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Soul Stone - Part Seventeen

Freddie Freeman
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"Hmm... I better head on down," Kalamaar decided, "better than sittin 'round doin' nothing!"

"Agreed," Edele shouted back.

"We shall meet back in the foyer on the first floor in one hour," Ruien ordered, "come, let's be off."

"Don't order me around, elf!" Kalamaar said before he slung Bravecleaver over his back and headed down a set of spiralling stairs.

"I wouldn't have to if you weren't such a fool," Ruien retorted, long after Kalamaar was out of sight.

The two elves continued on the upper floor. They walked upon plush, red carpet with gold lacing about its middle.

"The looking glass must be around here somewhere," Ruien said.

"Wasn't the item supposed to be in a cave and not some palace?" Edele asked.

"The hermit was obviously mistaken. Why hide an object of immense power in a dank, cold cave?" Ruien reasoned.

They continued their trek, eventually coming upon a single, wooden door. It had no handle, and Ruien's attemps and forcing it open failed.

"Magic?" Edele suggested.

"Possibly enchanted, yes," Ruien deduced.

"Shall I attempt to open it?" Edele asked, a flick of electricity surging about her fine eyes.

"Perhaps it was closed for a reason," Ruien cautioned.

"Of course it was, but that reason is unclear," Edele replied.

"Very well," Ruien conceded.

Edele smirked, and with that she forced a glowing hand up to the door.

The door's wooden hinges snapped of instantly, and the door fell inward.

"I shall enter first," Ruien said.

"I do the work and you get to go in first? Bah," Edele scoffed.

Ruien, grasping his staff fiercely, stepped inside the door.

"It seems alright," he said, motioning for his sister.

Edele quickly followed.

The door opened up into a small, plain room; quite a contrast to the spectacular furnishings of the rest of the palace.

Inside of the room was a podium. Atop is was a small, circular piece of glass.

"The looking glass!" Ruien exclaimed in a high whisper, picking it up swiftly.

"What's so special about it that we had to journey here," Edele sighed, lowering her head, "and that Erana had to give her life?"

Ruien put the eyepiece on. He gazed through it, shutting his other eye.

In an instant, Ruien's world changed.

"What's wrong?" Edele asked, looking upon her stunned sibling.

"I see... things for what they truly... for what they truly are!" Ruien cackled, turning the eyeglass to his sister.

"What do you see in me?" Edele wondered.

"A lily... though a lily with thorns upon its stem," Ruien explained.

"Interesting... well, we have what we came for," Edele snapped.

"Indeed we do," Ruien grinned, slipping the looking glass in an inner-pocket of his robe.


Kalamaar crept down the dark staircase. Every once in a while he came upon a torch, its embers barely serving their purpouse of providing light to the area.

"Stupid darkness," Kalamaar muttered, "so thick I can cut it with me axe!"

Suddenly, all of the torch-light was extinguished.

Kalamaar's eyes grew wide-open.

"I knew this was going to happen," he cried, hurrying back up the stairs.

A faint moaning could be heard at the top of the stairs.

Kalamaar reversed his direction, hastily bolting back down the flight.

"Foul spirits are always trying to wreak unholy vengeance upon me!" Kalamaar whined.

"Return from whence you came, mortal!" a voice bellowed from out of nowhere.

"Sure thing!" Kalamaar shouted, though in the back of his mind he felt he should hold his ground.

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