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Tales of A Planeswalker - Morality and Ascension (Chapter Three)

Azrael Thran (Joshua Bishop)
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Agony was Chrono's teacher and Ecstasy his mentor. His mind was alike to a shattered window. His body wracked by wave after wave of horrendous agony followed by wave after wave of awesome all-consuming pleasure. The cycle of pain and pleasure had gone on for who knows how long when his mind first began to piece itself back together, after that first wave of pleasure and agony had flared to life from within his very being.

His mind had slowly repaired itself as he lay in a comatose state, his mortal body dying and his new divine body being born. When the waves of agony had finally lessened in magnitude and then finally ceased. His mind had the chance it needed to grasp the situation. His eyes had opened to a world he had not known existed. It was strange as he looked about seeing strange finned creatures gliding past him.

With a start his mind came into focus and he realized he was looking at a school of brightly colored fish swim casually by. But how had he gotten here?

His mind tried to grasp memories that would not come or did not exist. He tried with all his might to focus in on the fragments of memory he could find but could not no matter how valiant his efforts.

With yet another start he realized he was breathing underwater. He turned in all directions looking through the water as though he were looking through a pane of glass.

He turned to his left and saw a coral reef decorated by bouquets of brightly colored anemones. He turned to his right, caught up in the wonder of his situation, and saw it approaching him. Swimming through the water towards him was the largest turtle he had ever seen.

He turned knowing his only chance was to somehow hide from the monstrosity, whatever it was. A voice in the back of his mind proclaimed in an arrogant manner, it's a dragon-turtle. His eyes widened at this new strange turn of events and he began swimming with all the power in his thin human frame.

The turtle had seen him several minutes earlier and had immediately begun to approach hoping for an easily obtained snack before hibernation. It saw its plans for an easily obtained snack had been dashed, when the morsel had begun to swim with surprising speed in the direction of the reef.

Chrono was almost hyperventilating with panic as he raced for the reef, the turtle gaining on him steadily. How he had been able to keep ahead this long was anybody's guess. His hands moved with frantic speed to pull him along through the water as his feet steadily stroked to keep his speed sustained.

Looking back he could quite clearly see the turtles sharp angular jaws and its bony hide as well as its cold reptilian eyes which contained a glint of intelligence.

Looking back ahead he saw the reef getting ever closer. Almost there, he thought with an inward sigh of relief.

He began to beat frantically at the water as the turtle came within striking distance. He saw a small alcove, which would be a perfect fit. He sprinted ahead in the water and grabbed the rocky ledge of the alcove and began pulling himself through the small opening of the alcove. Just as his torso passed through into the small cave, the dragon turtle reached his frantically waving legs and struck.

Gut-wrenching pain tore through Chrono, as his legs were tore from his body. He pulled himself into the alcove fully and, as the blood from his weeping wounds began to seep into the water, he collapsed.

Time passed slowly for Chrono and he felt, through the strange haze that enveloped his senses, himself drift about in his stupor.

He was slowly regaining consciousness despite his loss of limb and blood when he felt a soft hand stroke his cheek then slide up towards his brow and smooth back one of his raven locks of hair. His eyes opened but a millimeter and saw a vaguely human shape, with a strangely familiar sense of femininity about it, then he passed out again���..


Tales of a Planeswalker :Mortality and Ascension/Chapter 3 © Azrael Thran (Joshua Bishop)

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