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Tales of A Planeswalker - Awaken to Bloodshed (Chapter Four)

Azrael Thran (Joshua Bishop)
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Chrono knew not where he was when he opened his eyes but he had the distinct impression that he was safe, at least for the moment. He was lying in a soft bed within a richly furnished room. The song of a nightingale drifted through a nearby open window and Chrono looked over to see Sunlight flooding through the window. Where was he? What happened?

These and many other questions flooded into his mind as he began to clear away the fogs that obscured his memories. With a start he wrenched the sheets away from his lower body to find that his legs, which had been torn of by a Dragon-turtle, were complete and flawless. Another realization came to him as he sat up and looked around the room to see his clothing lying on a nearby chest. He was naked!

Chrono scrambled over to his clothing and picked them up. The smell of salt and dead fish instantly repulsed him and he sat them back down. Next to his old set of clothing, a new set of clothes had been laid out for him. Chrono briefly glanced about to ponder his current situation then hurriedly dressed in the tunic, leggings, and boots provided. As he stood up after putting on his new boots he glanced at the chest where his clothes had been laid and saw to his surprise elven runes carved upon the edge of the polished wooden container. He stooped to examine them when he heard a war-horn blare outside. Shouts and the clanging of weapons soon followed.

Chrono hurried to the window and cautiously looked out trying to ascertain where the battle was taking place and between whom. He could hear commotion in the rest of the house he was in and turned as his door was thrown upon. Stepping through the door was the largest ogre he had ever seen. The ogre had not expected anyone to be occupying the room, which gave Chrono an advantage.

Chrono grabbed the nearest thing he could find, a chair, and sent it hurtling at the ogre. The ogre, surprised, was hit head on by the chair and stumbled and dropped his crude bastard sword. Chrono dropped rolled and came up with the sword in hand, enacting combat moves he had learned from a person he could no longer remember. He stood as the ogre regained its senses and slashed diagonally at the ogre. With a sickening crunch and a spray of blood, the blade bit deep into the side of the ogre's neck, severing his spinal cord. Chrono stepped over the ogres twitching corpse and exited the room to find that he was in a hallway. To his left the house was more or less quiet but to his right he heard screams in elven. He rushed down the hall to his right and saw something that set off a fury the likes of which few have ever known.

A large brute of an Ogre had a very beautiful elf female by her arms and was shredding the front of her dress with a small dagger as he grinned maliciously. Chrono acted without hesitation and sent his sword plunging through the ogre's neck. Chrono drew his sword forth from the ogre's body and turned to the elf female who had fainted when he attacked the ogre.

Chrono briefly glanced her over to see if she had been harmed by the ogre and then threw a blanket over her so that she would not catch cold and so that her dignity would not be wounded. Chrono turned and headed for the door. As he got to the door he noticed a chain mail vest hanging on a hook near the doorframe. He grabbed it and ran on towards the sounds of battle as he pulled it on over his head.

Chrono came to a large door, which had been thrown open, and peeked out to see a group of elven warriors sending the raiding Ogres' into retreat.

Well, he thought, I guess that means they won't be needing my help after all.


Chrono smiled in spite of himself and was about to walk over and introduce himself when he heard the screams of many children. Chrono turned and ran with all speed towards the sounds. He threw open a large door and looked inside to see several elven children, of varying age and size, cowering in the far corner of the room. Chrono did not see what the problem was until he noticed the direction in which the children were staring. Chrono glanced up at the ceiling and saw to his horror that an Imp, from the pits of the lower planes, was about to spring on the nearest child.

As the Imp sprang, Chrono dove forward and turned as he drew his sword, all in one movement too fast for the elf children, or the Imp for that matter, to track. The diving Imp let out a gurgle and a moan as he slid down the length of the crude sword. Chrono felt a strange prick on his leg and looked down to see the Imp's tail twitch and remove its tip from his shin.

Chrono dropped his sword as weakness stole over him, then dropped to his knees. His vision became blurry as the children crept forward and then he blacked out.

Hours passed, and the House put in order again, much to the satisfaction of Jersi. Jersi was one the eldest child of the Elven family Swordleaf and as such was put at somewhat of an inconvenience when his attempts to summon a familiar had resulted in a raiding party of Ogres' being called from the plains two-hundred miles to the north. No matter, mused Jersi, I am still young. Jersi walked down a long corridor towards the room of their human guest. His family had found their guest several days before, lying on the beach, with his legs shorn off. Much to his family's surprise the human's legs had begun to regenerate, slowly but surely. They had thought him in a comma when the attack had occurred. Then he had awakened and single-handedly killed two ogres, saved his eldest sisters chastity, and saved all of his brothers, sisters, and cousins from a horrible death.

According to his sister, Shayala, an Imp had stung him. The poison would have killed any other human but this one was actually recovering from it with vigor. Jersi stopped at the door to his room and listened to the whispers of his sisters as they tended the still unconscious human. Jersi reached out a slender hand and pushed open the door to the room where the human was being kept. His eldest sister Merhan, whom the human had saved from a horrible indignity, was kneeling beside the human's bed and staring silently at the human's face. His other sister Shayala took a wet rag and applied it to his forehead. Merhan looked up as she saw Jersi enter then turned back to her charge.

" Any change in our mysterious guest?" Jersi let an arrogant grin slip as he said this.

" None my brother, though it is hard to tell," Shayala looked up at him with a faint troubled look on her face, " He hardly breathes and his heart is but a hum in his chest, it beats to fast for us to distinguish individual beats."

" Interesting, a very interesting human indeed I will have to speak with him, providing he survives the poison," said Jersi with a look of non-chalance.

A faint moan escaped Chrono's lips as Shayala dipped the rag into a pitcher of cool water. Chrono's eyelids flickered as he began to speak in a low tone, in a language none of them, except for Jersi, recognized. Jersi listened to the low words, which were jumbled and garbled, but was able to pick out a few words he could understand. Shayala put a soothing hand on Chrono's forehead and he calmed down and went into a deeper sleep. She then looked up at Jersi and said, " He has been speaking in his sleep ever since we started tending him, sometimes in elvish and other times in tongues we can only guess at."

Sensing Jersi knew what their human charge had just said, Merhan spoke up for the first time, " What did he say Jersi?"

Jersi turned to face her then turned back to the human lying in the bed and then back to Shayala. He then cleared his throat and said, " I couldn't understand all of it but I think he said 'No, Dremras must not fall."

" Dremras," asked Shayala, " who's Dremras?"

Snorting at his youngest sister's ignorance, Jersi responded, "Dremras is a where not a whom, it is the city of Divan, the god-children."

" The god-children?" Shayala asked timidly.

" You know, they have passed through the city once or twice, they are tall with white skin and silver eyes, you know, the winged ones."

" Oh I know what you're talking about now," said Shayala.

" But why did he say, " Dremras must not fall?"

Jersi pondered for a second then he said, " Of course father said there was a war in about thirty years ago and Dremras was leveled in the final battle by the devastation."

" But this human could not have possibly been there he looks to have just reached maturity."

A few more hours passed and eventually Chrono's fever broke, much to the relief of Shayala and Merhan. His eyes slowly opened to see two beautiful elven women looking at him with concern evident upon their faces. Chrono sat up slowly and coughed as the two elves exchanged glances. Chrono cleared his throat then spoke, in elven, in a raspy voice, " Where am I?"


Tales of a Planeswalker :Awaken to Bloodshed /Chapter 4 © Azrael Thran (Joshua Bishop)

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