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Tales of A Planeswalker - Search for the Past (Chapter Six)

Azrael Thran (Joshua Bishop)
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The darkness was within and without him. The singing flowing through him. At first there was only the close darkness, comforting, and changeless. Then images began to form and with them came light. The light was serene and revealing, revealing images that were lost to Chrono.

An image loomed clearly in his mind. A image of a painting with a golden frame. A group of people were looking towards him from the painting, As he looked upon each a name came to mind. A halfling standing off to one side with a short sword in hand, Gelfling. A cloaked man near the rear, a strange, porcelain mask covering his face, Macium. A half-elf woman brandishing a falchion, Karia. A man wearing plate armor wielding a great sword, Palus.

Chrono had somehow met all these people but he knew not how, when, or where. It was all a blur to him. He began to remember other things, more subtle. Palus, he felt, was a man of great faith and discipline. Karia, pessimistic and weary. Macium, tormented and ancient. And Gelfling, optimistic and ever cheerful.

Chrono's mind wandered as he looked at the painting of his mind. His mental eyes scanned the painting once more and then stopped cold when he saw a man near the center of it he had not noticed before. Tall, at least a head taller than even Palus. Raven hair, dark as night. Green eyes, as deep as the sea. In the painting he wore a sword at his side, a blade that was wonderful to behold, a blade that he felt held many secrets. He wore a set of chain mail armor of amazing make. He was looking at himself.

As the realization dawned on him the image left his mind and was replaced with a haunting image of him self walking through a camp of Gnolls. The haunting part of the image was that every Gnoll was dead, slaughtered, massacred. The image soon fled to be replaced by another.

It was of a city, its gates knocked in ruins, its' alabaster walls blackened by flames. The once proud spires fallen. Chrono saw an image of him self, clad the same as in the painting, and the other subjects of the painting fighting off a crowd of what appeared to be half-orcs.

Then the image changed one last time to show Chrono slash at a hideous creature, so foul in both appearance and mannerism, it made the unconscious body of Chrono clench a fist and writhe.


Merhan and Jersi crowded around the bed of Chrono as his body began to writhe and spit words in a strange tongue. Merhan put a hand on Chrono's brow and pushed him back into a resting position as Jersi rung out a rag to place upon his forehead. Then Chrono's eyes flashed open.

Chrono gasped, looked around the room then turned to stare Jersi in the eye.

" I must go�," said Chrono with a look of distress.

He threw the sheets form his body and stood quickly.

" But to where?" asked Merhan.

Chrono locked eyes with her and responded, " To the place where Macium waits."

Jersi looked at Chrono, a bit confused.

" Who's this Macium fellow?"

Chrono looked at Jersi and said, " I don't know, all I know is he lies in the Wastes in the north."

Jersi furrowed his brow, " But that's a thousand miles away, you cannot possibly mean to reach him anytime soon without magic of some sort."

Chrono looked at Jersi a grim smile spreading across his face, " That's why you are coming with me."

Jersi looked shocked as he responded, " What, me? No, I have much work to do, I couldn't possibly."

Chrono locked eyes with Jersi and then turned to Merhan.

" If you do not wish to come, I cannot force you."

Merhan looked at her brother then kicked him hard in the shin.

Jersi yelped then said, in pain, " Oh alright you big whiny baby, I'll come.."

"You will?" Said Chrono, delighted.

" Aye."

Merhan cleared her throat softly, " I too shall accompany you Chrono."

Chrono looked up, " I won't hear of it Merhan, you are likely to be killed."

" But I want to go Chrono.."

" No!"


" No!"


Three figures trudged solemnly through a field of snow, a blizzard ripping at their long cloaks.

Soon the three figures stopped for the night and set up camp, huddling down next to one another amidst the blizzard.

Chrono looked about the area, the northern wastes, and recounted how in record time they had traveled to this wasteland on a hunch. Chrono felt that Macium, whoever he was, was near, but couldn't tell where. Chrono looked over to where Merhan and Jersi sat huddled together then turned back to face the biting polar winds. He hardly felt the icy needles that ripped at his skin. Chrono settled down and began his watch�..

Several hours later Chrono roused his two companions form their slumber and they set off once more, Chrono taking the lead. Several more minutes passed as they trudged through the knee deep snow, Merhan and Jersi barely conscious beneath the pummeling icicles. Then Chrono felt a vibration.

He stopped and looked around, sensing, something�.then the something revealed itself as it erupted before them from beneath 60 feet of snow and frozen earth. Chrono barely had time to react as the creature, a frost worm, came hurtling towards him mouth open and fangs bared.

As the monsters open mouth hurtled towards him he reacted and then�.the frost worm went toppling over. Chrono gripped his hand, the hand he had instinctively smashed into the side of the worms head as it hurtled towards him. In seconds the pain had ceased and he walked over to examine the dazed worm. Ye gods�how had he done it�.the sheer mechanics of it were mind boggling. No time for thinking, he had to take care of their little visitor before he became a problem. Deftly unsheathing his sword he stabbed it through the top of the frost worms skull and held it down with all his weight as the worm wrenched, shuddered, and then lay still.

Only then did he turn to see Jersi make a strange sign with his hands and gaze at him in wonder, tinged with fear. Merhan had almost collapsed when the worm appeared and was laboring to stay conscious even now. Chrono sensing her distress trudged through the snow to stand next to her.

" You are weak, we should go back to town�."

Merhan gazed up at his eyes then shook her head slowly, " I can manage..I think."

Chrono nodded slowly then turned to look towards a hilltop that was becoming visible as the blizzard cleared. As the snow in the air thinned he saw a distinct opening in the side of the cave. He headed for it without further thought.

As Chrono neared the opening he saw that the door was rimmed by a elaborate archway, with literally thousands of carvings on it. Ancient. He could tell there was nothing alive within the cave, but yet he felt something was there. He stepped through into the light of a single candle burning on a table next to various tomes and artifacts. Suddenly the room brightened, as several torches lining the walls roared to life. Chrono turned to see his two companions staring around in shock. He turned back around and his heart nearly skipped a beat. Standing amidst beakers and various body parts and artifacts was a Lich. A Lich wearing a white mask.


Tales of a Planeswalker :Search for the Past / Chapter 6 © Azrael Thran (Joshua Bishop)

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