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Soul Stone - Part Nine

Freddie Freeman
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"Think, mage!" Kalamaar demanded.

"There's nothing to think. This is Movaka, literally Eternal Wandering," Ruien replied, "there is nothing we can do."

"Well, we have only two skins of water left, three biscuits, and a few drops of whiskey... all of which is mine," Kalamaar proclaimed, "so you'll have to think of something!"

"Perhaps," Edele began, "we could shift back into our own plane?"

"Are either of you familiar with magic dealing with the fabric of space and time?" Kalamaar asked sarcastically.

"No... but perhaps we can find someone else who is here with us... perhaps a planeswalker, or some other poor soul who has stumbled upon this place," Edele said.

"Well, let's get a move on!" Erana said, gathering up her quiver.

The companions picked a random direction and started a steady pace. Birds of prey circled high above them, calling to one another.

They went on for hours, Kalamaar reluctantly sharing a few drops of "his" water.

As the sun began to set and a chill wind began to blow, sand flying with it, Erana's sharp elven eyes caught site of something.

"...a glint upon the horizon," she began, "a swirl of smoke... a dwelling!"

"Good, maybe they have beer," Kalamaar proclaimed, running wildly towards the establishment.

"Some other poor soul trapped in this place, no doubt," Ruien said, hustling along with Edele.

They came upon the place, a quaint, wooden cottage; Kalamaar kicked open the door, breathing heavily.

Pushing past the dwarf, Erana entered the cabin, beholding an elderly man on a rocking chair, snoring lazily.

"I'll be an illegitimate uncle - and I am - that fool's snorin' while we're dying! Wake up!" the dwarf shouted, kicking the old man off of his chair.

"No, Kalamaar - what if he's an archwizard or something terrible? Don't anger him!" Edele exclaimed.

"Too late," the dwarf retorted.

"What... what's going on here?" the man started, grumbling as he lifted himself to his feet.

"We want out of this place, geezer!" the dwarf said.

"What? What place? This house? Then leave!" the man replied.

"Not the house, my friend," Ruien started, "rather, this plane of existence."

"Oh... you're one of those... crazy adventurers, always getting themselves into trouble. What makes you think I can help?" the man replied, "And my name is Olran."

"Olran," Edele began, "we exist, or rather, used to exist in the Prime Material Plane. Through various dealings, we were jettisoned into this plane... Movaka. We have been wandering this place for many hours, and came upon your home. Can you help us return to our own plane?"

"Maybe," Olran began, grinning, "but first, you must do something for me."

"How's about I cleave yer skull in twine, fool?" Kalamaar threatened, cracking his knuckles.

"How's about I ignite your skin and throw you into a bin of salt?" Olran retorted, glaring at the dwarf.

"Please excuse the dwarf, Olran... he is very... headstrong. Now then, what was it you needed us to do for you?" Ruien asked.

"Oh, just a small favor," the man started, "you see, I've lost something of mine... eh, an object of power... actually, the very thing I need to hopefully send you back to whatever plane you came from... it's a looking glass. A normal-looking eyepiece."

"Where do you think it is?" Erana asked.

"A cave being held by some great and terrible beast who is infinitely powerful," Olran blurted out.

"And," Kalamaar began, sighing, "what makes you think we can beat this 'beast'?"

"Oh, you'll find a way, I have no doubt. Just head west from this cabin, and you should come to his palace� whelp, I've got to be resuming my name, of which you so rudely interrupted. Goodbye," Olran said, plopping back down on his chair and falling right to sleep.

"A lot of help that fool was," Kalamaar said, "whelp, let's go kill this beast or whatever it is."

"Yes, let's," Erana said, leading the companions out of the cabin and heading west.

They trekked westward for as long as the waning sunlight held out before they had to make camp at the base of a huge sand dune.

"G'night dirtbags," Kalamaar snorted, laying his head upon a rock.

"Terrible, isn't it?" Edele began, "This place... Movaka."

"Yes, sister... I fear we may never escape it's chokehold on us."

"There is a saying among my people," Erana interrupted, having heard the whispering, "he who seeks in the name of himself, seeks in the name of evil. He who seeks in the name of others, seeks in the name of good."

"What does it mean?" Edele asked.

"I have pondered its meaning many a night... I have made it out to be this: those who work together for something will end up alright in the end... those who don't, won't," Erana explained.

The elves slept fitfully that night, tossing and turning as dreams of the barren wasteland pervaded their minds.

Morning dawned upon Movaka slowly; Kalamaar was already up, sizzling some small animal on an open flame as the elves gradually awoke.

"I caught this little rabbit-like creature going' through me liquor, so I bashed his head in and am now cookin' him... I hopes he tastes good," Kalamaar said.

"We don't have time for breakfast, Kalamaar... we should head out and make use of the sunlight," Erana said.

"I'm hungry! Plus, we need the strength of a nice meal," the dwarf protested.

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