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Soul Stone - Part Five

Freddie Freeman
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"We must search for the stone immediately." Erana exclaimed.

"Screw that to the great beyond!" Kalamaar retorted, glaring at the ranger, "I wants me gold! Pretty, round, shiny, glistening coins..."

"She is right, Kal," Ruien started, "Arinar made it sound extremely important, and Erana needs to find the orcish leader. The question is, in which direction do we head? I could attempt to use my amulet-"

"By the long shanks 'o me pet hellhound," Kalamaar interrupted, "no!"

"Footprints." Erana said, having stepped outside. She knelt on the ground and inspected it closely.

"Unorganized. Chaotic. Orcs, no doubt." She said in a whisper.

Peering at the ground, Erana ran her gloved hand across and through the tracks. The companions, walking outside, could see nothing but fallen leaves and dirt.

"Psst..." Kalamaar started, whispering to Ruien, "She ain't lookin... I say I gives her a good choppin' and you toss some magicks around... we split whatever she's carrying... 80/20... get ready..."

Ruien, pushing the dwarf aside, approached Erana.

"Well?" he said.

"I've picked up the trail. It goes... in that direction," Erana replied, pointing northwest.

"Let's get going then, blast it!" Kalamaar stated, slinging the supply pack over his shoulder, mumbling to himself.

They traveled, Erana leading, for nearly three hours. Kalamaar insisted on staying behind her, claiming that she couldn't be trusted.

Suddenly, Erana stopped.

"What's the problem?" Kalamaar demanded.

"The tracks lead into that cave..." Erana said, pointing in front of her.

A gaping cave was before the companions. Partially shrouded by trees, it was pitch black inside, and replied in many echoes when Kalamaar shouted, "Does anyone have any liquor in there?"

"A dark omen." Edele stated.

"Perhaps," Ruien started, "or, perhaps it is merely the orcs' hideout."

"Either way, there's some serious pain to be dealt," Kalaamaar scowled, slamming his hands together.

"Let us proceed." Ruien said.

Erana walked up to the foot of the cave. Peering inside, she motioned for the others to follow.

The cave was dark; that much was obvious. As they crept deeper and deeper within, the air started to become increasingly hot. Kalamaar wiped sweat from his brow, cursing himself for not killing the elves when he had the chance.

"Who knows what foul beasts dwell within these dark depths?" Kalamaar said, his voice heavy.

"You are trying too hard to frighten us, dwarf." Edele sighed.

Kalamaar gave a cackling laugh and started, "Your blood shall feed the dead! Be afraid!"

After many more minutes of walking, which seemed like an eternity, the companions came to a large set of double-doors, built within the cave's stone.

Kalamaar, feeling the fine features of the doors, which were encrusted with jewels, marveled at the construction.

"A pity it ain't dwarven," Kalamaar said.

The door was hot to the touch, as Kalamaar found out.

"Perhaps we should-" Ruien was interrupted by Kalamaar, whom kicked open the door with his iron-booted foot.

The companions gaped in awe. Lying before them, among heaps of gold, jewelry, crowns, and other luxuries, was a silver dragon, staring at them with a pair of jet-black eyes.

"Who dares enter my chamber?" it roared.

"Kalamaar Ironforge, second son of the Great Lord Jebsworth VII, King Under the Mountain, grandfather of Thurn, sixth sister of me illegitimate daughter, who-" Kalamaar was cut off by the dragon.

"Enough!" It roared, "What business have you here?"

"The business of cleavin' your dragonlike arse in twine!" Kalamaar snorted, flashing Bravecleaver at the beast.

"Excuse him, my lord," Edele said, bowing to the dragon, "we stumbled upon your cave whilst traveling through the forest, searching for the Blacktooth Orc clan's headquarters."

"My friends seek an item they hold, while I desire to assassinate their leader." Erana added.

With that, the beast sighed and reared what could be called a smile.

"Ah, come in, friends." It said, turning its huge, muscular body, nearly hitting Kalamaar with its spiked tail, "Won't you stay for dinner?"

"To the Hells with that!" Kalamaar said, frantically stuffing his pants with loot, "I'll have YOU for dinner!"

The beast rumbled in a light chuckle, having made eye contact with Ruien that told him Kalamaar was a bit eccentric.

"I'm afraid we can't stay long," Ruien started, "we have pressing business."

"I think we could learn a lot from him, brother. Perhaps we should." Edele said.

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