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Valen Accidently in Love

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Ten years, ten years since it all happened. Ten years since the pain and heartache that was, and is still. Valen looked out at the sea from the small stone wall in the docks of Waterdeep. Part of him wanted to believe she did love him in some sort of way, but he knew it was only fools’ talk. Lavina banished the great arch devil, and saved the world from a great evil, only because she wanted the fame, not just to save the world from some great evil. After that with Valen’s true name she bound him to her will. The horrid nightmares of that were about to flood out from the subconscious of his mind when he heard his name being called out.

“Valen! There you are, quickly you need to get back to the drow quarter of the city! The girl the seer saw in her dreams is here!” Imloth cried. Valen scowled last time someone from the seer’s dreams appeared he spent the next twelve years of his life as someone’s slave. Valen stood and pushed the painful memories back, and headed back to the drow quarter, not even waiting for Imloth, he just wanted to get this over with. Imloth ran to meet up with Valen and was having a hard time keeping up with his strides.

“Valen I know what you are thinking, but please try to keep your feelings in check, when I left to find you the girl was very distressed and scared. And from what we learned, she is from a place where there are no elves, dwarves, goblins, hell spawn, or children of angels that walk among them. In fact there are only humans where she is from. So we all are a shock to her, even you will.”

Valen stopped in his tracks, and turned to face the drow.

“Just where in the hells is she from?” Valen asked a hint of annoyance in his voice.

“We…we do not know she passed out before we could ask.”

Valen shook his head and let out a sigh and continued walking, how in the nine hells was this girl going to be of use to anyone if she seemed so weak? And what did the seer and Imloth want him to do hide his tail and horns? Or maybe not talk and just nod at her. The more he thought about it the angrier he got. Imloth didn’t say much the whole way there, just gave Valen looks of worry, worry that Valen just might miss treat this new found ally.

When they reached the drow quarter they were greeted by two guards.

“Commander Imloth and Master Valen it is good you have returned. The seer sent us out here to wait for you.” One of the guards said.

“Tell me is she awake? Did Phaeleal and Nymiir give us any more information on her?” Imloth asked.

“No captain she is still asleep, but yes mistress Phaeleal and master Nymiir did give us some new insight of her homeland. They are with the seer and Nathyrra right now; we will take you to them.”

The guard’s lead the men into a small room were the seer and Nathyrra were sitting talking with Phaeleal and Nymiir. The seer looked up to see Valen and Imloth.

“Ahh there you two are.” She nodded and the guards took their leave.

“Where is the weakling of a hero?” Valen asked immediately after the guards were out of the room.

“Valen!” Nathyrra said in a harsh whisper. The Seer held up her hand to stop Nathyrra from continuing, her face grim from Valens cold words. She pointed to an open door. Valen walked into the door way and saw the small figure sleeping in the bed. Her long wavy hair covered most of her face and the sheets were pulled all the way up. The way the covers cling to her it was easy to see she was small in size, she was either a small human or an elf of some sort….then it hit Valen like a ton of bricks she had to be human because Imloth said that was the only race that existed where she was from. He crept closer and tried to gently brush the hair from her face. Valen gasped and stepped back, a feeling rushed over, it was electric, and he hadn’t felt something like it in so long it was almost alien to him. He was taken aback by it. She looked so young, so innocent, he could feel the innocence radiating off of her, it was calming…soothing in fact. He had felt a moment of peace, before his bitterness took over.

Melissa awoke to voices in the other room; she could hear they were fighting about her. Slowly the memories of everything that had happened in the last few days came flooding back into her mind. Phaeleal and Nymiir had become her closest friends. She had been teleported to a world that she thought was only a fantasy. She looked around the room to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. She crawled out of bed and slowly walked around, she felt a bit weak still. Her attention was brought to the door when she heard her name.

“She is our grand protector?!” Valen cried “She isn’t even from this plane of existence!”

“Valen…I know you might have some pre justice about her because-“the Seer started to say.

“THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS!” He yelled his eyes flashing a dull red. Melissa almost fell over from fear, what the hell was he? Was that a real tiefling? He seemed to be extremely angry and not too pleased with her.

“Besides how old is she? She looks like she can’t be any older then a thirteen year old girl?”

“I get that a lot, I am actually twenty two.” Her voice was so quiet and soft. It was nothing like what he had heard before, he slowly turned to the voice. There she stood, her long dark brown hair hugging the sides of her face, her deep green eyes bore into him with a sense of urgency. Her skin was smooth and pale. Another thing he couldn’t help but notice was the pleasant curves of her body. She was only in a over sized shirt, it barely covered her. Valen blushed and turned away. Melissa’s eyes grew wide as she realized her lack of clothing. She yelped and closed the door. The door re opened and Melissa had a pair of jeans on now as well. Everyone looked at her funny but Phaeleal and Nymiir.

“Oh those of the jeans I got you! The sexy ones as Nymiir called em.”

Melissa nodded.

“Sorry about that I completely forgot I was not fully clothed please forgive me.”

“It is alright my lady, from what I hear you are under a lot of stress. Please forgive me for not noticing right away.” Valens voice was soft and gentle. The look on the Seer’s and Nathyrra was that of surprise. Imloth still had a dumbfound look on his face. Well Valen was running hot and cold.

“You mean you didn’t notice? And here I thought you were just enjoying the view” Phaeleal said teasingly. Melissa and Valen both turned a deep red. Nymiir and Phaeleal burst into laughter.

“I..I…would not be so rude!” Valen finally said. After some of the embarrassment wore off Valen looked over at Melissa his eyes widened.

“My lady as to what I said earlier I am not sure what you heard…”

“Do not worry, I don’t blame you, in fact I agree with you…I don’t know what makes you all think I am this great protector of sorts, I am really no one special.”

The redness returned to his face, her voice was just… cute! He couldn’t help but be a different person around her, despite his bitterness.

“Don’t say that Missy!” Phaeleal said “You are someone vary special, you are going to help us establish our lives out here on the surface, the Seer saw this in her visions.”

Melissa sighed “how many times do I have to tell you, not to call me Missy? It’s damn annoying.”

“Umm Lady Melissa, may I ask what are those you are wearing…those jeans?” Imloth asked pointing at her blue jeans.

“Well…they are jeans.” Melissa paused trying to think of a good way to explain the fabric to him, her head still spinning around all this.

“Come let us all sit down and talk, Melissa can explain her homeland to us and we can explain this one better to her, and possibly give her some insight as to who she is.” The Seer said before Melissa could continue. When everyone was done talking and explaining worlds and what not, only the Seer, Phaeleal and Nymiir could hold their resolve properly.

“That is some place you come from my lady, and I am amazed…our would was a ‘game’ to you?” Valen asked.

“Yes isn’t that funny, that means someone else a long time ago must have broken through the vale and found this plane!” Nymiir said with a smile on his face. He noticed the whole time Melissa was talking Valen was fixed on her, as if he was in a trance. Her every word hung on him, like if she was singing a love song.

Melissa giggled “It would seem we all need to wrap our heads around this, not just me anymore.” Everyone in the room let out a chuckle.

Sister did you notice it?

Notice what?

The way Valen looks at her, he can barely control himself, it’s like he is going through wanting to rip her apart or take to bed

Haha! Yes I did notice that…hey…wanna make him blush even more?

“I know what would help you relax and get settled in!” Phaeleal said interrupting the Seer and Melissa.

“Oh?” Melissa said tilting her head to the side.

“Yes a nice long bath.” Melissa humored the idea in her head for a minute; a nice long bath would be relaxing at the very least.

“That sounds like a great idea!” Melissa said clapping her hands together. Phaeleal smiled inside when she saw Valen turn a little red.

“Well you might need someone to go with you and make sure you are ok and keep you safe, people are after you, and mostly to keep other drow away in case they would mean you harm.” Nymiir said in a sly voice that was hinting at he was getting ready to say something that he found amusing.

“And Valen will be great for that” he finished. Valen turned redder then a tomato and so did Melissa. He stumbled over his words before saying.

“Wha-What? Me?”

Valen accidently in love © Amondra

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