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Something I Have to Tell (Part Two)

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September 10 1999

I have been unable to write in my journal recently for I have only just came back from a trip up north. I'm not sure if I should pen anything about my adventure, even though I have only vague recollections of that which transpired. What I do remember is a blur of adrenaline charged redness that left my clothes soaked in... I just hope that there was no-one around to witness my intense bloodlust which took over me when I went out camping. I ate well but something missing from my mind sends a chill down my spine. But, oh, the thrill of it!

September 11 1999

It's so strange coming back from the real world of which I missed so much recently. My mother died last year to a strange malady that seemed to effect and take away a large percentage of the populace of Bezentil and some of the nearby villages. News from Uthmere suggests that even that great city is not unaffected by this disease.

I had just entered a chamber in one of the hidden crypts in the forest when I found myself back here. Just as I began the transition between worlds, one of my companions screamed in shear horror and I am sure I heard the name "Vandrii" echo after me as my body swooped through the ethereal plane towards my illusionary prison. As every time I have returned from the other place, those that were around me didn't even notice the time that never seemed to pass here. I had been entertaining a few neighbours when, according to them, I seemed to just take a moment or two to remember the punchline of a joke I was telling. After two years away, I couldn't even remember what I was doing never mind what I was saying at the time. I feigned a migraine and took my leave to go to bed. I was feeling as if I might be really losing all sanity and was deciding to have myself committed but for one small thing that I noticed. For in my still clenched hand was an old looking flint arrowhead. I remember immediately that at the moment of my transfer back here I was studying some fragments of a quiver of ancient construction, which had been knocked from a shelf in the death chamber of the crypt.

What can this mean? Am I going mad? What should I do?

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