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Soul Stone - Part Fourteen

Freddie Freeman
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"Dark Elven, I'm sure of it," Ruien nodded.

"If you are sure, then I agree with you brother," Edele added.

"As do I," Erana agreed.

"Ye're fools! It's orcish! Aww... at least we'll all die together," Kalamaar sighed.

"I do not plan on dying," Ruien replied.

"I still say we're going to anyways," the dwarf retorted.

"It does not matter what you say, Kalamaar," Edele said.

"Screw ye to the depths o' the bloody abyss!" the dwarf snorted.

"We're already here," Erana sighed.

"Oh yeah," Kalamaar remembered.

"Silence," Ruien demanded.

"Are you going to recite the runes?" Edele asked.

"Yes," Ruien answered.

The group, sans Ruien, went silent.

Ruien himself began whispering words in a harsh, yet elegant tongue.

"Is it werkin'?" Kalamaar whispered to Edele.

"I do not know," she replied.

Suddenly, a faint blue mist began swirling in front of the companions.

"It is done," Ruien said.

The mist materialized into the glowing shape of the Djinn.

"Who dares summon me?" it demanded.

"I did!" Ruien replied.

"Explain," the Djinn said.

"We demand to be taken into the palace," Ruien said.

The Djinn laughed.

"And why should I grant this wish?" it wondered.

"You are under obligation to serve he who summons you," Ruien answered.

"But you failed my tests, remember?" it chuckled.

"I care not of the past. Grant our wish," Ruien ordered.

The Djinn crossed its arms and closed its eyes.

"Very well," it said.

"Good," Kalamaar muttered.

Instantly, the companions were standing in the middle of a huge foyer.

No expense was spared, obviously, on the furnishings and decorations of the area.

A red velvet carpet, lined with gold silk, covered the floor in a strip leading up a set of spiraling stairs. Windows were clear and draped with rare linens, while only the finest qualities of wood made up the extravagant furniture.

"Now this is a palace," Kalamaar said, slumping down on one of the couches.

"You folks go ahead, kill whoever it is that needs killin'. I'll be resting here," the dwarf said.

"This place truly is marvelous," Erana said, setting her bow down on a fine earthenware table.

"Almost surreal," Edele whispered.

"Things are not always as they seem, friends," Ruien pointed out.

"They are as far as I'm concerned," Kalamaar said, fluffing a pillow.

"This does not seem right," Ruien thought.

Suddenly, the room began vibrating. A tremendous roar emitted from below the group.

"What in the foul name o' the Pitlords o' Xizor?" Kalamaar exclaimed, rolling off of the couch, ready for action.

"Brother, what could this be?" Edele asked.

"I know not," Ruien said, falling to his knees under the shaking.

As soon as it had began, the intense vibrating ceased.

A thunderous bellow emitted; a voice without a face: "Welcome to my humble abode. What business have you?"

"The business of cleavin' yer invisible arse in twine!" Kalamaar shouted.

"Excuse him," Ruien pleaded, "he's an idiot."

"Aye," Erana nodded.

"You're all against me!" Kalamaar whined, plopping down on the floor.

"Who are you?" Ruien asked of the voice.

"The being whom dwells in this place, of course," the voice replied. "Show yourself," Edele added. "Oh, now that would be unfair, wouldn't it? Giving you mortals the advantage of being able to see me," the voice cackled.

"You can see us, can't you?" Ruien reasoned.

"Yes, but I deserve a head-start, don't you think? Me being the resident and all," the voice said.

"I suppose," Kalamaar conceded.

"You're not helping, dwarf!" Erana said, sharply.

"I could take the form of a powerful being, however... that would allow me to keep my advantage. How about a Balrog?" the voice asked.

"No!" each companion shouted.

"Give us a moment to decide," Ruien said.

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