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Soul Stone - Part Fifteen

Freddie Freeman
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"A Giant! Nothing better for a dwarf than fellin' a giant, I says!" Kalamaar proclaimed, drawing Bravecleaver and widening his stance.

"I suppose that would do," Ryan entered.

"Very well," the voice bellowed.

"I do not like this, brother," Edele whispered.

"Nor I," Erana added.

"Bah! Everything's gonna be fine!" Kalamaar snorted.

"Famous last words, my friend," Erana replied.

Suddenly, a massive Mountain Giant was before them. It appeared out of thin air, literally, brandishing a huge wooden club. Long, steel spikes were pointing out from the club's tip.

"Satisfied?" the giant roared.

"Quite," Ruien smirked, accessing the portion of his mind devoted to the Art.

Kalamaar straightened his horned helmet. He began whistling an ancient dwarven warsong. With a great bellow, he charged the giant.

"I'll cut you a few feet shorter!" Kalamaar threatened, slashing at the giant. The dwarf couldn't reach any higher than his enemy's ankle.

"Har!" the giant laughed, kicking Kalamaar away. The dwarf slammed up against a close wall, knocking him unconscious.

"Et arsh! Larknor! SHIBEDOH!" Ruien exclaimed, his eyes glistening white. The ground opened up before him, flaming ash erupting from the crevice. From the depths emerged a flaming beast, hovering a foot above the ground. It stared at Ruien, locked in a mental battle for dominance.

"He'll be doing that for the next few minutes," Edele pointed out, before she began whispering words to herself.

"I'll hold him off," Erana said, firing a salvo of bolts at the Giant. Its tough flesh, however, was not pierced by her fine elven bolts.

"My turn," it shouted, grasping its club with both hands. It lifted the club high above its head. With tremendous speed, it brought it down upon Erana, who was busy re-loading her crossbow.

A muffled scream was the last thing that ever left Erana's lips. Unless, of course, you count the blood forced from her insides.

"You dead," the giant chuckled, scraping what was left of the poor elf from his club.

"Fool!" Ruien shouted, having gained control over his elemental. His face turned red with rage as he commanded his minion to attack the Giant.

The elemental, moaning with malevolence toward his master, flew toward the Giant. It hovered about its head, avoiding the giant's swats. It held out both hands and shot a stream of white-hot flames into the giant's face.

"Aarrgh!" the giant cried, grasping its scorched face. Its vision was gone. It dropped its club, which narrowly missed rolling over the collapsed Kalamaar.

"Kalamaar!" Ruien shouted, "Get up!"

With a huff, the dwarf lazily opened his eyes. He looked about, dazed at the entire situation. Slowly, everything came into focus.

"Sister! Now!" Ruien shouted while giving his elemental further instructions.

Edele, with a great show of will, worked her energies around the giant. It moved in and out of existence, eventually returning to normal. However, its hearing was now hampered as well as its vision.

"That should help somewhat," Edele nodded.

Kalamaar stood up quickly, then fell over again as the blood rushed to his feet. Again he stood up, slowly this time, and tried to regain his focus.

"Me no hear! Me no see! Me no like!" the giant cried, blindly stomping about, crushing bits of furniture and making large craters in the once-beautiful floors.

"Knock me around, will ya?" Kalamaar growled, shaking off the last of his dizziness. He grasped his axe firmly and began swinging it round and round, much as a discus-thrower would with a discus. After a few revolutions, Kalamaar released the axe.

Bravecleaver sang as it rushed through the air, tumbling toward the fazed giant. With a disgusting, blunt noise, the axe buried itself deep within the giant's skull.

The humongous beast fell with a clash.

"Serves him right. Hey, what happened to the she-hag?" Kalamaar asked, his voice brimming with urgency.

"She died in battle," Edele sighed, tears welling in her eyes.

"An honorable death, I says. I'll be takin' her armor, cloak, crossbow, boots, and socks, if you don't mind," the dwarf said, rubbing his hands together greedily.

"Do not befoul the dead!" Ruien commanded.

"What will she care? She's dead!" the dwarf protested.

"I will not argue with you, dwarf. Leave her things," Ruien scowled.

"...bah, I didn't want 'em anyways," Kalamaar sighed.

"Terra en yaren, Erana. Sleep well betwixt the earth, Erana," Edele said, burying Erana deep within the ground with a burst of energy.

"At least today was a good day to die. I almost died myself. I want you elves to know, that if I ever die, I want you to take my belongin's, alrighty?" Kalamaar said.

"Already planned on it," Edele said, gazing over Erana's grave.

"For awhile now," Ruien added.

"What? I knew it! You're plotting against me!" Kalamaar protested, trying to wedge his axe out of the giant's skull.

As the dwarf slipped his axe into his sling, the Giant fazed into nothingness with a dull hiss.

"Where'd he go?" Kalamaar exclaimed.

"Cursed if I know," Ruien said.

"Shall we explore the rest of this palace?" Edele asked.

"I says we go back to the hermit's house and beat the Hells outta 'im for sendin' us on this stupid quest. Who's with me?" Kalamaar proclaimed.

No-one answered.

"We will explore the palace. Shall we proceed on our level, ascend the stairs, or head down to the lower levels?" Ruien asked.

"Lower levels? I can see durn well in the dark, so's I votes for that!" Kalamaar grinned.

"Hmm, I doubt what we seek would be underneath this house... more likely, it is somewhere in the upper levels," Edele reasoned.

"Well that Giant just disappeared, so I think we should decide before he comes back," Ruien said.

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