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Sea Of Shadows - Page Two

Mayseth Aalikor
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A lone figure in the tent sensed a magical presence that was almost too quick for him to notice. Relaxing a bit as the sense passed he turned back to his commander, drawing plans for the upcoming fight. They had been planning the raid for almost 2 weeks as they marched, there numbers wern't strong, only six hundred give or take a few, but they where drow and believed that they had both the element of surprise and expert fighting skill. They had come hunting the drow traitor Drizzt Do'Urden, and had tracked him to this town. There last report told them that he now had a magic mask that portrayed him as a surface elf.

The commander looked around at the generals as he spoke "So it's settled, we'll send some advance gaurds tommorow night. They will scout out the defenses, and report back to us!" The generals all nodded their consent and waited for him to finish. "Welikoth," he started "choose your three best scouts and get them ready for tommorow, dismissed!"

Welikoth stepped out of the tent, thankful that he could get away from the cruel commander, he began looking for his scouts. Spotting them near one of the campfires near the center of the camp. He walked up to the three drow huddled around the fire trying to keep the chilly air away from their skin, they where used to living below ground where the tunnels were kept at a constant temperature do to the proximity of the earth's core. They stood up stalk straight as the general approached and waited for him to start talking.

"You have been chosing to scout ahead of the army and measure up the defenses of the village." he said "Keep a look-out for anybody resembling Drizzt, if you see him get back here with all haist, and we shall attack and crush the village."

"Yes, sir!" they all replied in unison and left to start their preperations.

The wizard noted that one of the generals in the tent started looking around as the scrying orb entered the tent, the wizard quickly waved the wand in front of the orb and it faded back to nothing. He wished that he could learn more of the plans that they where talking about, but he didn't want to alert the drow to his presence. He walked to the mirror that was decorated with raised images of an umber hulk, he pushed the top left corner back and the mirror began to swirl to reveal the view of another one of the temples rooms. He stepped through and walked to the far wall cautiously. He kept looking over his shoulders to the cages that surrounded the room. Each cage had an umber hulk in it, and each hulk was waiting to get their hands on something fleshy and destroy it. The bars on the cage had a magical feel to them and the wizard knew that the hulks couldn't break-out, but that didn't stop him from being cautius. The far wall contained his most prized creation an Iron golem, he had spent more then 2 years in solitude constructing the golem. Now he had plans for it. He opened the golem pen and called out a command, the golems eyes opened immediatly and stared down the 3 feet to the wizards eyes. The wizard always felt insignifigant to the golem, and was glad the thing only listened to his specific commands.

"Follow me!" he commanded starting towards the center of the room. He started casting a spell as the golem approached moving his hands in the long lost motions of the spell and his chanting seemed more like a song then any distinguishable words. A blue light started forming directly above him and the golems head. The diameter of the light grew increasingly untill it was wider then the two figures below it. The wizard felt a small tug on his body and began lifting off the floor towards the light, the golem was a little harder to move and he remained on the ground for several seconds as the light increased it's power. The wizard was almost half-way through before the golem started moving, then they both dissapeared and the blue light shrunk to a dot and exploded in a harmless blue light that encompased the room.

"Are you sure you know where your going?"

"I'm sure, I told you I've been here hundreds of times!"

The two figures kept arguing as they walked through the forest, they had started only an hour ago before the light of dawn started appearing over the horizon bathing the world in an orange light. The figures stopped only four miles from the elven village they where heading too. The second figure started looking around to see if he could spot any landmarks that would tell him which way to go.

"You see," the second figure said pointing to a three-hundred foot tree in the distance "I told you we where heading the right way."

The first figure started up a nearby tree using his supreme agility to climb it like it was a staircase, he reached the top and looked for the village. Spotting it to the northeast he jumped off of the fifty foot tree, the tallest he could find, and landed in a roll coming up on his feet he executed a high back roll to help slow his momentum. His friend just smiled and ask what he saw.

"The village, no more then four miles from here, to the northeast!" he anwsered brushing the dirt from his clothes and making sure he hadn't lost anything.

"Look's like your monk training paid off hey, Gwaemos?" the first figure said.

"It had better, Ybiral, I spent most of my life training." Gwaemos replied.

"Hurry we'll be in the village in a couple hours. " Ybiral said as he started walking towards the village whistling a pleasant tune.


Sea Of Shadows - Page 2 © Mayseth Aalikor

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