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Yathol's Revenge #1

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Yathol's Revenge

Yathol was hunting in the woods, looking for the bastard thieves who had attacked the farms outside of his village. He knew they had to be somewhere in these woods, he'd seen them come in here from his vantage point in the trees yesterday evening. They'd been moving quickly, trying to get into the woods, where they could lose their tracks, or at least lay enough false trails to hide up and disappear. “Bastards”, Yathol muttered again. In their last raid, his cousin had tried to resist them, fight back. No one else did, and he was beaten severely, enough that the local medicine man wasn't sure if the cousin would even be able to work for a living. Some life that would be, in pain day in and day out.

Yathol had dragged everyone in the village into that farm where his cousin had been beaten, showing them just what had happened. It had stiffened their spines, at least enough to send to the local magistrate to get some troops sent here. Yathol knew that wouldn't matter. The thieves would have contacts, some way of knowing the troops were coming, and even if they didn't, they'd just flee into the wilds, hiding until the troops left and then coming back when they had gone. No, the way to get them was what Yathol was doing, sliding into the woods after them, using his skills as a hunter to track them down and kill them. They weren't going to escape after what they did to his cousin.

Yathol was widely acknowledged as the best hunter in the area, but no one knew just what made him so good. He hunted with both a bow and light throwing spears for the stronger animals, and was renowned for his ability to hit targets at ranges that others would fall short of. Yathol had never admitted it to anyone, but he'd been partially trained as a mage in the element of air. He'd been found by a Air Mage in search of new talent, and his feisty behaviour, hunting skills and strong build had him marked for combat training. Never really was cut out for the discipline and the military life, and after about two years of training, he'd returned home, explaining it as spending time in the city. He still kept practising though, and often spent several days out in the woods hunting and perfecting little applications of Air, building his skill and stamina.

Now he was putting all that skill and stamina to the test, tracking down the thieves who had brutalized his cousin and stolen from his friends and family. He'd followed them from the last place they'd raided into the countryside, and then into the trees. Now, he was tracking them into the woods, looking for their camp. He'd been following their trail for a couple hours now, either they were really worried about someone chasing them and leaving a convoluted trail, or they were hidden deep in the woods.

Yathol paused, and reached out through the air, sending out tendrils to relay sounds to his ears, searching for the sounds of a human encampment. Ah... there they were, or at least someone that sounded like them. Yathol focused all his attention on that one strand, listening as he began walking slowly towards the camp. “Hah, there was even that poor fool who tried to fight back. Those spineless cowards around him just stood and looked while we beat him. He'll never do that again, and they'll be too scared to try and fight back now. Worked out well for us now.” Rage suffused Yathol as he heard those words, knowing they were talking about his cousin. He'd mark that one, the speaker, and make sure he paid for it long and slow. Not just yet though. First, he had to make sure he knew who it was, and what their camp looked like.


Yathol's Revenge #1 © Stratovarius

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