They were whispering furiously, but paused as she approached. Not willing to intrude, she forced back her curiosity and returned to the small room that contained her bed. She was preparing for an hour of meditation when a knock came to her door. A note was slipped under her door, and the messenger continued down the corridor, knocking on the next door in turn. Looking at the slip of paper, Bellona saw that it was a calling to a mass gathering of her fellows. Hurrying to the main temple, she saw many of the clerics gathered already. The bishop himself was there, speaking to several other people of high rank in the temple. She whispered to one of her comrades, "What is going on?" The woman only shrugged. Bellona remained silent then, waiting to find out what was happening. Soon the bishop stood to speak. All became quiet.

The Messenger - Chapter One Migrate Wizard 2015-09-26 4 years 2 months ago

The gorge spread out before me; a deep cleft, pine covered, with a falling stream down the center of the cut. To the right side was a decent trail, but I could see where the spring had uncovered slides and tree falls. There would be at least three places where I would either have to climb over thick tree tangles of fallen pines, or try and slide into the draw.