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When Dwarves Stood Tall

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As the days turn to dusk,

The city watch patrol the streets,

Camp fires lit to ward off the night,

And the dragons count their gold,

Strange tale be told,

In inn and tavern around the land,

That of what was whence,

When the dwarves stood tall!

In the mines and catacombs,

An evil did steal the earth,

An insidious fungus,

That infested many man.

Even the elves,

So fair and impervi'al,

Soon fell under,

This curse of avarice.

Soon the chaos roamed the land,

Snatching at all that breathed,

In the land of man,

And he watched on.

Those that found beauty in the stone,

The riches that the land held,

Stood against this tide,

Shoulder to shoulder they stood strong.

A dwarf's love of the anvil,

The hot fires of the smelter,

Working the ores into metals,

Gold's value was it's beauty alone.

This saved the sons of Moradin,

They fought together,

Side-by-side in the underdark,

Shed blood to defend the land.

A war was waged,

And a war was won,

The demon lord defeated,

But the fungus lives on.

Forever watchful,

Beaten but not defeated,

Waiting to unfurl it's evil plan,

To infect the heart of man.

So tales by the fireside,

Warn of the woes,

Should greed become commonplace,

And infest the land.

When dwarves stood tall © MurlynLAN

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