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Soul Stone - Part Ten

Freddie Freeman
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"The dwarf is right, friend," Edele began to Erana, "we should keep our strength up."

"Of course I'm right... I don't know what you elves would do without me!" Kalamaar bragged.

"Die happy," Ruien mumbled.

"Is it done?" Erana asked.

"I suppose... I get the chops - you guys can split the legs and ears," Kalamaar said, ripping apart the meal, his grubby hands unfazed from the heat.

"Thank you," Edele said sarcastically, tearing her share from the animal.

"...Kalamaar," Ruien began, munching hesitantly.

"What?" Kalamaar replied, food crammed in his mouth.

"...this is raw... look - it's bloody!" Ruien yelled, spitting out his portion.

"I'm going to be sick," Edele said, expelling the small bit within her mouth.

"What? Don't waste it! Pick that up off the ground and eat it!" Kalamaar yelled, his eyes widening.

"I find nothing wrong with it... one can not always be picky when trying to survive," Erana said, working on her food.

"Exactly... besides, I cooked it like this purposely... you don't want your food cooked so it's all light and fluffy; you want it flame-kissed, so the outside is golden brown but the inside is nice and red and bloody... it makes me feel like a wild animal when I eat it like this, you know?" the dwarf ranted.

"I don't think they understand, Kalamaar," Erana began, "Ruien, Edele, have some berries... I keep a supply in my inner pocket most of the time. They're very good."

"Thank you," Ruien said, graciously accepting the food.

"I hope they're poisonous," Kalamaar interrupted.

"And I hope you shrivel and die like the fool you are, Kalamaar!" Edele exclaimed, popping a berry into her mouth.

"That's it... time to do some arse-cleavin'," the dwarf said, wiping his hands and cracking his knuckles.

"Come now, save it for our journey... we must be nearing his the beast's palace," Erana said, her voice calm.

"You just be glad the she-elf stopped me, otherwise you'd be nothing but a pair of eyeballs lying in the sand, Ruien!" the dwarf said, picking up his pack, "Let's get goin'."

The foursome continued, stopping not often for drink or rest. Eventually, upon the horizon, they beheld the figure of a huge, titanic palace. It was lined with jewels of every kind, which caught and reflected the sunlight into a thousand prismatic shades.

"This is it," Erana said.

"What was your first clue, elf? The huge palace or the fact that you're an idiot?" the dwarf snorted.

"That doesn't even make sense, Kalamaar," Edele said, wiping her brow.

"Either does this!" the dwarf retorted, picking up a handful of sand and pouring it over his head, "If you pretend it's water, you feel cooler!"

"Relax, dwarf... do not let the heat overtake you," Ruien sighed.

"We're almost to... the entrance," Edele panted.

It was a good fifteen minutes before they finally did reach the entrance. The huge, platinum-etched double-doors loomed before them, beckoning them to enter.

"Open sesame!" Kalamaar cried, dropping his packs and ramming the door head-first. His helmet made a great 'clash' as it impacted the doors.

"Sister, aid the dwarf," Ruien commanded, running his hands along the doors, pushing at certain points.

Edele strode over to the collapsed dwarf, pouring the last of their water onto his face.

"So tired," Kalamaar said, "sleep."

"No, Kalamaar... we're almost inside," Edele said, shaking the dwarf.

"How do we enter?" Erana asked.

"I do not yet know," Ruien replied, "there are various runes etched onto these doors... they are written in a forbidden tongue of which I know little of."

"Can you make out any of the words?" Erana asked.

"I believe it says... something about a test," Ruien explained.

"Perhaps a test to gain entrance?" Erana replied.

"Perhaps... there is a verse here - 'Et al'... it means 'to bring forth'. I believe it may start the test..." Ruien said.

"Maybe there is another way...a back entrance? A secret door?" Erana said.

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