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Character Sketch: Tora Feilan

Tora is a chaotic mix of her warrior father and her Druidess, Half-Elf mother. At first glance she seems cold and aloof, with a sharp gaze and uncivilized beauty, but conversation often reveals a good sense of humor and an insatiable desire for adventure- be it into the wilderness or as far as the local tavern. Despite her emotional nature, life in the Mere (or perhaps being raised by Daeghun) has instilled her with a cynicism that leads her value her head more than her heart.

At least most of the time.

Deity: Akadi

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Race: Tora is one fourth Moon Elf, but she her looks take after her Human heritage. Her father was a Northlander raider in the Moonshae Isles and her mother, one of the Ffolk, was a Half-Elf.

Class: Equally trained in the skills of a ranger and a barbarian

Appearance: Tora is short and petite, but built strong and naturally muscular. She has thick, almost curly, dark blonde hair that she refuses to comb for almost any reason, and she always wears a small braid at the side of her face. There is no real reason for the braid except that she likes it and it reminds her of her barbarian heritage, although her obsessive need to wear it leads many of her companions to think it has a deeper meaning. Tora’s natural complexion is very pale, but time outdoors has given it a darker tint, as well as given a copper tinge to her hair. She has a wild, uncivilized beauty to her, with prominent cheekbones, a round face, strong nose, big, pouty, naturally red lips, and dark brown eyebrows. Her eyes are petal shaped and such a light shade of blue they appear almost white; like ice. She rarely has any expression on her face, unless it’s a sarcastic smile, and others have told her that her stance and the way she carries herself is border-line predatory, although Tora doesn’t portray herself this way intentionally.

Role in the Group: Tora is the reluctant leader of her party, although she would prefer to be either on her own or with a small group of equals. She’s skilled with a bow, but usually plays the ‘tank’ and is the first to charge into the oncoming enemy.

Equipment: Tora wears thin, hide armor and is armed with a heavy shield and a broadsword that, as a gift from her father to her mother, was kept by Daeghun until Tora stole it back enough times to frustrate him into giving it to her.

Skills: Quite surprisingly, Tora’s passion is writing. She carries a pen and parchment wherever she goes, and can often be seen scribbling down journal entries, poetry, or fantastic tales. She’s very good with a bow, and even more so with a broadsword, and she can usually get what she wants by means of persuasion or intimidation.

Favorite color: blue

Favorite food: extremely rare steak and cheese.

Favorite drink: hard cider or whiskey

Favorite season: fall and spring

Favorite things to do: writing, traveling, and fighting.

Quality she admires most: strength, bravery, and wisdom

Quality she admires the least: authoritative and attention-seeking

Childhood: Despite Daeghun’s negligence, and her aversion to hot, muggy swamp weather, Tora remembers her childhood with fondness. An active imagination and lust for adventure led her to spend much of her time exploring the surrounding swamp and playing pretend with her childhood friend Amie. As a child, she was very emotional; easily driven to tears or screaming tantrums, but Daeghun’s harsh parenting, and the daily challenges of living in the Mere, shaped her into a smart, cynical, and uncaring teenager. Aside from her occasional adventures with the local boys (and the boys passing through), and her love of West Harbor mead, by the time Tora was a young woman she was spending most of her time either on her own or training under Daeghun.

Tora-Feilan © Mary

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