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Tales of A Planeswalker - A Brief Respite (Chapter Two)

Azrael Thran (Joshua Bishop)
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Chrono Thran, the mysterious being, was in a place of chaos after stepping through the portal. The Chaos felt wet and dry. It felt warm and cold. But most of all the chaos felt familiar to the being called Chrono. Looking about he could see things no mortal could have comprehended, within the mists of this place were whole other realities.

Chrono extended his senses, feeling for a familiar place within the chaos with his mind. His sense passed over dozens of worlds and then found it. Whirling in the direction of the place, Chrono felt for others of his kind then, after sensing none, began traveling at an extreme rate for that place. To most he was in a place of chaos, but to him everything was clear as the cool water of a mountain stream. He saw worlds and things none could imagine; he had been to some of the worlds he now passed. To his left he felt the presence of mortals and turned to see a ship, designed to travel the planes, break through the clouds of mist.

On deck, the crewmembers of the ship shouted and pointed as they saw him. Smiling to himself, Chrono began to fly alongside the ship to give them a taste of the power of Planeswalkers. Keeping pace easily, Chrono noticed that many robed mages' were onboard, all desperately scribbling away in tiny notebooks.

Ahh, thought Chrono with a smile, to be a curious mortal again.

Pulling ahead of the ship, Chrono began to think of what business he needed to attend to now that Amerdis, the glaive-wielding planeswalker, was dead.

Amerdis had been a fool for one so old. Well, thought Chrono, he wasn't that old, not compared to some that walk the planes, but then again, that was a little too easy.

Thinking about age made Chrono begin to remember his own age and think about how he had come to this. When he had first become what he was, a Planeswalker, he had never thought he would survive this long. He knew few things about his kind, just that he was one of a very select breed that was destined to walk the planes. He knew the legends told by the old ones he had come across, tales of how and why the first planeswalkers were born. To Chrono it was a bunch of superstitious nonsense. He only believed in cold hard facts. The only cold hard fact that he knew about his kind was that for some reason, about 20,000 years ago the first few planeswalkers began to appear. Ascended from mortals that carried some sort of special potential the first few Planeswalkers began to test the limits of their powers and explore the planes. Those first few were now virtually legendary among the younger ones (namely 5,000 years old and below).

Chrono had never seen the ancient ones nor had he ever met another of his kind that had. He avoided his own kind as much as possible on principle. There were two kinds of Planeswalkers out there, the predators and the prey. Chrono had a nasty run-in with a planeswalker soon after he ascended to his current state of power. He had escaped luckily, but he had learned a valuable lesson, never trust another with your kind of power. He had learned, through his long years of life, how to detect others of his kind and how to locate planes he had been to.

Two days prior to his trip to the small village on the Alabaster Plains, on his home world of Phyropteryx, he had gone to the one place where walkers could meet in neutrality without getting themselves killed, the tiny demi-plane called Walkers Haven. He had heard of the place, supposedly created by an old planeswalker by the name of Dre'nu, from a planeswalker he happened to meet in his travels and had been meaning to go and see if it was all it was cracked up to be.

Chrono had arrived in Walkers Haven and had been amazed by the amount of control the laws of the place had over his kind. The place was maintained by very old planeswalkers, and when you were a planeswalker, the older you became the more powerful you became. No one dared break the rules of non-violence because of its maintainers.

For the first time in a very long time Chrono felt safe. Chrono stayed at the Haven for several weeks and learned more and more about the growing amount of planeswalkers and the various planes they had discovered. One of these planeswalkers was a con-artist by the name of Amerdis. Chrono had spoken to him in idle conversation and had been instantly caught up in a tale of a plane that was protected from the interference of planeswalkers and the like vie a powerful magical field.

Chrono was very curious about it and asked the planeswalker how he might find it. Amerdis had given him very precise directions, too precise Chrono now realized. Chrono had rushed off with mad ideas about adventure in his mind.

Following the directions to the tea, he soon came across a small dank plane. Nothing like the one the walker Amerdis had described, thinking he had made an error he turned to retrace his journey across the planes and was attacked by a young walker. The walker was younger than Chrono was, but not by much. Chrono was uncommonly powerful for his age and as such dispatched the younger walker with ease. However, soon after several young walkers ambushed him as he was preparing to leave. He ran, leading them on a wild goose chase across the planes, picking them off one by one. Upon defeating the last of them he questioned him and learned that Amerdis had set him up so his young friends could kill him and absorb his spark.

The absorption of sparks was looked up on by many planeswalkers as a barbaric way to gain power. When a planeswalker died the spark, which gave them their awesome power was released from their bodies, one who knew the trick to it, could catch this spark and absorb it increasing their overall power permanently. Chrono had never done this before but knew the trick to it as did many others, so after questioning the last of his pursuers he killed him and absorbed his spark using the spell taught to him by his mentor, Meru'n. Chrono had felt an instant increase in power and knew that he could have his vengeance upon Amerdis.

Chrono went back to the Haven and began asking around for Amerdis who had disappeared. He found an informant named Fren and traded some artifacts for the information. Chrono had found that Amerdis had gone to the world Phyropteryx, on the prime material plane. Chrono was instantly suspicious because Phyropteryx was the world he was born on. Knowing the way all to easily he had returned there and fought Amerdis and won, not bothering to absorb his spark.

As Chrono continued towards his destination, flying through the chaos, he became aware that the ship was still behind him and was now flying a flag of friendship. Turning about Chrono decided to pay a visit to these mortal explorers of the planes.

Chrono looked upon the ship with more interest now, it was a large ship and fine looking.

Hmmm, I haven't spoken with mortals in a long time, thought Chrono; I might as well see what the spelljammers want.

With these thoughts, Chrono propelled himself at the ship and landed gently on the deck as several stunned mages' hurried to keep notes of his actions. With a sigh Chrono spoke in a calm low voice, in the common tongue so that they might understand him.

" You have raised a flag of friendship at my approach so I have come, what need have you?"

The scribbling mages' were pushed aside by a tall beanpole of a mage wearing a long red traveling robe. Chrono could instantly sense that the thin mage was a powerful user of magic, for a mortal. Clearing his throat and looking nervously at Chrono the mage responded, " Well..Ahem�I am Gerond, captain of this ship and well ummm�.we are all new to the ways of sailing the planes and well ummm��"

Chrono cut him off by raising a hand and then said, " Let me guess you wish to know how I can move without a ship and then you want to go how to get to a certain world or perhaps plane, am I right?"

Gerond, the beanpole as Chrono had already mentally dubbed him, cleared his throat again then smiled and said, " Well yes, How did you know?"

Chrono instantly responded, " I have been asked so many times in my five-thousand years of life it is almost an instinct to me to assume that you wish to know those two things."

As Chrono said five thousand the beanpole mage's jaw dropped and the rest of the mages' fell silent.

"Come," said Chrono, " I shall tell thee my story."


Tales of a Planeswalker : A Brief Respite/Chapter 2 © Azrael Thran (Joshua Bishop)

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