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Silly Adventurers (Part Two)

Kieran Penrice aka Malerik
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Phew! FINALLY finished that dang adventure. I wish I'd never started it now. Think of anything that could go wrong, and then add 4 more things going wrong and you have what happened in this adventure. This group of adventurers should have their wisdom reduced to 0 for this.

Resuming where i left off last time, but LB the sorceror and Hari Ty'per JR the druid had to leave, but were replaced by Ishimari Hamayoto from the first adventure and a new character, Daitsumari Kaji (coldest fire), a lawful neutral human monk.

Part one: But...but... it was only meant to SURPRISE you!

The newly altered party re-entered the dungeon after destroying the house and found their way back to where they were previously. Deciding AGAINST going across the water again they go down the only door they hadnt tried and enter a cramped corridor. Part-way down this corridor i have placed a pit trap, about 20ft deep. Slasher detects said trap.

Slasher: can i step over it?

DM: no, its about as wide as this table (say, 3 foot) and you're just a halfling.

Slasher: but i can jump it, right?

DM: try.

Slasher makes it across.

Kaji: I'll go next

Kaji makes it too

Shinobi: I'm huge, so surely i can just step across?

DM: Its quite wide, and you're quite weighed down, take a balance check.

He fails this check, and lands on his arse.

No-one moves to help him.

Vaebn: I'll jump too.

Vaebn also falls. On Shinobi. They're quite hurt.

Ishimari: I'll jump.


Ishimari: (a whiny little kid in real life btw) Why did I fall? I got a 12!

DM: You're carrying over 200lbs worth of stuff!

Vaebn: Shinobi, give me a boost so i can jump out.

Vaebn escapes.

Kaji: ok, lets make a person ladder. Vaebn, you hold my legs and lower me down, they can grab my quarterstaff and we can pull them up.

(i shoot them all incredulous looks but they dont even notice)

Ishimari: wait, you'd best take my stuff first so that I'm lighter.

Slasher: I want no part in this.

DM: the armour has been pulled up, now for ishimari.

Ishimari is pulled up and a second, longer person chain is formed.

Ok, this is where the heavy rolling takes place.

DM: and heeeeeeeere come the strength checks! First up, ishimari, can you hold vaebn?


DM: can Vaebn hold kaji?


DM: can Kaji support shinobi?


DM: can ishimari pull them all back up?

hell no. He's struggling to keep them all from falling in!

DM: come on ishimari, try again!

eek! ishimari falls on his chest and is sliding towards the pit, is the party going to be defeated by a hole?

Slasher: I run to help! I grab onto his heels!

DM: you're going to have to pull all of them up you know, thats going to be hard for a weak little halfling...

Weak little halfling my ass! Rolling a 20, an 18 and a 19 in order, Slasher shows the insane strength that can only be brought about by a rogue seeing his source of income dissapearing before him and pulls the entire party out of the pit!

Yet all i can think about is how much trouble this pit caused. a flippin HOLE IN THE GROUND!

Part 2: You wanna do what?!

Having chosen their route by virtue of listening for squeaking noises the adventurers went into a room filled with swinging blades. Presented with a bookcase filled with books with no writing in them yet names of animals on the covers, they were unable to figure out what to do. This was my fault i must confess, as the riddle that would instruct them what to do was down a different passage. so instead of going back, slasher decides he's going to risk the passageway.


He reaches the other end with most of his major organs, but not all, intact and starts opening the chest at the other end. His friends try to follow and end up destroying the first swinging blade then using its axe-head to diable the other two, getting quite badly maimed in the process (Kaji was actually impaled at one point).

The moral? Always make sure that the area the riddle pertains to is unreachable without first encountering the area where the riddle is.

Part three: You wanna do WHAT?!?!?!?!?

Upon finding a room with a bed, kaji promptly used his massive strength and his craft skill to fashion "springy shoes" out of the bed's springs and wooden supports. He wanted them so he could improve his jump skill. nuff said.

Part four: The final insult.

Upon encountering the final boss of the dungeon: 2 druid (one level 4 armed with a magic scythe, one level 2 armed with a magic quarterstaff) 2 black bears and a wolf the party seeming forgot they were still mauled from their previous encounter with the swinging blades and promptly sprung into action. It was exactly which action they sprung into that was the issue. Shinobi (who was quite obviously bored out of his skull by this point) charged into the fray, relieved to have a fight at last, engaging the two black bears, despite only having 2 hp. Vaebn and kaji decided to try to reason with the charging druids and wolf whilst ishimari and slasher remained on the other side of a magic portal, trying on cursed rings (well, they didnt know that at the time)

Vaebn was decapitated by a 28 damage critical hit from the lvl 4 druid before he drew a weapon, his 2 turns of reasoning having had no effect.

Kaji started leaping round like a wild thing and killed the wolf.

Shinobi managed to slay one black bear and heavily injure the other before losing conciousness.

Slasher eventually joined the combat, charged the lvl 2 druid and was instantly KO'ed.

Ishimari screamed for a bit whilst the cursed ring burned under his flesh, the marched through the portal and hacked down the scythe wielding druid with kaji's help. Luckily for them, the other druid then fled.

Eventually the party was restored to full health, even Vaebn, but the killer is...


Here is the riddle which totally stumped my party (A total of 8 guys who have just passed their A-levels and a 12 year old) for about 3 weeks solid. Eventually Kaji guessed near the mark, so i let them have it.

Earth is not earth without it,

water is not water.

Wind is not Wind without it.

fire is not fire.

All of these exist without it,

what is it?

Answers on a postcard....

Silly Adventurers, Part Two © Kieran Penrice aka Malerik

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