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Sea Of Shadows - Page Five

Mayseth Aalikor
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"Why is you only stayed in the village for less then a day?" the wizard began.

"We only came to fetch an item from Ybirals house." Gwaemos replied.

"Show me the object." the wizard demanded stretching his hand out to recieve to item.

"I'm sorry," Ybiral started "but the item in question can only be touched by me or it destroy's itself."

"A fine story, now show me the item." the wizard demanded again. Ybiral reached into his pocket and pulled the orb out just as the intense red light it was emminating faded away, he held it up and said "You can look, but don't touch!" The wizard didn't seem to like this and reached out for the orb. But Ybiral pulled the orb closer to his body and turned away from the wizard. In an instance the two where surrounded with soldiers ready to help the wizard out. Ybiral recognized the problem they now faced, and turned back to the wizard.

"Can you cast a force shield around the orb? I'm serious when I say it will destroy itself." he asked. The mage looked up at him then back down to the glowing orb and began a spell. Taking the orb from Ybiral it started shaking slightly at the powerful wizards touch, not used to it. Soon the field had it settled down and the mage began casting another spell to find the purpose of the orb.

"This orb is used for nothing more then tracking people. Why do you have it?" the mage inquired

"My friend," gesturing towards Gwaemos "and I are searching for a person, so what better equipment might we employ?" Ybiral asked sarcastically. The mage began another spell and found all the weapons on Gwaemos to be enchanted, but only one on Ybiral. Other then that he found nothing, so he let them leave.

"Sorry for the 'interview'," the sentry started "but it's done to everybody that wants to leave the camp."

"I understand." Gwaemos replied before Ybiral could interject with a rude comment. They started out the gate, Ybiral took the orb out of his pocket and called out a word of power. The orb began tugging on his arm slightly in the direction it sensed their target. They where walking towards to west when the same blue light that had once before showed the Mayseth appeared again in front of them. Again it grew from a small point and expanded out large enough for the mage and his golem.

"Where do you two think your off to?" Mayseth inquired

"None of your damn business!" replied Ybiral

"We're tracking a dangerous man." Gwaemos said after Ybiral's rude comment placing his hand on Ybiral's shoulder to calm him.


"No offence, but that's none of your business." Gwaemos replied looking up at the mage.

"It's my business if I ask." replied Mayseth growing more upset.

"Listen worm," Ybiral nearly shouted and advancing slowely towards the mage "you're not going to find out!"

The mage tensed and the golem moved to intercept Ybiral.

"Hold!" Gwaemos commanded and rush to Ybirals side to stop him "There's no need for violence," Gwaemos began looking at both the mage and his friend "why do you wish to know who we're after?"

"Because I may have need of your services." replied Mayseth crypticaly

"Is there someplace we can go where nobody can hear us?" the mage asked noticing the gaurds along the wall peering over and watching them intently.

"Not without going back in the village." Ybiral stated blandly. With those words the mage began a spell. Ybiral, expecting death, drew his sword and started rushing at the mage. Gwaemos on the other hand knew what was happening and stepped in front of him to stop his rush, Ybiral was thrown off balance and almost cleaved Gwaemos in half, but just before the sword made contact Gwaemos's own scimitar was out and blocked the swing. Helping re-balance he friend they waited for the mage to finish his spell.

A portal opened in the air, seemingly folding the world around it, on the other side the two could see a burnt field. The mage motioned to follow him as he stepped into the portal and was visible instantly in the field. Gwaemos and Ybiral stared at each other for a few seconds before stepping into the portal followed by the golem. As they stepped into the portal they both felt a distinct tingling sensation and then they where in the field surrounded by skeletons.

"You bastard!" Ybiral shouted drawing his enchanted long sword and stepping into a defensive stance with Gwaemos following his lead but drawing his quarter staff instead. With a word of power the staff began glowing with a bright white light, the undead flinched at the light and took several steps back. Gwaemos began spinning the quarter staff around his body in lighting quick movements. The light increased and the undead took more steps back. Ybiral knowing the power of the staff focused his attention on the wizard that had set this up when he noticed that both the wizard and the golem where long gone.


Sea Of Shadows - Page 5 © Mayseth Aalikor

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