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Soul Stone - Part Sixteen

Freddie Freeman
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"I suppose the dungeons would be below," Ruien began, "and there doesn't seem to be anything immediately interesting about our current level. We shall ascend the flight of stairs."

"Good thinking, brother," Edele nodded.

"Nothin' doin'," Kalamaar snorted.

"What's wrong?" Edele asked.

"I ain't goin' up no two-bit stairs, and that's that!" the dwarf replied.

"Why?" Ruien wondered.

"Have you ever seen a dwarf climb his stumpy body up over hundrends o' stairs?" Kalamaar asked.

"No," both elves answered.

"I rests me case," the dwarf smiled.

"Is there a problem with it?" Edele began, "A dwarf ascending stairs, that is."

This question stunned Kalamaar.

"What do you mean? O' course there's a problem! First off, I'll look stupid doin' it! Second... I'll look stupid doin' it!" the dwarf answered hastily.

"You're making no sense," Ruien sighed.

"I ain't goin' up no stairs," the dwarf growled.

"Suit yourself," Ruien started, "come, sister. Let us go."

The two elves headed toward the stairs, walking with their heads bowed in reverence for their fallen comrade.

The dwarf, shaking his head, plopped down upon the floor and rummaged through his pack. Tossing out empty flasks of whiskey, he looked up at the elves who were now a good fifteen meters away. Growling, he closed his pack and slung it over his shoulder.

"Wait!" he cried.

The elves did not answer as they came upon the first few steps leading up to the higher floor.

"Don't leave me here!" Kalamaar said, trotting toward the elves.

"I thought you said you weren't going to climb the stairs," Edele smirked.

"Climbin' stairs is better than bein' alone in an enchanted castle, mark me words," the dwarf replied.

"Can't argue with that," Ruien breathed.

The companions made their way up the high, spiralling flight of stairs. Many spider-webs adorned the masterfully-sculpted amethyst rails, which Kalamaar avoided as much as possible.

"...nothin' I had more than spiders. Nothing!" the dwarf shivered.

"So, if ever I find you against us, I need only to summon Sheevak, Lord of the Arachnids to fend you off?" Ruien grinned.

"I'm not listenin'" Kalamaar hummed, cupping his hands over his ears.

They climbed for twelve minutes, taking brisk stops along the way.

"How much further?" Kalamaar complained.

"I thought dwarves had unlimited endurance?" Edele panted.

"Who told you that?" the dwarf asked.

"It's common knowledge," Edele replied.

"Well I never heard of it," the dwarf sighed, "so it can't be true."

"So if something isn't heard by the great Kalamaar, it isn't true?" Ruien frowned.

"Right. Let's get goin'," the dwarf said, proceeding up the stairs.

Hundreds of steps later, the company finally caught sight of the last step. Kalamaar, eager as ever, fled forth.

"Finally!" the dwarf shouted.

"Wait, it may be a trap!" Edele cautioned.

"A trap! Hah!" the dwarf laughed, continuing his charge.

As soon as Kalamaar's booted foot stomped down upon the last step, ever single other step in the entire flight lowered instantly, forming a giant slide.

"Yet another reason I hate stairs," Kalamaar sighed, feeling himself lose his footing.

Ruien and Edele managed to catch onto a rail in time, but poor Kalamaar slid and tumbled all the way down to the floor they had just came from.

With a crash, he landed at the bottom step, twisted and torn.

"Kalamaar!" Ruien shouted, "Are you alright?"

"I hates me life," the dwarf mumbled, shaking his dizzy head.

"Are you coming back up?" Edele exclaimed. By then, the steps had re-risen.

"If you think I'm going up those cursed stairs again, only to be taken victim by some other sinister and foul trap, you're wrong!" the dwarf shouted.

"Then what will you do? You don't want to be left alone, do you?" Edele said.

"I have Bravecleaver here to keep me company," the dwarf answered, rubbing the blade of his axe.

"So, you're just going to stay put?" Ruien pondered.

"Maybe I'll head down to the dungeon and cleave a path o' destruction," the dwarf grinned.

"The dungeon? By yourself?" Edele repeated.

"That's what I said, she-hag!" Kalamaar retorted.

"Either way, my sister and I are proceeding to this upper level. Do what you will. We shall rendezvous at our original place in one hour," Ruien ordered.

"Suits me," the dwarf shrugged.

Kalamaar paced about the middle floor, thinking deeply (or as deepy as possible for Kalamaar).

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