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Sea Of Shadows - Page One

Mayseth Aalikor
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Noticing a blue glow to the left of his vision, he turned to investigate. He had been sent out on patrol from the nearby village to keep a look-out for any sign of the pending invasion. Walking through the dark oak forest wasn't exactly what he had planned, but because he was an elf he felt at home in the forest, knowing every living thing here gave him a sense of security as he approached the light. Being able to make out more details he spotted the ground ripping in half in a small circle and falling away into nothiness, the blue light streched the circle until it was a couple meters across. Drawing his bow and climbing a nearby oak tree, he readied himself incase the enemy had found a quicker way to the village. He readied his first arrow as a head appeared over the crest of now three meter hole. More and more of the body became visible untill the body was floating several meters off the ground. The elf in the tree noticed with an audible sigh of relief as the figure he recognized was at least elf. He kept his bowed ready incase the figure's intents wern't honorable.

A sudden flash of blue light spreading at least ten meters in all directions and up for at least the same. The elf in the tree didn't even know what had happened untill it was too late, and he wouldn't have to worry again as he fell into the forever slumber of death, along with every other living thing the in ten meter area, birds fell from the trees, curious animals fell dead on the spot, even the leaves on the trees turned brown and fell off the trees.

The blue light dissipated and the figure slowly drifted to the ground, his black cloak fluttering in the breeze as he landed.

"Finaly, I have arrived." he thought examining the forest around him, happy with his work. The 300 foot tree just beyond his view told him that he has definetly arrived. He moved to the edge of the 10 meter area, and began the chanting and drawing of the arcane runes on the ground. He finished the spell and stood back as a circular stone tower started rising from the exact center of the now barren field, The top of the tower was actually four towers dividing from about the middle out and up like a four-pronged spear. Each spire measured at least 5 meters around, and the base of the tower was a good 20 meters. The tower had now fully rose and instanly became invisible. He started walking towards it passing through the invisible barrier onto the the bridge the rose up a foot or two above the ground. Passing through the door caused a white light to shine for a split section making sure that the person passing was indead the wizard. He stood on the other side of the door staring at his creation. The walls where lined with shelves of books, each one holding differant secrets, and differant spells. The northern corner, directly opposite of where he was standing held a starwell leading the second level. He climbed these stairs and came into another room filled with traps to kill anybody who expected to reach the top levels and attack him. He walked to the four mirrors against the far wall and twisted a small dragon figurine along the top of the frame. Walking into the mirror he stepped out into one of the four spires of the tower. This particular room contained his scrying equipment, the most important beinging in the exact middle of the room, well the inside scrying equipment, which he used to view the other rooms in the tower where along the wall. This room also contained another four mirrors linking him to the other spires, and the lower levels of the tower.

He pulled a wand off of the wall and ran it in front of the scrying globe in the middle of the room, chanting a quick spell he pointed the globe towards the village. The darkness of the night didn't stop him, with he's keen night vision, increased with magic, he was able to make out the sentry's walking along the walls, and the sleeping villagers in their homes. Taking a count he discovered that the village contained no more then a couple thousand villagers, and at least two hundred soldiers. He waved the wand again and the globe filled with smoke, then cleared as it focused on the army that had plans on invading the small village. Nearly the whole camp was asleep, save for the fifty or so armed sentries walking along the perimeter of the camp. Focusing on the large tent in the middle of the camp he waved the wand again, and the globe filled with smoke again, clearing to the view of the inside of the tent. He spotted the commander, and his generals talking about strategies. The images where very clear and he jumped as he saw his enemies, drow elves.

"So the rumors where true," he muttered to himself "this could prove more difficult then expected!"

Untill next time.


Sea Of Shadows - Page 1 © Mayseth Aalikor

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