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Soul Stone - Part Eight

Freddie Freeman
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"No," Ruien started, whispering, "we cannot join this evil. We shall fight it to our bitter end."

Edele and Erana nodded while Kalamaar gave a stern glare and a snort.

"What is your decision?" Raxinius bellowed, approaching the companions.

"Whelp," Kalamaar began, twirling his axe, "looks like we're going to have to send ye back to the Abyss with yer arse cleaved in twine - no hard feelin's!"

"A pity," Raxinius chuckled, "come, let us finish it."

"Wait," Edele said, "you say you are impervious to harm, as long as you wield the Ring. Let each of us have a fair chance to attack you, vain as it may be."

"I don't mind toying with my victims before severing their souls," Raxinius started, "very well. Make it quick."

"I'll go first," Edele proclaimed, eyeing the others.

"Fine, hag," Raxinius laughed.

The enchantress began reciting strange words, causing Kalamaar to plug his ears and hum. After a few seconds, she began transforming into a horrific beast. Energy and light pulsated around her, until at last the morphine was complete. Edele was now a Wyvern.

With a terrible shriek, she leapt for Raxinius, her piercing talons stretched outward. Raxinius smiled under his helmet, laughing mildly. In an instant, Edele had reached the enemy, but could find no weak points in his armor. She clawed at his hands, trying to get the Ring. She scratched and tore, but could draw no blood. Finally, she gave up, right before the enchantment wore off.

"Next," Raxinius bellowed.

Erana slid a vial out of her belt, a beige-colored one, and dipped a trio of bolt tips into it. She loaded and cocked her crossbow, aiming for her enemy's heart. At the same time, she heard Ruien whispering arcane words.

Raxinius outstretched his arms, laughing mildly, "Come, come, hit me in my heart!"

Erana released the bolts from her crossbow; they flitted through the air with breathtaking speed, twirling as they went.

At that very instant, Ruien's tone sharpened; he moved his fingers in odd patterns, repeating them over and over. Raxinius was covered from head to toe in a slippery grease... so slippery, in fact, that the Ring slid right off his finger, a moment before Erana's magical bolts pierced his armor and embedded themselves in his flesh.

With a choke of surprise, Raxinius fell to the ground, grasping the many bolts that felled him.

"A... curse... upon... you..." Raxinius said, struggling as he breathed his last breath.

"I didn't even get to do anything!" Kalamaar complained, "I'll chop his head of, that's what I'll do!"

Before the eager dwarf could make headway, everything went black.

He awakened awhile later - he couldn't tell how long it had been. He was in a barren desert wasteland, with no sign of anyone, except for the three elves, which lay unconscious beside him.

Kalamaar managed to arouse his companions, sacrificing his last flask of whiskey in the process.

"Wake up!" Kalamaar shouted, slapping Ruien.

"...w... where am I?" Ruien asked, his vision blurred.

"Who knows?" Kalamaar said, proceeding to awaken the other two.

Ruien stood himself up with the help of his staff, surveying the landscape, shielding his eyes from the beating sun.

"Movaka," Ruien sighed.

"What?" Kalamaar asked, shaking Edele.

"Movaka... Raxinius cursed us before he died... we are doomed to wander this place for all eternity," the elf explained, unemotional.

"WHAT?" Kalamaar exclaimed, "Eternity? You mean FOREVER? I ain't stayin' here that long - we have to get outta here!"

Ruien cupped his hands over his brow, surveying the landscape. The sand was white and vast, the sun like a golden orb of wine. There was no sign of anything but sand for as long as his sharp elven eyes could see.

"None have ever escaped from Movaka. It intersects the Prime Material Plane - you see, we're in a whole different existence all together... an alternate plane of reality. Things are different here."

"Brother," Edele began, shaking her head, "where are we?"

"Movaka," Ruien replied.

"Blast," Edele cursed.

"Where's that?" Erana asked, still groggy.

"He just explained it!" Kalamaar exclaimed, "It's a whole different plane of existence... so, things are different here than in OUR plane... unless, o' course, our plane is the different once, and this is the PRIME one, which means this one is normal, of course it's still different, since we've never been here."

Erana merely closed her eyes and laid her head back upon the white desert sand, sighing deeply.

"Actually, we will no doubt die of starvation, or perhaps dehydration, long before eternity," Edele commented.

"You are right, sister," Ruien added.

"Saying things like that doesn't do anything for my morale! Come on - there has to be a way out of this! By the jigglin' bowels o' me sister, we'll find a way!" Kalamaar proclaimed, "Even if it kills you!"

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