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Soul Stone - Part Seven

Freddie Freeman
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"You cannot win! You must flee!" Silverscale pleaded, keeping a steady eye on this strange new foe, "Raxinius is more powerful than even I!"

"He ain't more powerful than me arse-choppin' battleaxe of fear and doom and killin', I reckon," Kalamaar explained, grinding his teeth.

"Come, receive my cold steel!" the figure hissed, fazing out of existence.

"Where is he?" Erana exclaimed, loading a few her new enchanted bolts into her crossbow.

The companions, as well as Silverscale, glanced about the room nervously. Kalamaar began to whistle one of his dwarven battle-songs.

"Where is the fool?" the dwarf demanded, grasping Bravecleaver tightly.

"He... he is a Planeshifter," Silverscale replied, "he has warped into another plane... he will kill us at his leisure. No blade can cut him, no magic can befoul him - not while his Ring of Insidious Power still rests around his finger."

"How strong is he without it?" Ruien asked, shielding Edele.

"...I've never known him to be without it, so I do not know," Silverscale answered.

"I say we take the ring and smash it!" Kalamaar said.

"I sense that you will be the first to die, dwarf," Ruien replied.

At that moment, their attacker fazed back into the Prime Material plane, appearing dead in front of Silverscale. He flung his mace deep into the beast's chest, forcing a horrific howl out of the dragon. An instant later, Raxinius was gone. Silverscale lay dead at the companions' feet.

"I get his treasure," Kalamaar stated, glaring fiercely at the elves.

"Now that the dragon is... taken care of, I have a chance to offer you mortals an opportunity," an invisible voice sounded.

"We make no deals with sons of bi-" Kalamaar exclaimed, being interrupted by Ruien.

"What kind of 'opportunity'?" the elf questioned.

"You have proven yourselves worthy combatants... you've fended off an elite orcish raiding squad of Her Dark Majesty, put to rest the walking undead. Join me," the voice commanded.

"How much do you pay?" Kalamaar asked.

"Nothing," the voice replied, "being in the service of the Dark Lord is payment enough."

"We don't join with dirty sons of somethin' or other, especially for free!" the dwarf yelled, stamping his feet.

"You can either join, or I can kill you one by one, take your heads, and feed them to the wolves," the voice threatened.

"I'm in!" Kalamaar said, grinning and rubbing his neck.

"Reveal yourself, that we may discuss this face to face," Erana ordered, pulling back the string on her crossbow.

With a hiss, the very fabric of space was interrupted by a shimmering portal appearing in the middle of the companions. Out of it stepped the armored figure, wielding his huge flail.

Erana leveled her crossbow at the figure, aiming for his head.

"Do not waste your time, she-elf. You cannot harm me," Raxinius pointed out.

"Of course... the Ring," the elf whispered to herself.

"Where did you buy your Ring of Insidious Power and Might and Invincibility and Shootin' Lightnin' Out Yer Arse?" the dwarf asked, spotting the shimmering band around one of Raxinius' gloved fingers.

"It was forged in the fiery pits of the Lower Hells," the figure replied.

"Can I see it?" Kalamaar asked, rubbing his hands together.

"Don't be stupid, dwarf," Raxinius laughed, "do you think I would risk being attacked?"

"If we join you, what will happen then?" Edele asked.

Raxinius began pacing back and forth in front of the foursome.

"You will be presented before the Dark Lord and Her Dark Majesty. If they find no malice towards them in your hearts, then they may decide to spare you and let you work under me," he explained, "if not, you will be their sacrifices."

"Sounds like a shabby deal," Ruien said.

"As I said," the evil being repeated, "you can either join us or die. It makes no difference to me; however, I would hate to see such... potential... go to waste."

"We have to discuss this," Edele said, calling for her friends.

"Take your time... I have all eternity," Raxinius chuckled.

Edele motioned for the dwarf and the other two elves to come to her side. They huddled in a dark corner near a pile of silver forks, spoons, and brass goblets, which Kalamaar eyed greedily.

"We seem to be stuck between a rock and a hard place," Edele whispered.

" did this ever happen to us? This was supposed to be a routine assignment..." Ruien stated.

"One's fate is sealed the instant one is conceived. Our path is predetermined," Erana pointed out.

"I says we rip 'im a new arsehole," Kalamaar suggested, trying to hide the eagerness in his voice.

"And how do you intend to do that? He felled the great Silverscale! Plus, he wears that accursed Ring," Edele said.

"We may have to join them, if only temporarily... unless we can slip the Ring from Raxinius' finger," Erana said.

"Can ye toss any magicks? A nice bit of paralysis should straighten him out (pun intended)!" Kalamaar chuckled.

"Silverscale himself said that nor the mundane or the arcane could affect him, as long as he wears his Ring," Ruien stated.

"We could flee... I am talented in alchemy, and could temporary blind him, giving us time to escape," Erana suggested.

"Time's up," Raxinius bellowed, "what will it be?"

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