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Wilderness: Book One - The Forest (Chapter Eight - A Shelter From the Night)

Colin Frayn
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The group listened intently while Tarok explained his plan. Carek was not yet convinced. What foolhardy strategy was this wizard proposing? He kept one eye on the hut, half expecting the ogres to storm out at any minute and charge him down, crushing him with their huge, murderous clubs. Carek thought back to that fateful night where he had hidden for hours, rolled up in the shadows as the ogres ran about just inches from his nose. Tarok, unaware of the true danger these creatures presented, spoke freely. He enjoyed being the tactician - it was the role that he always preferred when playing war games as a child.

"The only way we can win this fight is if we catch the ogres off-guard," he began. Carek didn't like to admit it, but the ogres were simply too strong to fight on fair terms. He was certainly not averse to trying to even out the odds. "That's not going to be easy," continued Tarok, "though we do have one thing in our favour." He gestured towards the occupied hut. "As long as they remain inside there, then there is only one exit, which is through the front door. If we can force them to leave the hut one at a time then the numbers will be on our side once more."

Carek was intrigued. Did this wizard have a plan that could finally deliver the ogres to their deserved end?He asked his friend to elaborate. "And how exactly will we do that?"

Tarok had everything figured out, as ever. "We need as many factors on our side as we can possibly get." He paused for a moment, remembering his younger days. This strategy always worked without fail. In his experience, when there was plenty of time then the best-prepared side would always win. At least that was what used to happen when he was a child. It also helped that Tarok used to play on the same side as Billy Greenwood. Billy was a giant of a boy, towering over all the other 8-year olds. He was one of Tarok's first friends at school, more out of necessity than genuine sentiment.

Tarok continued with his plan, "I suggest we wait until dark, then flush the ogres out of the hut and into the courtyard. If they run out one at a time then we can first weaken them with arrows, and then attack them with swords and spears. Ogres don't have particularly good night-vision, so Carek at least will have an extra advantage. We should make sure that we let our eyes adapt to the dark before we attack. The ogres have a fire lit inside, so they won't be able to see a thing for at least a couple of minutes."

Tarok also thought of a few other magical spells to help them along. He had a couple of new ones in mind. Some of the recent incantations that he had been learning were extremely exciting, though he had not tested them yet. It was a risk that he would take only if necessary. However, Tarok had not yet reached the best part of the plan - how did he intend to flush the ogres out of the huts and into the open? "What we need to achieve," he continued, "is complete confusion and panic. They're all huddled inside around their fire, so I propose we remove that for one thing."

The other three frowned. This was beginning to sound like wishful thinking, a more than common trait of the young wizard. Carek was growing impatient with his friend's ramblings, and asked him directly. "Tarok, tell us what you suggest or I'll just charge in now!"

Tarok grinned, "I could cast a spell to create water directly above the fire and extinguish it. Hopefully the scalding steam produced will force the ogres out of the hut, and we can attack them while they're still surprised."

"A great idea!" proclaimed Doragon. It was better than anything that he'd come up with himself.

Athena agreed, "I certainly don't think we have a chance in a straight fight. We're equal in number, but they are far stronger."

The rest of Tarok's plan was just details. Carek was convinced that the wizard's idea would work; it was far too complicated to fail! Besides, Tarok seemed to radiate this uncanny aura of confidence. The same aura had caused him to enter the eastern forest in the first place, and had kept him safe for five whole days. This attack was going to require immaculate precision, and more than a little bit of luck. A smile crossed Carek's face. Revenge at last. He felt an emotion that he had not experienced for quite some time: Confidence. Tarok's words had rallied the group and installed a great deal of courage in their hearts. Carek remembered watching his father hunt dangerous boars without even the slightest concern. It was the same feeling.

They crept round the edge of the forest and took turns to keep a watch on the huts. The ogres wandered around aimlessly inside, and Carek could hear them conversing in their crude, monosyllabic language. This was the first time that most of the group had actually seen ogres, except for Carek of course. Carek remembered the sounds they made and the stench of their filthy bodies. He remembered the enormous, muscular arms and the tattered animal hides that they wore for clothing. Tarok caught the occasional glimpse of one of the creatures through the hut windows, and felt a great relief that he was going to be standing well away from those beasts and others would be doing the fighting. He was not a coward; it was a perfectly understandable sentiment. They were all afraid.

After a few hours, one of the creatures stepped outside to gather some more firewood. The group had been hiding in the undergrowth for too long now, but this beast served to remind them why they were waiting until dark. It was enormous, and had some difficulty squeezing through the elf-sized doorway. Tarok gasped as the lumbering creature staggered around the clearing, eventually dragging back a couple of branches from the edge of the forest. The wizard's heart was pounding so loudly that he felt sure the ogres could have heard it. Carek's stories had not done these creatures justice. They were fearsome indeed, with frighteningly strong arms that Tarok guessed could easily crush a human without a second thought. This one was unarmed, though the creatures probably had clubs and spears with them somewhere. Even Athena, who had fought many battles before, felt the adrenalin and fear swelling within. Her heart was heavy with the worries of an imminent struggle with death.

Despite her great courage, Athena was beginning to wonder whether the four novice adventurers would be able to defeat such a powerful group of creatures. She had never fought anything so terrifying before, and she was not the only one. She had underestimated Carek's tenacity, however. The half-elf would not flee from this battle, nor would he show the creatures any mercy. The power of his hatred for the ogres was immense; His heart burned with the fury that had been building up ever since his parents' death. Carek would willingly die before letting those murderers remain in the huts for one more night.

An hour after nightfall, Carek called on his three friends to advance, and they made their way slowly towards the centre of the clearing. Athena and Tarok went to hide in the shadows by the second hut, and Carek and Doragon crept over towards the ogres. Doragon stretched out a section of wire in front of the door frame to trip up the first of the unsuspecting beasts. Carek took a deep breath, checked that his friends were all prepared, then nodded to Tarok to begin the spell. This was the last chance they all had to opt out and rethink their plan. As soon as Tarok cast his spell then the ogres would pour from the hut in a blind rage. At that point, their fates would be in the lap of the gods. Tarok began to wave his hands around in the air in front of him, forming the magical energies required for the spell. Their four lives now lay on a knife edge, only seconds away from gruesome death or glorious victory.

The power surged into Tarok's body, coursing through his veins like liquid fire. He chanted softly as the energy accumulated within his arms and chest. The pain became stronger as the magic strained his mortal body. Carek took a quick glance inside the hut to make sure that the ogres had not heard the commotion. Fortunately, the foul creatures were still conversing loudly amongst themselves. As Tarok's pain was turning into agony, he felt that he could not draw any more power, and prepared to release the surge of energy towards its intended target. He raised his hands, and pointed towards the hut. In an instant, his body was emptied of the mystical power, which formed with a flash into several gallons of water in mid-air above the ogres' fire. The water poured down onto the burning logs, extinguishing the fire with a fearsome roar, which sent clouds of scalding hot steam rising up into the air amidst the startled beasts. There was a great commotion, followed by general panic, just as planned. Carek and Doragon heard the yelling from inside, smiled at each other and readied themselves for the attack. The moment was finally upon them.

The hut door burst open with a tremendous force, and the first ogre ran out together with a great cloud of steam. It ran straight into the trip wire with its muscular legs, and stumbled into the clearing. Athena shot a crossbow bolt, which whistled past the creature's head, and struck one of the nearby trees with a thud. She couldn't aim too well in the dark, especially now that the fire was gone. Tarok saw the problem and summoned a pale yellow glow to surround the creature and illuminate it for his friends. This was the first time that he had used this spell on a creature this large, and it worked exactly as planned. His practising had taken quite a heavy toll on the self-respect of the forest's (usually less luminous) squirrel community.

The ogre frantically tried to extinguish the glow, but to no avail. It roared in frustration, waving its hands about and searching for the source of the attack. It could just pick out some movement over towards the second hut. Athena's armour gave her away, but she was no longer afraid.

Tarok began to chant some more ancient words, and his own body began to glow. Once more, he channelled the energy required for the magical dart spell. Previously he had only managed to summon enough energy for two of the missiles. He tried his best to summon some more, but the water spell had taxed him too heavily, and the pain was too much. He focused the power instead into two darts, which appeared over his palm, as before. He released the energy, and both darts shot off with a flash, striking the ogre in the chest and knocking it back a step. Once more, the pain in Tarok's blood suddenly subsided and the wizard collapsed to the floor, weakly climbing to his feet a few moments later. He dared not think what all this magic was doing to his body, and tales of wizards meeting very sudden deaths from overuse of their magical powers were all too clear in his mind.

Athena had managed to reload her crossbow, and could now see the ogre, illuminated by Tarok's magic. She quickly loosed a quarrel at the beast, hitting it squarely in the chest. Doragon rushed over as the ogre reeled from the attack, and plunged his short sword into the creature's back just as an arrow from Carek's bow struck it in the chest. The huge beast staggered around for a few moments, and eventually fell down with a loud thud, roaring in pain. Doragon rushed over to the huts, ready to fight the next of the creatures. His blade may not have looked as deadly as Athena's, but it was razor sharp and capable of slicing into even the toughest of flesh.

By now another ogre had rushed out of the hut, followed by a third. Fortunately, this time Carek was ready, and attacked the first with his spear. The ogre hacked away at thin air, desperately trying to strike his assailant, but to no avail. Carek's eyes were used to the dark, and he could see perfectly well. The ogre had been staring at a fire for too long, and had also been drinking ale with his meal; Carek could smell it on the creature's dank breath. Carek attacked his foe with increased ferocity, knowing that the ogre's eyes would soon adapt to the darkness. Carek however was fired up with the smell of victory and the ogre stood no chance. Blow after painful blow struck the giant creature, which eventually fell down onto the floor with a thud, Doragon's serrated dagger lodged firmly in its back. Carek followed through with his spear as the beast stumbled to the muddy forest ground.

The third ogre ran straight past Carek and Doragon, and out towards the main part of the clearing. The halfling thought quickly, and held out his sword to attack the fleeing creature, slicing its leg. As it stumbled, Tarok took out a flask of lamp oil from his sack, and lit it with a quick magical incantation, and a click of his fingers. He hurled the flask at the ogre, which landed on the creature's shoulder and, much to the wizard's delight, engulfed the helpless beast with flames.

Athena stepped forward and sliced the creature's side with her sword, narrowly dodging a wild swing from the ogre's muscular fists. She kept fighting, but the ogre was still struggling to extinguish the burning oil, and could not defend itself. An arrow from Carek's bow struck the ogre in the abdomen, drawing howls of agony. Athena managed to dodge past the creature's defences and delivered a fatal blow through its muscular chest. It took all her strength to pierce the ogre's hide, yelling with fury as the glistening blade struck home. Adrenalin surged through her body as she turned to face the last of the enemy.

The fourth and final ogre ran out of the hut, the fire that had engulfed his dead companion still burning brightly. The clearing was now well lit by the conflagration, and this ogre carefully surveyed the scene before him. These four puny creatures had slaughtered his friends, and they were going to pay for it. The ogre roared with anger, then charged towards Carek, club aloft. Doragon stepped back as the ferocious beast approached with an angry battle cry. Athena ran over to assist, but Carek gestured her to wait. This was to be his fight, and his alone. Athena called out, "Carek, don't be foolish! You're not strong enough! Let us help!"

Carek shook his head. "Let's see, shall we?" He grabbed his spear tightly as the ogre approached. He sized up his opponent. The ogre was at least eight feet tall, and must have weighed five hundred pounds. The massive club was almost six feet long, shaped from a solid tree trunk. Carek doubted that he could even lift the weapon, let alone wield it.

The creature lunged at Carek with a reach that the young half-elf had somewhat underestimated. The vicious blow struck him squarely on the shoulder and sent him crashing to the floor. Carek scrambled to his feet, and stepped backwards, his arm throbbing with pain. This was a beast of awesome strength. For a moment, a brief glimpse of fear caught the half-elf's mind, but it was immediately displaced by his great fury. Carek dodged out of the way of another crushing blow and then swiped at the ogre's leg, piercing the creature's shin. Carek looked around, checking his surroundings. The ogre pounced again, sweeping Carek off his feet, and sending him crashing painfully to the floor. A sharp pain shot up his right leg, and Carek rolled out of the way just in time as another powerful strike smashed into the ground beside him, the shock of the blow resounding throughout the clearing. Carek's spear thrust sliced the ogre's side, drawing a trickle of thick, dark blood. That feeling of fear returned, and this time the half-elf's fury was overruled by his wisdom. He could not win this fight, and he knew it.

Carek called to Athena to approach. Tarok readied another set of magic darts and Doragon drew his short sword in anticipation. Carek lunged, but missed. Whilst the beast was off guard, Athena attacked from the side, wounding it deeply. Tarok let the missiles go, and both struck home, true as ever. The wizard's strength was waning, and he would not be able to continue much longer. He knew that Carek was injured, but fortunately Athena still looked strong. The ogre gave a spine-chilling cry, and swiped at Athena, but missed as she dived expertly to one side. Carek seized the opportunity, and lunged at the creature's hand, sending its heavy club flying out of its grasp as the spear's blade dug deep into the ogre's tough flesh.

As Carek watched, a look of pain and anger covered the ogre's face once more. Stupid though it was, it knew when it was outnumbered. This one was strong, probably stronger than the rest, but knew that the odds were stacked against it. The fearsome beast stood its ground as the three fighters closed in, then charged at Doragon, who just managed to dive out of the way in time. The ogre fled clumsily into the trees, leaving the bodies of his three comrades behind. Carek drew his bow and sent a shot whistling through the air. The arrow thudded into the ogre's back with unnerving accuracy, but the creature ran on into the darkness. Carek stood up and summoned the last of his strength, charging towards the trees, spear aloft.

Tarok called over to him, "Carek! Let him go! You won't catch a beast that size!" Carek ran towards the edge of the clearing, calling out a yell of victory. He turned to his comrades with a deep, satisfied smile. "Hopefully the message will get back to this creature's clan that we're now very much armed and dangerous." He held up his spear and yelled out again, this time in elven. "Blood for blood! Life for life! We have not finished with you yet; we have only just begun!"

Carek staggered back into the clearing, his bruises beginning to get the better of him. As the commotion of the battle ended, the forest was suddenly silent again. Silent, that was, until the elated cheering of the four party members rung out amidst the trees, their first major victory well and truly won. Tarok's plan had worked perfectly. There would be other fights, but the first blood was theirs!

As morning came the following day, the four friends woke up after a long and well-earned sleep. A feeling of great satisfaction filled their spirits that day, which went some way to alleviating the discomfort of a myriad of painful cuts and bruises. Carek was more pleased than the others were as he had finally seen justice dispensed towards the evil ogre tribe. He knew that the beasts that they had killed were only wandering nomads, but nonetheless they were certainly formidable foes. The group had risked a lot that night, but through their courage, and some ingenious planning, they had emerged victorious.

The bodies of the three dead ogres were dragged out of the clearing well away from the huts, so that they didn't attract rats or scavengers. Carek and Athena dug a large hole and, with considerable effort, managed to roll the bodies into it. The creatures were so huge that this task alone took most of the rest of that day. They filled the makeshift grave back up with soil, and triumphantly stamped down the top layer, covering it with a sprinkling of leaves. The ogre threat, for the moment, had been removed.

Carek feared that there was a large group of ogres living nearby. The forest spanned for eighty miles either way, and over thirty miles back to the village. Carek knew this, and had realised long ago that it would take him years to cover it all on his own. A few years after his parents' death he had gone exploring on the vain hope that he would discover the source of the ogre raid, but had found nothing. Quite what he thought he could achieve he didn't know, though the scouting would certainly prove useful in the years to come. Even with the support of the other three members of the group, it would still take far longer to search the forest than they could afford to spend. For now, it was not a viable option.

Difficult as it was to accept, Carek knew that their only hope was just to build up the fort as quickly as possible, and then wait for the ogres to return. Given sufficient time the group could prepare well, but it was impossible to predict when that day would arrive

Although there was not a lot he could have done to prevent it, Carek feared that the survivor from last night's battle would soon reach the rest of his friends, and tell them of what had happened. Whilst it was entirely possible that they would then leave the fort alone, not risking another defeat, it was also possible that they would send an even larger force back, determined not to be outdone by a small group of resilient humanoids. In addition, the story of the battle would almost certainly be exaggerated out of all proportion by the survivor in order to retain at least some of his dignity. Carek could just imagine it - stories of a legion of elite human soldiers with spears, bows and long swords. The image would have been quite comical if it were not so frightening.

Carek soon put thoughts of a counter attack to the back of his mind, and set about finishing off the fort, concentrating on the outside walls first so that they had some good defences ready to see off any would-be attackers. Next, they would finish the tower, so that they could fire on the enemy from above with bows. Finally, the huts, rooms and furnishings would be rebuilt, allowing enough space for the four friends to sleep comfortably under cover. It would certainly be an impressive feat, but there was a lot of work to be done yet.

They knew that the work on the walls could be finished in a little over a week. This was the most important part, and they would have to work almost incessantly to get this finished as quickly as possible. The tower would take at least a further two weeks of work, and then the furnishings and inside fittings would be finished maybe two weeks after that. It was a truly daunting schedule, but they knew that by the time it was over, they would have not only a strong, impenetrable fortress, but also a welcome refuge that they could call home amidst the dark, perilous surroundings of the eastern forest.

Over the next few days, Carek went off hunting with Athena several times. She wanted to learn how to use her crossbow, and Carek was the ideal teacher. Her aim was improving, and she soon learnt to reload the bolts much faster than before. Their hunting trips were successful, providing the group with a steady stream of food. Carek also caught a number of fish in the nearby stream, which made several fabulous meals together with Tarok's selection of local mushrooms and herbs. They had already planted the potatoes that they bought during their last visit to Tarnadon, but these would not be ready for quite some time yet. However, in a few months they would certainly provide a very welcome complement. By then Tarok's culinary skills would have improved too, they hoped.

By nightfall a few days after the fight with the ogres, the work for that day had finished, and they sat around a campfire eating a delicious meal of roast boar with green herbs and mushroom soup. Carek was always a little weary of Tarok's herbs because so many of the forest plants looked so similar, but some were nourishing whereas others were deadly. Tarok seemed to know what he was doing, but one never could be too sure. However, the meal was unusually delicious, and the four friends ate well after a gruelling day's labour.

They discussed many things that night, but the most important was Tarok's magic. He had decided to spend more time learning spells over the coming weeks, and less time working on the fort. It was a difficult decision, but the whole group agreed that he would be far better occupied that way. They were more than happy for the wizard to continue his studies and build up his magical repertoire.

Tarok felt a great load lifting off his shoulders now that he could continue his studies unhindered. He was worried that the group would see him as idle or weak for avoiding physical work, but little did they appreciate just how physically demanding spell casting could be. Tarok had not yet managed to find enough time to read his new books, and he felt that he would learn a lot from them. There were several very interesting new spells that he had seen after flicking briefly through one of them, and the possibilities were truly fantastic. The magical darts had proven quite effective, but with some training, he could create many more of them. He had to tune his body so that he could draw on more magical power without suffering so much pain. If he could learn to draw just a little more magical energy into his body then he would have access to a whole host of new spells that could cause significantly more damage to a creature the size of an ogre. Tarok was most interested to try out some of those. He was like a child once more, spying a new toy in a shop window and knowing that he would have to work hard to earn such a wonderful reward. Now he was a wizard, not a boy, but he knew that this particular reward would be more than worth the effort.

After dinner, they all talked about the fort and the help it would offer them in defeating the ogres. The most pressing problem at that time was the supply of food. Carek wanted to make sure that he didn't hunt too much in one single section of forest. He remembered the time before the ogres came when his parents would keep a few livestock around the village, and carefully tended gardens provided all sorts of vegetables and fruit. He didn't know much about farming, but Tarok suggested planting a small vegetable garden inside the fort walls. He could grow root vegetables for eating, and could grow herbs for his spells and Carek's potions. Tarok set aside a small area for the enclosure and decided to dig it over the following day. After that, he could collect some leaf litter from the forest, and work it in to improve the soil.

Another topic to discuss was the height of the tower. They wanted to build it high enough to be of use as a safe vantage point, but not so high that it would be unstable. Athena suggested having three floors with arrow slits in each wall, plus battlements at the top. She knew a bit about military buildings from her childhood, but ultimately left the decision to Tarok and Doragon, who knew a great deal more. The suggestion sounded wise, though they would have to consider it carefully before any solid plans were made.

The work progressed steadily over the next few days, and Tarok managed to plant his herb and vegetable garden just as he had planned. He then went back to his studies and spent most of the days in his hut, reading and laboriously copying up new spells into his book. Occasionally the group would watch him leave his hut and disappear into the forest. Sometimes they would see a flash of bright light piercing through the trees. Often this was followed by a loud bang, or more usually by an even louder yell of pain. Learning magic without a teacher was much more fun and productive, but it was certainly more dangerous as Tarok was beginning to discover. Rarely a day passed when the wizard would not develop some new kind of injury. After the first few times, the rest of the group decided not to mention it any more.

By the time the main perimeter wall was finished, Tarok had learnt another nine spells, and felt that he was beginning to channel the power much more efficiently through his body. Included in his expanded repertoire was a pyrotechnics spell, which drew on energy from an existing fire and sent sparks and flashes up into the air. He thought that this would be ideal to celebrate the finishing of the first stage of the fort. They could have a small feast, then another when the tower was finished, and one final much larger one when the huts and furnishings were completed in several weeks' time. These incentives helped them greatly at times when their motivation was beginning to wane through so many days of hard, tiring work.

It was now ten days after the four adventurers had arrived back and fought the ogres. They were not delayed too much by Tarok's decision to study instead of help with the building of the wall, and they were all quite glad that their wizard friend was becoming more powerful. He was certainly a versatile character. Tarok was useful in attacking, and defending against the ogres. He could also perform many tricks to amuse his friends, and to help them heal after a battle. In short, he was the perfect companion on any adventure, and one whom they were all glad to have along. In a few years' time, he would truly become a powerful mage. Tarok was certainly not the only one excited by his rapid improvements.

The final task that remained before the wall was completed was the gate. It had to be sturdy enough to repel any likely ogre invasion for as long as possible, but not so heavy that it was impossible to open. Tarok drew out the plans, and then supervised the construction. The gate was to be made out of six-inch thick planks of wood, strongly bound together and studded with metal spikes. It had a large wooden bar to keep it securely shut, and could only be opened by someone from the inside pulling the bar up in a certain way. Tarok also pointed out that he could use his levitation spell to lift the bar from the outside if everyone left on a trip. That meant that no one would have to stay behind to open the gate for them when they went off hunting together.

Once complete, the gate was quite an impressive piece of workmanship, and it took all four of them to hoist it into position over the hinges. Tarok had fixed these to the support posts either side, using nails scavenged from the remains of Carek's rusty collection of tools. As the last of the heavy bolts dropped securely into place, a tired but contented smile covered Tarok's face, and he was soon joined by the rest of the group. Carek triumphantly shut the doors, and lowered the solid wooden bar onto its supports. He turned to his companions, and spoke in a relieved, but enthusiastic voice, "My friends, we are finally safe!" A great cheer rose up from the group; Carek's was loudest of all.

The feast started at dusk. Carek caught two pheasants in the woods, and Tarok roasted them over a roaring fire. When night came and all was dark, the four friends sat around the dancing flames, and ate a most delicious meal. As soon as the feast was well underway, Tarok stepped to one side and began his display. He started chanting the words to a new spell in a particularly theatrical manner. The fire glimmered for a while, and then the flames began to leap into the air like darts, fading for a second, and then falling back onto the red-hot embers in a bright flash of light. The smoke began to change colour to a bright orange and sparks jumped out several feet above the heads of the startled onlookers. Carek, Doragon and Athena looked on in amazement as the display continued, getting steadily more and more impressive. Deep reds and crimsons turned into bursts of yellow and green, brightly illuminating the whole fort. Leaping fingers of blue and white stretched upwards towards the sky before vanishing with a hiss of magic. Eventually the flames died down and Tarok received a well deserved round of applause.

The wizard's act was not yet completed. Tarok once again stood back from his three friends and concentrated hard. After a few moments, there was a bright glow emanating from his hands, which gradually formed itself into a small yellow globe, surrounded by shimmering white light. Tarok hurled the globe high in the air, and used his levitation spell to hold it there and raise it higher. When the globe had reached about forty feet in the air, Tarok told everyone to cover their eyes and he conjured up another one of his magic darts. It shot through the air and hit the globe, which shattered in a bright flash of light. The glistening fragments fell down to earth, sparkling in the firelight, and then fading away completely.

Carek, Doragon and Athena applauded louder than ever, and then sat down to finish their delicious meal. Tarok promised that he would learn something even more spectacular for the finishing of the tower, and save the best until last when the whole fort was completed. Everyone was looking forward to that day greatly, for then they would finally be safe against the ogres and the wild animals of the forest night.


WILDERNESS : Book 1 - The Forest Chapter 8 - A Shelter from the Night © Colin Frayn

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