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Trekka and Miniko - Father and Son

Jason Anderson
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The Chosen One is Decided

"My mistress. Mistress Tiamat?" Asked the lizard-man to the massive five headed dragon before him. "I have decided on the next chosen one." She said with her massive heads looking down at the lizard-man. Tiamat turned her head to the side and saw a black robed figure leaning against a large rock as if he had nothing better to do. "Ah, Darksol. I didn't exspect you to be here. What brings you?" She asked. The man stood up straight and looked at her. "Well, I heard you were choosing your next mortal follower. So I decided to come over and find out the name of this new servant of yours, Tiamat." With an expression of surprise Tiamat replied. "What an honor to have the one and only Darksol Yin Balkoth care to hear of my next chosen one." Darksol walked next to the lizard-man and looked him up and down, "Hmph!" and continued to listen to Tiamat. "As I said before, I have chosen the one who shall aid me greatly once again." The lizard-man began to speak. "May we know the name of this new chosen?" Asked the inquisitive lizard. "Yes, I will grace you with his name. The name that he would be known as is..." She seemed to think about it for a moment and then finshed. "Ah! His name would be Trekka Valsio Savallie." Before daparting, Darksol made one last reply. "Well, I'll be sure to try and find this Trekka and attemp to recruit him to my side." With that Darksol turned around his robe twisting around in the speed of the turn and he walked off into the distance. "Thank you my mistress for your time." Said the lizard-man before he too departed. "Trekka. Maybe someday we'll meet." She thought.

Chapter One:

Trekka Valsio Savallie, The Chosen One

"Trekka, breakfast time!" Yelled Trekka's mother from downstairs. Trekka was still sleeping though. Dreaming. Dreaming something weird. In the dream Trekka was all grown up and standing next to him was a dark robed man bearing a scyth in his hands. "It's time we taught them a lesson, Trekka. Show them the power of Dalkerian!" Yelled out the man standing next to Trekka. Then everything went away and in a flash of black and white, Trekka awoke in his room. Remembering his mother's call he heard earlier, he decided to go downstairs to have breakfast with his family. "Finally your awake Trekka. Why I swear, sometimes you sleep like a rock!" Proclaimed his mom as he came down the stairs rubbing the tiredness from his eyes. His mom went into the kitchen and brought out some eggs and bread. "Enjoy." She said as she handed a plate to Trekka, one to Trekka's brother who had come down a little earlier, and one for Trekka's father who looked as hungry as a dragon! After they had breakfast, the four of them went outside where they saw a large, strong looking man wearing black armor and accompanied by five others. He pointed at the four Savallie's. "You four must be the Savallie's. It's time I finally had some fun." Said the man with an evil smile appearing on his face. "What the heck do you want." Asked Trekka's father. "First of all, I ask the questions, secondly I want to end your pathetic little lives!" He said with an ever growing smile on his face that just beckoned evil. The dark figure pulled out his massive longsword. "Like it? It will be the ending tool of your lives." Siad the dark and evil man as he aproached the family. "You, don't you hurt mom! Don't you dare hurt her!" Yelled Trekka with tears starting to fall to the ground. "So, the little welp decides to speak up. No matter. Soon you will all be dead. Yes you will...what?" The man seemed shocked. He also seemed to stare behind Trekka. So Trekka turned to see a dark figure wielding a scyth, just like in his dream. The man stared down at Trekka. "You must be, um, who are you?" Asked the dark evil figure. "I-I'm, Trekka." "Trekka!?" The man stepped back. But he then looked at the other dark mad with the massive sword in his hands. "You, your Galverg. Pathetic mortal. You will burn!" With that the mysterious man with the scyth charged at Galverg who seemed surprised at all this. "What are you?" The scyth almost hitting the man stopped. "I am Darksol Yin Balkoth, reaper of souls." Without another word, Darksol swung his scyth and cut the man's arm. "Ah!" "Hurts doesn't it? Good, It's suppoesed to hurt. Then with a masterful swing of his weapon Darksol slicen the man's head right off his shoulders! "Hmph!" He turned to the stunned and scared Savallie's. "Everything's fine. For now." The Savallie's stared at each other in astonishment.

Chapter Two:

Darksol Yin Balkoth, Reaper of Souls

"I am Darksol Yin Balkoth, reaper of souls." Said Darksol as he walked up to Trekka. "You, boy. You are Trekka, eh?" Trekka nodded. "Good. I've been looking for you then. I, well we, have a problem that needs solving." "What kind of problem? Asked Trekka's father as he stepped over to Darksol. "Well, you see, I need some serios power to help me." He paused for a moment looking at Trekka. "I need your son." "Trekka? Why?" Asked Trekka's father as he put one arm around Trekka. "He is..." Darksol stared off into space. Then he resumed. "He is the chosen one. Chosen so by the goddess of evil dragonkind, Tiamat." "The chosen one? What do you mean Trekka is the chosen one?" Darksol gave off a sigh. "I don't have time for this! He needs to be trained in the art of the sword so that he can defend himself. After all how do you exspect him save others if he can't even save his own hide!" Darksol stared at Trekka who was now backing up slowly. "Trekka, the chosen one. Trekka, you must train hard for the day when I return." "Return?" Asked Trekka. "Yes, return. I'll be coming back here to recruit you to my side. But that's all in do time. I believeI'll be coming back here in..." Darksol ponddered this for a while then resumed. "About 26 years from now." "26 years?" Asked Trekka. "Yes, you need time to become a mster swordsman and I believe 26 years is long enough. I hope." I'll be going now. Trekka, train hard, very hard for when I return thing's will become quite dangerous. For all of us. See ya." With that Darksol waved his hand and in a flash of blackness he was gone. "Whoa." Said Trekka, quite amazed at that ability of Darksol's. "26 years. 26 years. Well, I guess I better start training." Trekka said to his brother and parent's. For years Trekka trained long and hard. Then the day came when Darksol returned and Trekka's world was turned upside down.

Chapter Three:

Emperor Jagand, Ruler of D'hera

The D'heran captain walked over to his lord and bowed. "My lord, I have something important to tell you." "Yes?" "It's about that Darksol guy. Apparently he has a new ally that goes by the name of Trekka Valsio Savallie." "Trekka? Well, good work captain. Now get back to your men." "Yes sir." With those words said, the captain left the room. Jagund thought to himself. "So, Darksol's got a new pet to play around with. Trekka, you will die if you interfere with D'hera!" Jagund just sat there thinking all this over.

"Trekkaq, it's time we left for Dalkerian. Said Darksol after he appeared in a flash of blackness. "Well, I'm ready to go Darksol." "Good, now this is kind of akward." "Why Darksol? Asked Trekka. "Well, we have be physicly touching to teleport together. Now don't get all wierd. Because I'll put you down for that kind of stuff." "Alright." Trekka said in a kind of wierded out way. Trekka put his hand on Darksol's shoulder and in a flash they were standing in the middle of large, circular room. "Well, we're here." Said Darksol who immediatly headed for the nearby thrown chair and sat down. Trekka could smell terrible odors. Undescribable odors of death and suffering. "Like what I did with the place?" "It smells like death." Said Trekka in a digusted way. "Good, it's supposed to smell like death. After all it is death. Death is all around us. We might aswell embrace it." "Um, sure Darksol." Said Trekka as he tried to cover his nose. Darksol just sat there, silently.

"Mage, call in Sesk Vurr. Maybe she will know what to do next." Said emperor Jagund to the mage in front of him. The mage began to say a couple words and then began to speak with his eyes closed. "Sesk Vurr, his majesty wishes an audience with you." Another voice chimed after a couple seconds. "Sesk Vurr here. I shall see our emperor right away." "Thank you, Sesk Vurr." With that the mage opened his eyes again. "Good, she might be able to help us with this Trekka. Said Jagund in a distastful way. "You are dismissed mage. "Good bye sire." With that the mage turned and left the room. Jagund had to wait only one or two minutes before he saw Sesk Vurr enter the room. "Sir." She said with a bow. "I believe I may be able to help you in whatever you need." "I need you to find more about a man by the name of Trekka Valsio Savallie. He's working for Darksol." "Darksol has a new recruit then. I think I can help you." "Excellent." Said Jagund, sounding very pleased.

Chapter Four:

Miniko Savallie, Son of Trekka

"Hey, Darksol." "Yes?" "Did I ever tell you I had a son?" Darksol stood up from his throne chair. "A son? Since when? "Since I met this beutiful women." Trekka began to fantasise about her as he talked. "She had the whitest hair you've seen. She wields a staff like no other. She's great at kissing. Among other wonderful things." "Wow. So Trekka, you'r in love. I presume you two did more than I should really know. You know to have a son. Right? "Yep." Said Trekka proudly. "My son want's to be a fighter like his dad. They are so cute when they are young." Said Trekka. "Shut up! You'r making me sick. All this love. Sickening, sickening I tell you!" "That's what you think. I think differently." "Fine." With that Darksol sat back down in his throne chair. "So, where is this women and son of yours?" Asked Darksol. "Well, they are back at home. I believe they were in the meadows. But they knew I was leaving. I bet they are not going to get nearly as much of an adventure as I might get." I believe you'r right about that, Trekka." Replied Darksol still sitting down. "Ah, I almost forgot to intreduce my daughter, Chaos." "You have a daughter?" Asked Trekka. "Yes I do." Answered Darksol.

"This is fun mom! Those butterflies don't stand a chance against us!" "No they don't." Miniko and his mother whose name is Miyumi, are playing in the meadows that are near their village. "Hey, mom?" "Yes son? "Whose that weird girl sitting all alone?" What weird girl? "There." Miniko pointed to a little girl sitting on the edge of the meadow. "Let's go talk to her." Miniko ran over to the girl. "Hi. My name's Miniko Savallie. Nice to meet you." Miyumi was only a bit behind. The girl looked up at Miniko. "Nice? I don't know that word. Not the true meaning. Lies and mean are all I know." The girld didn't even move her head as she talked. "Okay." Said Miniko in a little freaked out way. "Wanna be friends?" The girl looked up at him her eyes filled with tears. "I-I, no one has ever asked to be my friend before." "Why not?" Miniko asked feeling sad for the girl. She stood up and stared at him. He noticed she wore a hat. "How abou you take that hat off so I can see your hair. If it's anything like you, it's got to be beutiful." "I can't. You'll, you'll know my terrible secret." "Don't be silly." Miniko reached over and took off her hat. "Ah!" Miniko fell backwards as he saw two horns stiking out from her head. She talked again. "That's why." Miniko got back up. "What's your name?" He asked. "It's, it's Nuroshi." "Oh, I'm also very sorry." "Why? You did nothing wrong." "I'm sorry because now I have to..." "Have to what?" He asked. "Kill you." "Wh-what?!" He began backing up until he backed up into Miyumi who was very surprised to see a little girl with horns on her head. "Prepare to be killed by a Diclonius." All this time Nuroshi kept walking closer to them as they backed up.

Chapter Five:

The Mysterious Natari

"Stand back you, you, thing!" Miyumi yelled standing in front of Miniko. Miyumi pulled out her staff that she had on her back and aimed it at Nuroshi. "I'll fight you if I have to." Said the shaking Miyumi. "Ha! Like you could possibly stand against me! I would take you out so fast. So what if I'm only ten years old, it matters not." A mysterious voice came through the wind. "You shall not harm these two. I am a Natari (a Natari is a cat person that looks exactly like a person but with a cat body) samurai and I won't allow you to hurt them." Then, as if from nowhere, a person landed in front of Nuroshi. "You are only a little girl?" He said and turned to Miniko and Miyumi. "How could a little girl hurt you two?" Said the Natari samurai laughing a bit. Then the Natari was suddenly thrown through the air and landed far off in another part of the meadow. "Pitiful, utterly pitiful. Now for you two." Said Nuroshi after watching the Natari and then looking back at the other two. "Now to end this, what! No, your not supposed to be here!" Suddenly Nuroshi turned around and flew off with her unusual powers. Then as if from nowhere a woman with horns on her head telling she is also a Diclonius appeared. "Where did that little whelp go?" She looked at the still scared Miniko and Miyumi. She also eyed the Natari. "Hmm. I've got to find her. Oh, I believe I have a message for you two. You are the Savallies right?" She asked them. "Ye-yes." Said Miyumi. "Good, my mistress the great Seck Vurr, and lord Jagund wish Trekka a nice and painful death, as do I." "You worm!" Yelled Miyumi at the Diclonius. "See ya." With that the other Diclonius began to fly away too, but first she turned around. "By the way, my name is Elfen Lied." She turned and flew off.

"She is tracking another Diclonius, my lord." Said Seck Vurr to emperor Jagund in the throne room after he called her in. "Another one? Interesting." Said Jagund. "Yes very, but we must find and take out Trekka, he is a threat to all of us." Said Sesk Vurr to Jagund. Kaito, would you come in here?" Asked emperor Jagund after taking out a small green crystal. "Yes, my lord." Kaito replied. After a couple minutes a large Draconic man entered the room. He kneeled infront of Jagund. "My lord, general Kaito Morisato at your service as usual." "Good, I like to hear that. Now, I have a mission for you. There is a man named Trekka Valsio Savallie. I want him defeated one way or another. You got that?" "Of course, my lord." Answered Kaito. Kaito stood up. "All who stand against D'heran shall be crushed under our feet. The gauntlet of power echoes throughout these lands." "Yes, the Jagund family has ruled D'hera for hundreds of years and I will not have it end here." Said emperor Jagund. "Trekka, prepare to be crushed, you Dalkerian menace!" Said Jagund angrily.

Chapter Six:

The Power Within, The Child of Trekka

"She could have killed you, mom. And me." Said Miniko looking up at his mom as she had her hands on his shoulders. "I know. But it's alright now." She said looking down to him. "No, it's not. I need to protect you. Like dad. I must-" "Get rest." Miyumi said. "Maybe your right. I wonder how dad's doing." "Hopefully better than us." She said with a smile. Then Miyumi remembered the Natari and turned to where he was. "Oh! I'm sorry." He looked at her. "For what? Fogeting about me because you and your son could have been killed? Nonsense." He walked over to them. "Are you going to be okay?" She asked him. "Yeah. Just a little bruise here and there. More of a surprise then it did hurt." "That's good." Miyumi said to him.

"Trekka, this is my daughter, Chaos." Darksol said as a girl wearing all red entered the room. She looked at Trekka. "So, you must be the chosen one. My father has talked alot about recruiting the chosen one to our side as you probably know already." She seemed to examine Trekka. "And I hope he does recruit you." "Um, I've already got a girl back at home." Trekka said, even though Darksol was sitting right there. Chaos seemed surprised. "Oh. Well then. Yeah." She sat down into the thrown chair next to Darksol's. "Anyways, Trekka, I've got a mission for you." "What kind of mission?" "Well, I want you to go to an abandonded temple." "May I ask why?" "Well, there's something that you may find interesting. You see, someone actually lives there, and you'd be surprise by who it is." "You know who it is?" Trekka asked surprised. "Yes." Answered Darksol. "Um, alright I'll go." "Ready?" Asked Darksol. "Yes." Replied Trekka. With that, Darksol waved his hand and in a flash of blackness Trekka was gone from sight.

Miniko punched at the air. "What are you doing?" Asked the Natari almost laughing. "I'm training" Answered Miniko. "For what?" "To be a better fighter. I have to get strong to protect mom." "Your so young. You shouldn't be trying to fight just yet." Said the Natari. "But how else I'm am supposed to protect mom?" "I can handle myself quite well, Miniko." Miyumi said. "Miniko suddenly stopped what he was doing. "What is it, Miniko?" Asked the Natari. "I feel something bad is about to happen." "To who or what?" Asked Miyumi. "To dad." Miniko looked at Miyumi and the Natari.

Chapter Seven:

The Mysterious Temple, the General of Doom

Trekka appeared in front of a huge mountain. It looked as if the temple was built after someone or something took out the side of the mountain. A couple rocks and pebbles fell to the ground followed by small amounts of dust. "This doen't look that safe." Trekka said to the Darksol orb. "It's fine. Go in." Darksol said. "Fine." Trekka put away the Darksol orb and slowly entered the ancient, massive temple. Trekka saw many over turned columns that once held up the wall. Then after awhile of searching the massive temple, Trekka started to think about leaving. Then he heard something. It sounded kind of like metal. Except it seemed to move closer and closer to Trekka. Trekka pulles out his longsword and prepared for the fight that may come. Then it stopped. The sound of the movement just stopped. As Trekka almost put his sword away, he heard something let go and fall and jumped back as fast as possible. "Who are?" Trekka asked after seeing a figure adorned in a white robe that covere his whole body and a hood that covered his head. "I am the general." "The general? What army do you lead?" "Like I need to tell you. Pitiful excuse for a warrior. I could crush you easily. "Who are you!" Trekka yelled. "Fine, I'll tell you. I am the master General that kills all in his path to dominace, the superior warrior to all, the crusher of hope, and bringer of dismay. I am general Greivous, the greatest general to ever live!" General Grievous yelled at Trekka. "General Grievous?"

"It's there. Dad might have to fight and he might lose." Miniko said worried. "I'm sure he can handle himself. We would only get in the way." Miyumi said to Miniko. "Your mom's right, Miniko." The Natari agreed. "No, this is different. It's much stronger than anything dad has ever faced before. I know where dad is. I'm going to him. Dragon Form!" With those word said, Miniko transformed into a small red dragon. "No! Stay here, Miniko!" Miyumi yelled. She grabbed Miniko tightly. "I don't want to lose you!" "You won't mom. I can help dad." "No. Your staying here where it's safe." Miyumi said to Miniko. "Fine. Dragon Form!" Miniko then returned to his human form. "Good." Miyumi hugged Miniko tightly. There was a flash of darkness and Darksol appeared in front of Miyumi, Miniko, and the Natari. Darksol looked at Miyumi. "Trekka is in trouble."

Left, right. Grievous continued to smack Trekka around like a rag doll. "You filthy piece of Bantha fodder!" Grievous yelled at Trekka. "I shall continue to kick your sorry self around." Grievous continued to bash Trekka around and knocked Trekka into a nearby pillar. Grievous walked over to Trekka now with two metal objects in his hands. Trekka looked up at Grievous. "These are called Lightsabers." Grievous said to Trekka as he turned them on. One was green and the other was blue. "Time to die fool!" Grievous raised up both Lightsabers. "Dragon Rage!" Then a green dragon seemed to come out of Trekka's palm and shot forward at Grievous. "What?!" Grievous was hit and sent flying through the air and landed in a pile of fallen pillars. Trekka stoop up. "Whoa. What did I just do?" You have learned your first power, Trekka." Said a mysterious voice. Trekka looked around but saw no one. "Who are you? Where are you?" "Who I am is unimportant. It's you who is the important one."

"We must get to Trekka before he is killed!" Said Darksol as they ran throught the ancient temple after he teleported them there. "There, I see him!" Darksol said and then ran to Trekka with the others following closely. Trekka stoop there. Greivous had gotten back up and jumped to Trekka by the time Darksol and the others arrived. "I don't know what you just did, but I will still kill you!" Yelled Grievous. Grievous heard the footsteps and turned around to see Darksol, Miniko, Miyumi, and the Natari who had yet to give out his name. "So are these your friends, Trekka?" Asked Grievous. Trekka looked and saw them. "Uh! What are you all doing here! I can handle this myself!" Trekka yelled to them. "Obviously not." Darksol pointed to Trekka's various wounds. "They are nothing." "No matter, we are here to help you." Darksol said to Trekka. "Help? He will recieve none of that. In fact I think I'll take him to my master. Yes." Grievous turned and rushed at Trekka. Trekka was surprised and before he could slice at him, Grievous grabbed him and suddenly teleported away. "No!" Yelled out Darksol. "Dad!" Yelled out Miniko. "Trekka!" Yelled out Miyumi. The Natari stood there sad for them.

Chapter Eight:

The Dimension of The Force, Darth Sidious

"Get up worm!" Yelled Grievous. "What?" Trekka stood up dazed. "Where are we?" "At my lord's base." After a couple minutes, Trekka heard footsteps. "Bow down to the dark lord of the Sith, Trekka!" Yelled Grievous forcing Trekka to the ground with his left leg. Trekka looked up and saw a figure covered in a dark robe. The figure had a hood up so Trekka could not see his face. "Welcome back, Greivous." Said the figure in a menacing voice. "My master, I have brought to you the one they call Trekka." "Indeed you have. I believe you have work to do, general." "Yes my lord." With that Grievous bowed and left the room. "You may rise now." Trekka stood up. His back hurt alot. "Walk with me." Said The dark lord. Trekka walked with him. "Tell me Trekka, do you know of the Force?" Asked the dark lord. "The Force? No, I know nothing of this Force." "I suppose you wouldn't, now, I beleive your world may have something for me." "If you want me to help you then I'll just say no." "But Trekka, both of us can benefit from this." "How?" Asked Trekka. The dark lord looked at him. "I know you want power. I can sense it in you. I can give you that power. None could stand in your path. You could use it to protect the people you love. But you have to help me." Said The dark lord. "By the way, my name is Darth Sidious. You may address me as such from now on." Trekka looked at him. "Wait. I could really prtect people?" Asked Trekka. "Yes." Said Sidious. "I'm listening." "Good. You see, your world has many mysterious and amazing things. I have an intrest in seven powerful crystals located in your world. I beleive they are called Gigas'." "So if I get you these Gigas' you'll give me the power I need to protect people?" "Correct, Trekka." "It's a deal." Darth Sidious and Trekka shook hands. "But how do I get back to my world?" Asked Trekka. "That is easily accomplished." With that, Darth Sidious put out both hands, everything around them surged with power, and in a matter of seconds a dark purple portal appeared a couple feet from them. "Go through this portal and you'll find yourself where you were in your world." Said Darth Sidious. "Thank you, Darth Sidious." With that, Trekka jumped through the portal.

Chapter Nine:

The Mysterious Figure

"Dad!" Yelled out Miniko as Trekka suddenly appered with a dark purple portal behind him, turning. Then it suddenly dissapeared in a flash of purple light. "Miniko!" Said Trekka as his son ran up to him. Trekka and Miniko hugged. "Trekka, where have you been?" Asked Darksol walking up to Trekka. "I was in another dimension." "Another dimension?! So, that odd fellow in all metal can go through dimensions. But not naturaly. I noticed he was holding some sort of crystal. What did you do there?" "Well, I...did nothing. I just waited and eventually the portal reappeared and I came back here." Darksol looked at Trekka for a moment. "Your not telling me the truth, Trekka. Tell me what really happened." Trekka looked at Darksol. "But that is what happened!" Yelled Trekka. "No. You will tell me now." But before Trekka or Darksol said anything else, someone yelled through the temple. "Darksol! I know your here! Show yourself!" Darksol turned to face Trekka and the others. "I know that voice all to well." "Who is it?" Trekka asked. "Well, it's someone that really gets on my nerves." Suddenly the mysterious Natari pulled out his katana. "Whoever this is, he's close. There!" With that, the Natari ran to a pillar where Darksol noticed a shadow of a person, and took a swing. The mysterious figure jumped up and over the Natari quickly. He then punched the Natari, slamming him into a pillar and to the ground. He then looked at Darksol. "Ah, Darksol. It's been a long time since we last met. But here we are." "Don't mess with me." "Oh come on, Darksol. We are both powerful." Trekka looked at both Darksol and the mysterious figure. They both had similiar styles of clothes. They both wore robes with a hood. And they looked the exact same except Darksol's robes were all black, and the mysterious figure's robes were all red like fire. They even sounded similiar. "Who are you?" Trekka asked. The mysterious figure looked at him. "I see you've been noticing the similiar styles of Darksol and I. Trekka was surprised. This mysterious person was looking right at Darksol, and yet he knew Trekka was looking at them. "Had did you know I was watching you?" Trekka asked. "Because I have great power like Darksol. Darksol and I are very much alike, but I guess that makes sense." "What do you mean?" Asked Trekka. "I am Darksol's brother, Firesol." Trekka stepped back. "What?!"

Chapter Ten:

Firesol, Brother of Darksol

"Yes, my name is Firesol and I am Darksol's brother. I am the stronger one as well." Firesol said looking at Darksol. "You know I am the better brother!" Yelled out Darksol angrily. "Enough! I'm bored now." Said Firesol to Darksol. "I think I'll go now." "You think you can just come in here, where I stand, and leave whenever you want?!" Exclaimed Darksol to his brother. "Who's stopping me?" Asked Firesol raising both arms in a shrug. "Your brother, Darksol is." Said Darksol with a smirk. "Hmph! You'r very funny, Darksol." "Hey, you two, stop!" Yelled a mysterious voice from the shadows. Both brothers, along with everyone else, turned to see a shadow leap out from a nearby pillar. "I didn't even know someone was there!" Exclaimed Trekka. "Ah, yes. Of course. Who else could possibly hide as well as her?" "Who?" Trekka asked. "My daughter." "Chaos?" Asked Trekka. Before Darksol could answere, Choas appeared in front of Trekka. "Yes, it's me, Chaos Balkoth." Chaos looked at Trekka and Miyumi. "Trekka, if you weren't taken, then well." Chaos looked away from Trekka for a moment and saw her father staring at her. "I mean, Trekka is, forget it." Darksol walked over to Chaos. "So, Trekka, I see you have a way with the ladies." Trekka looked at Firesol. "What are you doing here anyways?" Trekka asked Firesol. "Well I just decided to see what my brother was doing." Firesol was spun around to face Darksol. "You'r not messing with me, brother." With that Darksol knocked Firesol to the ground with a punch. "Well, brother, I see you want to get beat down in front of your teammates. So be it." With that Firesol back flipped onto his feet. "Are you really sure you want to get beat up in front of your comrads, brother?" Asked Firesol. "Let's see if you cn even hit me." Darksol said, staring at his brother. "Fine." With that Firesol rushed at Darksol and punched him across the face. Darksol flew through two pillars, and as he slid across the floor, back flipped and jumped to a tall middle pillar. "Come and get me if you can." Said Darksol looking where Firesol was standing. "What?!" Darksol noticed that Firesol was nowhere in sight. "Come out, Firesol!" Yelled Darksol. "Alright." Darksol turned just as Firesol slammed his left knee into him and knocked him off the pillar. Darksol put one hand out, touched the ground, and flipped to a side pillar where he pushed off with his right foot and slammed into Firesol, knocking him to the ground. "You see, Firesol? I think were both pretty even." "Maybe. We'll see." Said Firesol. Firesol put out one hand at Darksol and a huge swirl of fire erupted from his palm and charged at Darksol. "What?!" Darksol leaped to the side just as the fiery blast slammed into a pillar turnning it a dark black. "So, Firesol, I see you learned a new move. Too bad it won't save you from me." Said Darksol to his brother. Firesol and Darksol stared at each other with great rage. Trekka ran inbetween the two Balkoth brothers. "Trekka, get out of the way!" Yelled Darksol. "No! You two have to stop this now!" "Be quiet you fool!" Yelled Firesol. Then Trekka's entire body stiffened and his eyes turned completely white. "Trekka? What happened?" Asked Darksol. Firesol stared at Trekka, confused.

Chapter Eleven:

Sesk Vurr, The Puppet Mistress

Miniko ran to his father. "Dad?" Trekka turned around and puched Miniko in the stomach. Miniko fell forwards, holding his stomach with both hands. "Dad. This isn't the real you." With that Miniko fell forward to the ground. "Miniko!" Said Miyumi running to her son. "She looked at Trekka, his completely white eyes staring at her. "This is not right. Who is doing this to you?" Miyumi asked Trekka. "I am." Said a mysterious voice from behind Miyumi. Miyumi turned to see a women wearing white all over and wearing a mask. "I am Sesk Vurr, and I am controlling the one you call Trekka." "Free him from your grip or so help me, I'll..." "Quite! I am the one in control here. Trekka, kill them all!" With that Trekka looked at Miyumi and pulled out his sword. "No Trekka, this is not the real you. It's some kind of spell." "Trekka will not listen to your petty talks. He is now under my control. He is my servent." Trekka raised his sword swung it a downward slash at Miyumi. But nothing happened to her. Miyumi saw the Natari wielding a katana and blocking Trekka's blade. "Run! Get out of here! Everyone!" He yelled while trying to stop Trekka. "What are you talking about? I'll handle this." With that Darksol flew towards Trekka and with one punch Trekka flew through twenty pillars. "See, I handled it." Darksol said staring at Trekka. "You think it's over? I know who you are. You are Darksol Yin Balkoth, reaper of souls. I know you weakness." "So you know of me. Good. And what's that? I have no weakness." "You do and I know what it is. Kaito!" "What?!" With that a mysterious draconian rushed at Darksol and cut his head off." Darksol's head rolled across thw ground and the body thumped to ground as well. "Good work, Kaito." "Thank you my mistress. What of the others? Shall I dismember them too?" "No. Our lord wants the one they call Trekka. Trekka follow us. Trekka?" Sesk Vurr and Kaito looked around but couldn't see where Trekka used to be. "Hey! I'm right here!" Sesk Vurr turned just as Trekka's sword sliced her mask. "It didn't do anything." "My mask is no ordinary thing. It is a magical item. In fact, I am the mask." "What?!" "I am just using this mortal body." "What in the world?" "Wait how did you break from my control?" Sesk Vurr asked. "I don't know. Maybe it was when Darksol hit me." Trekka said.

"Where are you? I will crush all under my power!" Said the mysterious creature on the mountain top. My lord, we have some important news for you." The creature, which was completely enshrouded in darkness, turned to face the creature. It was a demon. "It's about that special Sylvite." The shadow creature stepped closer. "Continue." It said. "Well it turns out he is currently in some sort of ancient temple. And by the power I sensed, there was, and still is, a battle insuing." "Interesting. I may finally get to meet the one Tiamat chose to crush all darkness in the land. Prepare yourself, chosen one, for I am coming after you. But for now I'll just sit it out. Excellent work. You may return to what you were previously doing." "Thank you sir." With that the demon walked off to a tent they set up.

And more being thought up!

It's all based on a Dungeons and Dragons game world, Legends of Zerie, made by my friend, Gary McCoy.

Trekka and Miniko: Father and Son © Jason Anderson

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