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The Storage Room in the Grey Void

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Hilda was created by the gamemaker with loving care. She was just a simple farmer’s wife, but that was good enough for her. The gamemaker had given her a nice farmer’s dress that looked good on her. He had made her hair purple in order to give her a bit of uniqueness. Now it was just a matter of waiting for the gamemaker to create the farm to place her in. She watched from her vantage on the side of the gamemaker’s toolset and oohed and ahhed as he placed nice carpets and furniture, paintings and a fireplace. There was even a bowl of fruit on the dining room table. It took the gamemaker a while and there was a point where he disappeared to get some coffee, but soon the time came to place Hilda. The gamemaker had already added a farmer that wasn’t too ugly for her and even two children and a housecat to the farm.

The Farmer’s Wife saw the little arrow hover over her and then click on her. She felt herself being moved around the map for a moment as he decided where she should be. For a moment she was next to the farmer, then by the children. He moved her near the bedroom for a moment and then into the kitchen. It looked like this was where she would end up. That was fine with her. Kitchens were nice and warm and she had children to feed. Then the gamemaker did it. He placed her in the kitchen. That was wonderful. Hilda was ready to get to work. All of the sudden, the arrow hovered over her again and with a click, she was picked up again. The gamemaker had changed his mind! She was moving through the area rapidly and all of the sudden she was hovering over this grey void area! What was happening? Hilda could see the farm interior off in the distance and she desperately wanted the gamemaker to put her back in that nice kitchen! Then she heard the click again and there was only grey.

She didn’t know how long the grey was there, for time did not exist in the grey. It was just there. No sense of falling existed or movement of any sort. There was no farm house or children or bowl of fruit on a table, just grey. At some point a door appeared. It was in the distance but coming closer. Hilda couldn’t tell if it was moving toward her or if she was moving toward it. Then it was there and she was moving through it.

The room beyond the doorway was odd. It was large and seemed to go on forever as if space had no meaning to it. As Hilda began to walk through it, she noticed that it was not empty. There were tables and chairs and even trees rising up to the high ceiling. Looking closer at the ceiling, Hilda noticed that it was wooden with beams that seemed surreal, as though they weren’t actually made of wood. There were also sounds. There was the sound of water splashing off to the left where a table sat and a crow calling, but no crow to be seen.

Hilda walked for what seemed to be hours, even though time didn’t exist in this place. Here and there she would meet people or animals that had been left here. Some of them were hostile, but she managed to run away from them and the one orc that did hit her couldn’t actually damage her here, which seemed to enrage him even more. Others spoke to her, but they would only say one line, like “Hello, nice day isn’t it.” They didn’t seem to know how to say anything else and looked sad because of it. The worst part was that, when Hilda tried to speak, nothing came out. The farmer’s wife had never been given a conversation. So, she just smiled and tried to be positive when meeting these people.

More time didn’t pass, but seemed to. Hilda came to a clearing with flowers and a campfire and trees surrounding it and there were people there. They had taken some of the items that were in the warehouse and placed them around to make a comfortable area to live in. There were areas around with beds, and kitchens and even a table with a bowl of fruit on it. Many of them couldn’t talk, but they were friendly and encouraged her to join them. Best of all, there were two children that had been dropped into the grey and they came to her and hugged her and their smiles banished the small trace of grey that had fallen into Hilda’s heart.

The Storage Room in the Grey Void © kookoo

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This is simply brilliant.

If there were votes other than like or don't like it would get 10/10.

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