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War of the Dragons - Prologue

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(The world of Lantar is one of mighty Dragons, Elves, Dwarves and Humans, though others may exist in parts that have not been explored. The principle god worshipped openly on Lantar is the Dragon-God Bahuman, though his rival The Dragon of the Shadows is worshipped by some who desire great power, though they do not always know it is him that they truly worship.)

You walk though the door of the great Temple of Bahuman, gaping in astonishment at the vast spaces that you find within. Dragons of all sizes are here, some in worship of Bahuman, others studying the inscriptions on the walls of the temple; others still are leading pilgrims from far away around, showing them wonderous things.

You walk in farther, and a light copper colored dragon flutters over to you. <Unlike most of your fellow humans, you are here to see Her>. The voice in your head tinkles like copper chimes in your head and you realize that the dragon is speaking to you. "Yes", you say to the dragon. "I have come a long way to do so, but I understand if she is unable to do so at this time." The dragon cocks its head and you hear its voice in your head again, <She knew you would arrive on this very day and has set aside the time to see you>. "Very well; it would not do to keep Her waiting, as I know She has many others to tend to." You follow the dragon to a side hall, at the end of which is a raised platform. As you approach, the dragon settles to the ground and walks beside you. <She cares a great deal for you, you know>. "I do; sometimes I wish I did not have the responsiblities that I have, so I could spend more time learning from Her". Now that you are closer, you see a human female standing next to the throne; despite her youthful appearance, you know she is far older than the 14 years that everyone sees. As you approach, she steps down and you notice her skin and eyes. They are the most striking example of what she has become; the aspect of the Dragon known as the Dragon Queen. "<Welcome home, my grandson. How have you faired in the time that has passed since last we spoke?>" Again you wonder whether you are hearing her voice with your ears or in your head; in the end, you decide not to wonder any longer. She smiles and leads you up to the throne; perhaps this visit she will finally tell you how she came to be who she is now.

"<I still wonder sometimes if all this is a dream, you know>", she says as she sits down and looks at you. "Then I look at you and know that there is no way it can be".

Her voice trails off and you wonder for a moment if she is all right. Then you hear her voice in your head.

<I'm sorry; I can't make up my mind about which way to share this with you, so this might feel a little strange.> She reaches out and touches you on the back of the neck and suddenly all your senses go crazy and you black out from the sudden shock.

War of the Dragons Prologue © ladydesire

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