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Sea Of Shadows - Page Three

Mayseth Aalikor
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Ybiral, and Gwaemos arrived at the village just after dawn, walking up the gate the two announced themselves as weary travelers.

"No visiters at this time!" the sentry stated firmly.

"I live here," Ybiral replied, confused at the sentrys statement "I left for Calimport 6 months ago to establish a trade route but found myself 'distracted' by the action I found in the city. Why is it I can't even enter my own village?"

"I'm sorry but I can't let anybody in, the drow have been known to use magic on their spies." the sentry said getting more agittated that the two wouldn't leave.

"Drow? What are you talking about?" Gwaemos asked looking around, nervously.

"Yes what are you talking about?" Ybiral continued also looking in the trees and along the horizon, for any sign of an army.

"No admit..." the sentry started when behind the two figures a growing blue light began spreading across the ground, Ybiral and Gwaemos jumped back to where the sentry was standing. The light began growing this time tilting untill it was vertical, a black clad figure floated out of the portal and drifted to the ground no more then five feet in front of the sentry. The three gasped and reached for their weapons when an Iron Golem walked out behind the black figure. The golem stood perfectly still behind the wizard awaiting orders.

"Hold!" the wizard said to the three now grasping weapons and looking for an escape route "I mean no harm, and he is under my complete control."

This didn't help relax Ybiral, or Gwaemost though, they still clutched their weapons and expected a spell any minute. The sentry lowered his halberd and raised his hand in a salute to the wizard.

"Greatings, Mayseth!" the sentry said, just recognizing the mage.

"I'm here to speak to the village superior." the mage said without any response to the sentry.

"Right away, but your golem will have to stay here, I'm afraid he won't be 'welcome' in our village." the sentry replied, not caring of the disrespect the mage had just shown him.

"So long as you provide protection to him!" Mayseth replied with a hint of disgust. "What are those two doing?" he continued.

"There trying to find an escape route, it looks like." the sentry replied laughing at his own joke untill Mayseth flashed an angry glance his way and repeated his question.

"We can talk for ourselves." Ybiral replied to the mages question, "We're here to gain access to my home village, but this 'nice' sentry won't let us pass." he continued sarcasticly.

Nobody noticed Gwaemos slip into the shadows under a tree and start fiddling with something on his face. He reappeared beside the mage his weapons returned to there sheaths. The mage glanced to his right at Gwaemos and sensed something magical, suspecting that it was one of the adventurers weapons he let it be, instead focusing his attention on Ybiral who was still being rather rude to the poor sentry.

"Enough!" Mayseth almost yelled after several minutes of arguing between the two, "I haven't come here to bother with you, and the only reason I transported in outside the town gates is because I didn't want to upset anyone, so if you'll just allow me to pass I'll be on my way."

The sentry stared blankly at the mage for a spilt second then signaled somebody on the wall. The gates began swinging open and the mage started away before they had even fully opened. That was the last Ybiral, and Gwaemos saw of the mage for the rest of the day. They again began arguing with the sentry for admittance into the town, and where finally allowed to enter. Walking through the gate they found themselves in a town built almost entirely in the trees, the largest being the 300 foot tree in the middle of the village housing the government building and the soldiers that where off duty. The two travelers started towards Ybirals house. It took them several minutes to climb the rope ladders leading up to the upper levels of the town, they stepped off the ladder and walked along the rope bridge to the far east untill it ended. Ybiral spoke a single word and a bridge extended from the house in a nearby tree to the bridge they where standing on. Ybiral smiled at Gwaemos and started across to the small one storey building. Opening the door with another word the two started in to the house and moved to one of the two rooms off of the hall they where in.

"Welcome to my house!" Ybiral said proudly as he looked at all of the weapons and tapastries he had hung on the wall, momentos of previous adventures.

"Nice place," Gwaemos said with a smile "but we should be getting to work soon."

"Your right, follow me!" Ybiral said as he headed for a back door, opening it he walked out onto an invisble bridge that slowly climbed higher to the top of a hundred foot tree where they found another small building almost identical to the first. Ybiral walked through the door, and turned just in time to see Gwaemos walk into it and smash his nose. He looked up at Ybiral and scouled.

"What's with the door?" he asked.

"It's been enchanted to only let me through." he said laughing "Just wait here I'll be back, oh and don't move because it's a long fall to the ground." he said looking over the edge down the seventy-five feet to the closest bridge, and the other 50 to the ground. He walked off laughing again.


Sea Of Shadows - Page 3 © Mayseth Aalikor

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