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What Happened to the Beta?

Michael Bushby a.k.a. Garlaxel
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It was the night before Beta,

but the Gnomes had the Code.

They'd Stolen it from under,

Trent Oster's nose.

The Bio team had looked,

they looked left and right.

Offered Food and money,

but they'd vanished in the night.

They released the Bio Badgers,

to flush the Gnomes right out.

Even the QA Ninja,

was lurking round about.

Jay posted on the bulletin boards,

"Please bring back what you took".

"If you do it nice and quickly,

I promise Trent wont throw the book".

After three days frantic searching,

and praying with lots of hymns.

All they had to show for it,

was a huge pile of badger skins.

Trent was in an uproar,

Greg and Ray had em by the neck.

But then he had a bright idea,

He thought hey,what the heck.

Those Gnomes have got the beta,

but hey it cant be sold.

Right here, we got the real thing,

so damn it lets go gold.


What Happened to the Beta? © Michael Bushby a.k.a. Garlaxel

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