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Soul Stone - Part Six

Freddie Freeman
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"I insist you stay awhile," the beast started, "we have much to discuss."

Edele, bowing deeply, began speaking to the magnificent creature, "We would be honored. I am Edele T'landrias. This is my brother, Ruien."

"I am Erana, and am pleased to make your acquaintance. We found tracks leading into your... cave." She said.

"And I," the beast started, "am known to mortals as Silverscale. A few orcs stumbled upon my treasures. A pity they didn't put up more of a fight. I rather enjoy fights."

"Why have you invited us to stay with you?" Ruien questioned, making himself comfortable on one of the mounds of gold.

"To suck our souls, no doubt." Kalamaar mumbled.

"You seek an item, do you not?" Silverscale questioned, eyeing the dwarf.

"Yes. A stone." Ruien replied.

"Then it is as I had thought. This realm is in grave danger." The beast murmured, shaking its head.

"Danger? We were told the stone was important, but we never knew why..." Edele added.

"The item you seek is a Soulstone. It contains the essence of a great and powerful evil," Silverscale explained.

Ruien's gaze grew fixed upon the expressionless face of the dragon. Kalamaar was still busy stuffing gold and jewels into his pants, organizing things for maximum capacity. Erana was staring at the ground, lost deep within thought. Edele merely eyed her brother, looking to him as if he would resolve everything.

"An evil? What kind of evil?" Ruien asked, a tremble in his voice.

Silverscale closed its eyes momentarily, as if preparing to reveal a great and terrible secret.

"Legend tells of a person known as Marthox Xenphoral. Hundreds of years ago, Marthox led a siege against the Fortress of Light with his terrible minions. The bastion of good was temporarily overthrown; Marthox twisted the once majestic fortress into his own dark image. He was challenged and vanquished by a noble warrior named Xlaren Fairlight. Knowing this was not the end of Marthox, Xlaren took the body to the White Enclave. The High Priests trapped Marthox's essence within a Soulstone. A Soulstone will hold the soul of a once living being until it grows weak and has to be renewed," The beast stopped, catching its breath.

"The Soulstone you seek was on its way from its prison to the White Enclave to be renewed. It was hijacked by orcs, as you already know. I believe the orcs are under command of one of Marthox's allies. If Marthox is released, the world will be immersed in darkness once again," The dragon said.

Kalamaar, his clothes bulging with treasure, eyed the dragon suspiciously.

"And what do you expect us to do? You're the mighty dragon or whatnot!" The dwarf blurted.

"I have been forbidden to aid you directly. This is the hour of mortals - this is their battle," Silverscale explained.

"Do we have a chance?" Edele asked.

"Possibly," Silverscale started, "come, I have gifts for you to assist you on your quest."

Silverscale led the companions deeper into his lair. They passed treasures untold; the entire fortunes of empresses and kings were no comparison to this silver dragon's riches.

The dragon dipped one of its forelegs deep into one of its piles of silver coins and pulled out a gleaming suit of plate mail. It was brazen brass, and reflected the light beautifully.

"This, dwarf, is for you. You will find it protects you from not only mundane weaponry, but arcane forces as well," the dragon said, dropping the suit of armor at the dwarf's feet.

Dipping into the pile of silver once more, the dragon fished his clawed foreleg around and pulled out a scroll. Blowing the dust off of it, Silverscale handed it to Ruien.

"A scroll from the Archmage of Istandus, elf-friend," Silverscale said as Ruien pulled out a quill from his robes and began copying the scroll to his book.

"Let's see," the dragon started, reaching into a pile of gems and weapons, "ah, here we are. Edele, this is the Staff of Maralinia. You can draw energy from it directly, instead of exhausting yourself."

Edele eagerly accepted the gift, thanking the dragon in her most elegant form of High Elven.

The dragon glanced at Erana before he pulled out a quiver of bolts from a pile of old weaponry.

"An endless supply of enchanted bolts. Enjoy," the dragon stated, handing them to Erana.

"Before you go," the beast started, but was interrupted by a deep, sinister voice.

"Silverscale! You meddling fool!" the voice shouted.

Casting a frightening silhouette in the light at the end of the cave, the figure approached the companions.

It was a figure totally covered in jet-black armor, spikes coming from the shoulders. The helmet was fanged and horned. The figure wielded a three-headed flail.

"You're too late. The Dark Lord has sent me to destroy you and your mortal friends," it said, sneering.

"Raxinius," Silverscale muttered, "my friends, you must leave - now!"

"I ain't runnin' again! We'll stay 'n fight!" Kalamaar said, slipping his axe from its sling around his back.

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