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Sea Of Shadows - Page Seven

Mayseth Aalikor
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The first two ninja's circled around the two adventurers untill they where behind them. A scraping sound drew the crowds attention towards the ceiling where the wizard was being lowered on a pedestal towards the floor, a gag over his mouth to prevent him from casting spells. Ybiral grinned, happy to see the wizard was going to die beside them. The pedestal touched the floor and the wizard was forced off by some invisible force. The moment Mayseth stepped off the platform raised, and the ninja's in the arena spread themselves out to form a circle around the three. Ybiral was gripping and re-gripping the sword he was giving by the ninja master when they entered the arena. Gwaemos instead put the sword in his belt and talked towards the wizard, intent on getting his gag out. Before he reached the wizard a black blur appeared in front of him then reshaped back into the ninja. A glint of light to his left gave him the warning he needed and Gwaemos threw his body to the right landing in a roll narely avoiding the blade, he came up with the sword drawing and glanced over his shoulder to check on the others. Ybiral was holding one off, well the other two stayed back waiting for their moment. Gwaemos began an intricate dance with the sword dodging and parrying his foes attacks. With a great effort he forced the sword out of the ninjas hand, it flew straigh into the wooden wall and sank almost 4 inchs in. The ninja had a look of terror in his eyes as Gwaemos brought his sword around for the final blow. Inch's from the ninja's face a clang of steel halted his blade and forced him into a back flip just to keep away from the new threat.

"How you doing?" Gwaemos yelled towards Ybiral

"I've been better!" Ybiral replied flatly as he parried another blow and began his own offensive moves, pushing the ninja backwards. "How's the wizard?!" he asked.

With the ninja pounding at his defenses he didn't have time to check. He turned and ran towards the wall on the far wall, the ninja in hot persuit. Gwaemos ran halfway up the wall and flew into a backwards flip, landing behind the ninja just as he was about to execute the same move, throwing his wieght into his sword he pushed it through the ninja's leg stopping him immediatly as he reached down and howled at the pain. Turning to see the wizard trying to stave off death from the first ninja's hand attacks he rushed over and launched his body into a corkscrew kick, he spirraled through the air and landed squarley on the ninja's chest, knocking the wind out of him, and putting him out of the fight.

"The wizards fine!" Gwaemos shouted over to Ybiral, still dealing with his ninja. Gwaemos reached towards the wizards gag and tried to remove it but his hand was force back by an invisible field.

"You'll find that quite impossible to remove!" the ninja master yelled from his vantage point, laughing at him.

"That's what you think." was Gwaemos's only reply as he put his sword away again and began to chant a spell, this time he didn't see the glint of steel as a blade side struck the back of his head, knocking him forward onto the wizard and out.

"Gwaemos?" Ybiral asked concerned when the chanting had stopped so suddenly. He turned for a brief second to see his friend laying onto of the wizard unmoving, and a ninja standing over him with his sword preparing to finish him. With a loud battle cry Ybiral left his current battle and charged straight for the ninja over his friend. Slicing violently the ninja had a hard time holding him at bay, strike after strike was narly missed by the ninja. Ybiral had almost had him when he turned and seen the other ninja just choping his sword towards Gwaemos's neck. Ybiral launched his sword at the ninja, striking him in the neck, ending his life. A small movement to his right on the other side of the arena told him where a sword was protruding from the wall, it was still waving back and forth from the impact. Faking left he charged off to the right straight towards the sword, he didn't realize how deap it was untill he was almost in front of it. "By the nine hells!" he cursed as he glanced over his shoulder at the ninja charging towards him his sword over his shoulder ready to strike. Ybiral grab hold of the sword hilt in the wall and tugged with all of his strength the sword moved an inch then stopped. The ninja's sword cut through the air towards his side but with a quick roll to his left he avoided the blow and heard the grunt of pain from the ninja as he seen the sword sticking out of his mid section. Ybiral turned to see Mayseth grasping at a broken arm, and limping towards him with a smile on his gagged face as the ninja fell lifeless to the floor.

With a flash the three where once again in their cells, Gwaemos was still out, and Mayseth still clutching his wounds.

"What in the Underdark happened?" Ybiral asked to no one in particular.

"You just lived through your first day of try-outs." came an echoe reply from somewhere overhead.

"Try-outs?" Ybiral asked confused, looking for the source of the voice.

"They capture people from around the realms and bring them here to test thier skills before forcing them to complete quests for them." was the reply.

"What, who, how, why?" Ybiral stammered still looking for the source of the voice. No reply came and he sat back down and waited.


Sea Of Shadows - Page 7 © Mayseth Aalikor

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